About 50 Neptune Drive Condos Development

A true unique façade. The 50 Neptune Drive Condos are genuinely unique for the area. Located between North York and Downtown Toronto; these condos have a fantastic, almost Japanese feel to them. The building has been beautifully designed with slight curves and long jagged edges, giving it a very Zen feel. By just looking at this building you start to get peaceful vibes coming from this fantastic architecture.


Address: 50 Neptune Drive, Toronto

Located right next to Highway 401, the 50 Neptune Drive Condos offer easy access to Downtown Toronto as well as the waterfront. The building is situated in a quiet and peaceful area, not far from local parks and restaurants. Having the highway this close makes getting anywhere in the city a breeze, and easy access to the Toronto Downtown Core.


Condo dwellers seeking a boutique building with a focus on luxury, unique features, and beautiful quiet area, can put eyes on 50 Neptune Drive Condo. The welcoming neighborhood of North York will be the most significant winner factor for most residents of 50 Neptune Drive Condo, as it encompasses open, airy space, residential homes, and is still close to the hustle and bustle of Toronto’s Core.

The Developer

The 50 Neptune Drive Condos is a new Toronto apartment listing developed by Dash, a company that indeed has an eye for a unique and stunning design. They are very well known for developing the Avenue 11 Yorkville Condos and with quality like this, you know that you are going to get what you pay for. A developer you can trust and a building you can love.

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