374-388 Dupont Street Condos

374 Dupont Street, Toronto, ON
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Address 374 Dupont Street, Toronto, ON
City Toronto
Neighbourhood Toronto
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About 374-388 Dupont Street Condos Development

374-388 Dupont Street Condos is a new condo development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Plaza Partners, located at 374 Dupont Street, Toronto, ON. 374-388 Dupont Street Condos are designed with modern living in mind. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • The 374-388 Dupont Street Condos in Toronto, developed by Plaza Partners (Resident), are a 12-storey mixed-use development with 256 residential units and commercial retail spaces, aiming to create a liveable community with a premium on elegance and sustainability.
  • The condos boast design and amenities by BDP Quadrangle, including diverse suite options with attractive floor plans, shared spaces with a plaza and commercial areas, and additional outdoor patio space to foster community interaction.
  • Located in Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood, the development offers easy access to cultural landmarks, a variety of housing styles, and public transportation, with the Dupont subway station nearby, despite potential traffic considerations on Dupont Street.

Project Overview: 374-388 Dupont Street Condos

The 374-388 Dupont Street Condos in Toronto, with their superior architecture and innovative design, the goal is poised to transform the Toronto skyline. Developed by Plaza Partners, this magnificent 12-storey building features 256 residential suites, meticulously designed by BDP Quadrangle dedicated to enhancing the existing neighbourhood and creating a liveable community.

The Dupont Street Condos project in Toronto manages a significant place in Plaza Partners’ portfolio. This substantial mixed-use development includes both residential condos and commercial retail spaces, contributing to the enhancement of existing neighbourhoods.

More than a mere construction project, it embodies a commitment to fostering a vibrant community. With the 388 Dupont Street Condos, Plaza Partners is set to elevate the standard of living and redefine the meaning of luxury homes in Toronto.

We will now examine the developer’s profile and their unwavering commitment to crafting quality spaces.

Plaza Partners Located

Established in 2016, Plaza Partners, now known as Resident, is a Toronto-based real estate investment and development company. With their impressive track record in property development, they have gained prominence in the industry.

Their portfolio includes over 14 properties, with a total purchase price of approximately $400 million, and a pipeline of about 4 million square feet. Plaza Partners has developed numerous properties in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario.

Their commitment to building high-quality homes and liveable communities is evident in their impressive portfolio, which includes the notable development at the corner of Yonge and Yorkville. What sets developer apart is their resident-first approach to mixed-use development.

Their adaptability, openness, and dedication to realizing potential value in residential and commercial real estate have earned them numerous commendations, including the Future Project Award by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat for their 307 Lake Shore East design.

Building Quality Places

The 374-388 Dupont Street Condos project in Toronto reflects the developer’s enduring commitment to constructing superior spaces. For exclusive insights and prices, interested buyers can register on the official project website.

This dedication to creating elegant and functional living spaces is an integral part of their philosophy. Their approach is straightforward – they create practical living spaces within the condominiums to guarantee residents enjoy the pinnacle of comfort and luxury.

For detailed pricing information, potential buyers can visit the official project website or contact the sales team during the sale. Developer anchors their development approach in sustainability. The 374-388 Dupont Street Condos, currently under development, are a testament to this commitment.

For more information, interested parties can visit the official website or contact the sales team.

The Condo: Design & Amenities

Crafted by the respected BDP Quadrangle architectural firm, the 374-388 Dupont Street Condos seamlessly fuse aesthetics with functionality by Plaza Partners located at 374-388 Dupont Street in Toronto.

The thoughtful design elements and amenities of these condos visibly showcase developr’s’ commitment to creating quality homes, crafting superior residences for their clients.

Suite Options

The 374-388 Dupont Street Condos in Toronto offer a total of 256 suite options, catering to varying needs and preferences. Residents can anticipate enjoying views of the surrounding Dupont & Spadina area from their suites, adding to the charm of residing in this community.

For those interested in exploring the various suite options and their floor plans, the official project website serves as a comprehensive resource. The availability of detailed floor plans ensures potential buyers can make informed decisions about their future homes.

Shared Spaces & Amenities

The shared spaces and amenities at 374-388 Dupont Street Condos include:

  • A plaza with seating
  • Elegant landscape designs
  • At-grade commercial spaces
  • A distinctive canopy

These features significantly enhance the opulent feel of the property.

The shared spaces and amenities draw design influences from a mix of Art Deco style and mid-century modern elegance. This blend creates an immersive experience of sophistication, ensuring residents have access to a lifestyle that is both comfortable and stylish.

Residents also have access to additional outdoor patio space located in front of the building. This communal area serves as a perfect spot for relaxation and social interaction, fostering a sense of community among residents.

Location & Neighbourhood

Situated in the vibrant Annex neighbourhood’s heart in Toronto, the 374-388 Dupont Street Condos are bordered by:

  • Dupont Street to the north
  • Bloor Street to the south
  • Bathurst Street to the west
  • Avenue Road to the east

In a city that is constantly evolving, the location of this development brings residents closer to a mix of residential, commercial, and cultural attractions, allowing them to develop a well-rounded lifestyle.

The Annex Neighbourhood

Incorporated into Toronto, Ontario in 1887, the Annex neighbourhood carries a rich history and culture. It hosts a diverse array of cultural landmarks including:

  • the impressive University of Toronto campus
  • fashionable eateries
  • art galleries
  • distinctive shops

It’s rich history and diverse array of commercial establishments contribute to the vibrant community of the Annex neighbourhood.

The Annex neighbourhood boasts a diverse range of housing styles, including:

  • Victorian
  • Edwardian
  • Queen Anne
  • Richardsonian Romanesque-styled century homes
  • Detached and semi-detached homes
  • Townhouses
  • New condo buildings, including the 374-388 Dupont Street Condos

This architectural diversity further adds to the charm of the neighbourhood, contributing to improving existing neighbourhoods.

Proximity to Public Transportation

For any urban dweller, convenience and accessibility are paramount. The 374-388 Dupont Street Condos excel in this area, with the Dupont subway station just a stone’s throw away, offering residents easy access to the rest of the city.

Residents also have access to several bus routes, including the 307 to 1138 Bathurst St and 127 to Spadina Rd At Kendal Ave, making commuting a breeze. Potential residents, however, should consider the increased traffic on Dupont Street and the adjacent residential street network, which could affect travel times.

Careful planning can help mitigate these potential issues.


In conclusion, the 374-388 Dupont Street Condos, developed by Plaza Partners, offer an unrivalled luxurious living experience in the heart of Toronto’s vibrant Annex neighbourhood. With its elegant design, luxurious amenities, and convenient location, this development is set to redefine the standard of living in Toronto.

Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this vibrant community!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the developer of 374-388 Dupont Street Condos?

The developer of 374-388 Dupont Street Condos.

What are the suite options available at 374-388 Dupont Street Condos?

There are a total of 256 suite options available at 374-388 Dupont Street Condos.

What amenities are available at 374-388 Dupont Street Condos?

The amenities at 374-388 Dupont Street Condos include a plaza with seating, landscape designs, and at-grade commercial spaces.

Where are 374-388 Dupont Street Condos located?

374-388 Dupont Street Condos are located in the vibrant Annex neighbourhood in Toronto.

What public transportation options are available near 374-388 Dupont Street Condos?

The residents of 374-388 Dupont Street Condos have easy access to the Dupont subway station and several bus routes, providing convenient public transportation options.

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