About 14 Duncan Street Condos Development

The 14 Duncan St. Condo is located in King West 14 Duncan Street and is being developed by renowned developers in Toronto, Greenwin. It is a 48 story high-rise building built to provide the best structure and a very airy ambiance. Transport is readily available from this part of the city.

14 Duncan Street Condos consists of any room spacing that is needed. It has a 2-room building as well as 3- room buildings. Depending upon the need of the buyer these condos have all the amenities laid out.

Features and Amenities

14 Duncan Street Condos has an excellent view of the city, and it gets better as the floors increases. Having over 48, the condominium tower offers an excellent view of the region housing a total of 369 units. The 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom suites range from an area of 400 square feet to 1200 square feet.

Different types of suites have different layouts and architectural plans, depending on the area of the condo. The modern architecture of the room consists mainly of fine furnishing. The bathrooms have excellent tiles, and the rooms have cabinets and are very spacious.

It has its clubhouse and all facilities for gaming and relaxing is available in the clubhouse. This building also has a children’s play area. Apart from the play area, there is a rooftop garden or ‘green area’ present for the residents that is being offered as a part of the condominiums. The rooftop patio and underground parking facility just add to the pros of owning a condo in 14 Duncan Street.

14 Duncan St. Condominiums also offer the facility of storage lockers and a nearby shopping plaza covers up for major part of the daily needs of the residents. The building is not cramped up and has a vast area where a resident can stroll off during any time of the day. It also has a sitting area in and around the building. The building has been well planned for residential stay.

Location and Neighborhood

14 Duncan Street Condos is not right in the heart of the city but this street is located around the residential areas. Which brings it close to major of the other town attractions. The area of the building is such that it provides with the best city life. Without being engaged in much noise, it provides for the best city life experience. The nightlife is amazing at the condo property.

The shopping complexes and boutiques are also available nearby 14 Duncan Street Condominiums, and they have a massive variety of options from which you can get your ideal pick. The eateries are available at a nearby distance to satisfy all the hunger needs. The vegetable and grocery stores are also located at nearby distances, thus doing everyday shopping needs even more accessible.

The neighborhood is amicable and welcoming. There is a lot of greenery in and around the condos which gives a relaxing and peaceful vibe. Education is also easily highly accessible as there are a number of reputed schools in the neighborhood of 14 Duncan Street Condominium. Heydon Park Secondary School and Newton International College are amongst the most popular ones in the area.

The neighborhood consists of some well-known high-class professionals and reputed people. The security is well provided, and no stranger can enter the premises of the building without proper identification. It makes the living area more reliable and safe.

More on Accessibility

14 Duncan Street Condos has been situated such that it can be accessible to all day to day needs. The Universities are located at nearby distances. Thus, this makes the 14 Duncan St. Condominiums and an ideal place for studying students. Since numerous facilities are available around the corner, they can focus on their studies as well as enjoy all the fun and luxury they want to without having to travel much.

The clinical stores and also one of the best hospital in Toronto is also placed nearby. Thus in case of an emergency, you can rush by to this area. The condo is accessible to almost all the locations that can come in handy during any situation — thus providing a solution to a lot of your worries.

The eateries too are located nearby, be it an easy sub or a heavy meal everything’s available at a length’s distance. Huge parking spaces are available. This area of the town experiences an amazing nightlife and is nearest to all the fun that one could probably be looking for.

14 Duncan Street Condos: The Developer

Greenwin, the developer of 14 Duncan St. Condos is a renowned constructionist in Canada. It was in the year 1940s when Greenwin started off and was founded by Lipa green and Arthur Weinstock and initially built single family homes only. It happens to be one of the most reputed and largest real estate firms in Toronto dealing majorly with residential property management. Having its headquarters in Toronto, this development company have built over 2000 plus condos and is one of the most sought after condo building company.

They have an excellent idea on the sizing and spacing of rooms and provide an excellent finish to the buildings. Greenwin takes pride in having expertise in building multi-family high-rise as well as low-rise buildings all across Toronto. The developer also has a few commercial properties under its name.

The company has a very diverse team of more than 500 employees dedicated to showcasing their expertise in the field of real estate. And, it is specialized in every department that will assist in providing you with the house of your dreams. The condos developed by Greenwin are available over a range of prizes and will fit in your budget. Being in the business of condo dealings for a very long time now, these developers understand the needs of their customers and hence keep in mind all the amenities that a resident would be looking for.

Therefore, they keep in mind the right and ideal neighborhood and strive to relate to their customer needs. At present, Greenwin has built commercial space over an area of 1,000,000 square feet and about 15,000 residential units throughout Canada. 200 Balliol St condos and 189 Cedarvale condos happen to be amongst the most popular condominium developments by Greenwin.

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