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Address 2721 Danforth Avenue, Toronto ON
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About 2721 Danforth Avenue Condos Development

Looking for a new home or investment at 2721 Danforth Avenue Condos? Our guide gives you the essential details: pricing, cutting-edge amenities, luxurious unit varieties, and the vibrant community lifestyle of Danforth Village. The estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • The 2721 Danforth Avenue Condos is a double tower development project in Toronto, housing up to 1,139 residential units, offering diverse amenities, a proposed public park, and retail spaces to enhance living quality.
  • A focus on sustainable living is central to the 2721 Danforth Avenue Condos design, featuring green spaces, eco-friendly building practices, and close proximity to educational institutions, fostering a healthier community.
  • The Danforth Village neighbourhood provides excellent connectivity with nearby transit options and represents a robust real estate market, making the 2721 Danforth Avenue Condos a valuable investment opportunity with promising rental income potential.

Exciting New Condo Development at 2721 Danforth Avenue

Imagine a place where modern living meets sustainable design. Envision a space where elegance intertwines with functionality. Welcome to the new condo development at 2721 Danforth Avenue. This mixed-use development, situated in the heart of Toronto, is set to house up to 1,139 residential units in a groundbreaking double tower development.

Besides providing residential units, the development also features retail and service commercial spaces on the ground floor for easy everyday shopping.

Adding a touch of green in the concrete jungle, the development plans to incorporate a proposed public park on the western side of the site. This green oasis will provide a refreshing view for residents, overlooking the existing surface parking lot.

2721 Danforth Avenue Condos is not just a place to live; it’s a community where you can thrive.

Project Overview

The 2721 Danforth Avenue Condo development is a pre-construction project that will feature a diverse mix of residential units to cater to various lifestyle needs. The development plans to offer:

  • 360 parking spaces, ensuring residents’ convenience and vehicle storage requirements are well catered for
  • Bicycle storage options, promoting an active and environmentally-friendly lifestyle
  • Indoor amenities for residents to enjoy

The development’s focus on sustainability, convenience, and luxury is evident in each aspect of its design. From the diversity of unit types to the thoughtfully planned amenities, each detail has been curated to enhance residents’ living experience. Whether you’re a professional seeking a chic city abode or a growing family looking for a friendly community, 2721 Danforth Avenue Condos offers:

  • A variety of unit types
  • Thoughtfully planned amenities
  • Sustainable design features
  • Convenient location

It is the place to be for those seeking a high-quality living experience.

Architectural Highlights

The architectural design of the 2721 Danforth Avenue condos is a testament to modern living. The project, designed by RAW Design, boasts elegant and contemporary interiors that offer a unique blend of style and comfort. The development showcases a proposed 55 and 35-storey mixed-use double tower development, a design aspect that sets it apart from other contemporary condo designs.

The architecture of the condo includes:

  • Private spaces that overlook the neighbourhood, creating a tranquil sanctuary amid the bustling city
  • Sustainable building practices, reflecting RAW Design’s dedication to environmental conservation
  • Quality entertainment rooms
  • Spacious lobbies

Every aspect of the condo’s architecture is designed to offer an elevated living experience.

Sustainable Living

Sustainable living is at the heart of the 2721 Danforth Avenue development. The project incorporates landscaped open spaces, tree planting, and a green square that serves as a park, all within proximity to the lively restaurant-lined street. This emphasis on green spaces not only beautifies the property but also fosters a healthier and happier living environment.

The development goes a step further, making a positive contribution to the neighborhood through:

  • A distinctive, tiered building that complements the existing storefronts
  • Eco-friendly building practices, including the use of geothermal and solar energy, energy-efficient appliances, and water conservation measures
  • Promoting green spaces to foster community interaction
  • Proximity to public and catholic schools, making it an ideal choice for young and growing families

Residing at 2721 Danforth Avenue means indulging in luxury while embracing a sustainable lifestyle.

Unmatched Amenities for a Vibrant Community

Amenities can make or break a residential development. At 2721 Danforth Avenue, the amenities are undoubtedly a deal-maker. The development offers a diverse range of convenient and entertaining amenities, all tailored to meet the needs of its residents. From fitness centers to communal lounges, each facility is designed to foster a vibrant community.

The condo development not only provides amenities but also fosters a sense of community among residents. The entertaining amenities accommodate residents of all lifestyles, enhancing the liveliness of the community. Whether you’re an active fitness enthusiast or someone who enjoys relaxing in a serene environment, 2721 Danforth Avenue has got you covered.

Outdoor Amenity Space

Outdoor spaces play a crucial role in shaping the living experience in a condo development. At 2721 Danforth Avenue, the outdoor amenity space is designed to provide a perfect blend of relaxation and recreation. The condo offers open space communal rooms in the form of outdoor terraces, providing residents with landscaped areas for their enjoyment.

Outdoor terraces go beyond being mere green spaces; they come equipped with seating arrangements, providing residents a cozy spot to relax and unwind. Whether you want to read a book in peace or enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, the outdoor amenity space offers the perfect setting, providing private spaces overlooking the surroundings. In addition to these outdoor spaces, indoor amenity spaces can also provide a comfortable environment for residents.

Fitness and Leisure

Living in a condo doesn’t mean compromising on an active and healthy lifestyle. The fitness and leisure amenities at 2721 Danforth Avenue are designed to cater to residents’ diverse fitness needs. The condo development may include a double-height fitness club equipped with modern fitness apparatus and private exercise centers, offering residents a convenient way to stay fit and healthy.

In addition to fitness facilities, the condo offers a range of leisure amenities, including:

  • Swimming pools
  • Pet-friendly spaces
  • Rooftop gardens
  • Open areas

Residents can enjoy a variety of entertaining amenities accommodating residents within walking distance, offering recreational activities right at their doorstep.

A Neighbourhood Full of Life – Danforth Village Neighbourhood

Living at 2721 Danforth Avenue means being part of the lively Danforth Village neighbourhood. The neighbourhood is home to several outstanding educational institutions, making it an ideal place for families. Beyond excellent schools, Danforth Village offers a plethora of local conveniences such as grocery stores, shopping centers, and dining outlets for easy access to daily necessities.

Green spaces are an integral part of the neighbourhood. Danforth Village is home to several parks that provide enjoyment for residents, including Todmorden Mills Park, Withrow Park, and Monarch Park. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or a fitness freak, these parks offer countless opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation.

Educational Opportunities

Education plays a crucial role in shaping a community. The Danforth Village neighbourhood offers a diverse range of educational institutions. Prominent schools near 2721 Danforth Avenue include:

  • Lord Dufferin Junior and Senior Public School
  • Westside Montessori School
  • St. Bartholomew
  • Malvern Collegiate Institute

For higher education, George Brown College, Centennial College, and Toronto Metropolitan University are conveniently reachable.

The neighbourhood also hosts several specialized institutions and programs. Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute offers a focus on Math, Science, and Technology, while Variety Village provides sports and fitness programs along with skills training for competitive and Paralympic athletes. Whether you’re seeking a quality education for your children or a specialized program for yourself, Danforth Village has got you covered.

Connectivity and Transit

One of the key advantages of living in an urban neighbourhood is the excellent connectivity and transit options it offers. The residents at 2721 Danforth Avenue have convenient access to major transit stations, with the Danforth GO station located just steps away, and Main Street subway station offering connection to Line 2 Bloor–Danforth. Residents also have access to various bus routes, including TTC bus route 113 Danforth, and can reach nearby bus stops at destinations like Main St Station, Danforth Ave at Dawes Rd, and 2666 Danforth Ave.

With downtown Toronto just 14 minutes away via train, commuting is a breeze for residents at 2721 Danforth Avenue.

Investment Potential and Market Insights

2721 Danforth Avenue serves not only as an ideal living space but also as a promising investment prospect. The real estate market trends in Danforth Village indicate:

  • A consistent rise in average house and condo prices
  • Condos historically appreciating at a rate of approximately 5-6% per year
  • The average value of properties in Danforth Avenue is $1,212,051, indicating the neighbourhood’s robust market and investment potential.

For investors seeking reliable returns, properties in the Danforth Village area can yield an average rental income of $2,587. With such promising figures, it’s clear that investing in 2721 Danforth Avenue Condos is a decision you won’t regret.

Demographics Insight

The demographics of the Danforth Village neighbourhood reveal a diverse and growing community. The neighbourhood has a population size of around 8,466, with a majority of residents working in the following occupations:

  • Sales and service occupations
  • Business, finance, and administration occupations
  • Occupations in education, law, and social, community, and government services

Interestingly, the ratio of homeowners to renters in the neighbourhood indicates a majority of renters, with 82% of the population renting compared to 18% owning homes. This trend suggests a high demand for rental properties in the area, presenting a fruitful opportunity for investors.

Second Tower Exclusivity

In the realm of real estate investment, exclusivity significantly influences property appreciation. The second tower within the 2721 Danforth Avenue condominium development offers a unique investment opportunity. It will provide expansive lobbies with round-the-clock concierge services, along with amenity space and bicycle lockers.

The second tower is part of a proposed new double tower development project featuring two towers, presenting distinct investment opportunities as outlined in the Investments Inc 2721 Danforth Avenue site plan. This exclusivity offers unique investment opportunities and potential for appreciation, making the second tower an attractive choice for investors, especially those considering tri metro investments.


The new condo development at 2721 Danforth Avenue is not just a residential project; it’s a community that promotes sustainable living, offers a vibrant lifestyle, and provides promising investment opportunities. With its diverse range of amenities, excellent connectivity, and robust educational environment, it’s a place where you can call home. Whether you’re a prospective resident or an investor, 2721 Danforth Avenue Condos presents an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many residential units will 2721 Danforth Avenue Condos offer?

2721 Danforth Avenue Condos will offer a total of 1139 residential units. That’s a substantial number of units for potential residents.

What amenities are included in the outdoor amenity space at 2721 Danforth Avenue Condos?

The outdoor amenity space at 2721 Danforth Avenue Condos includes outdoor terraces with landscaped areas for residents’ enjoyment.

What educational institutions are near 2721 Danforth Avenue?

Prominent educational institutions near 2721 Danforth Avenue include Lord Dufferin Junior and Senior Public School, Westside Montessori School, St. Bartholomew, and Malvern Collegiate Institute. These schools offer a range of educational opportunities for students in the area.

What are the current market trends for real estate in Danforth Village?

The current market trends in Danforth Village show a consistent rise in average house and condo prices, with condos historically appreciating at a rate of approximately 5-6% per year.

What does the second tower in the condo development offer?

The second tower in the condo development offers expansive lobbies with 24/7 concierge services, amenity space, and bicycle lockers.

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