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90 Eastdale Avenue, Toronto, ON
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Address 90 Eastdale Avenue, Toronto, ON
City Toronto
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About Bela Square Phase 2 Homes Development

Bela Square Phase 2 Homes is a new home development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by DBS Developments, located at 90 Eastdale Ave, Toronto, ON.Bela Square Phase 2 Homes emerge as a beacon of contemporary living on Toronto’s Eastdale Avenue. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • Bela Square Phase 2 is a 40-storey residential development by DBS Developments in Toronto’s Taylor-Massey neighbourhood, featuring a two-level underground garage, extensive bicycle parking, and a design that prioritizes community enhancement.
  • Strategically situated in the South-East York Region of Toronto, the development offers a balance of city life and tranquility, with excellent transport links and proximity to green spaces, catering to young professionals and families.
  • Designed by Arcadis, the building includes 546 units with family-oriented choices like three-bedroom units, and substantial amenity spaces, and integrates a public park to incorporate natural elements within the urban setting.

Unveiling Bela Square Phase 2

Bela Square Phase 2 shines as a beacon of modernity within the Taylor-Massey neighborhood, indicating a critical era in the progress of DBS Developments’ rental community. This 40-storey apartment building, poised on the west side of Eastdale Avenue, is not merely another tall structure.

It represents the culmination of a visionary two-phase project that breathes new life into the area. South of an existing rental building, where townhomes once stood, it now stands as a testament to urban transformation and community enhancement.

The design of Bela Square Phase 2 caters to the practical needs of its future inhabitants, offering a two-level underground garage with ample space for 172 vehicles. This thoughtful inclusion addresses the growing demand for parking in the bustling cityscape.

Adding to its urban appeal, the evolution doesn’t overlook the cycling community, proposing a generous allocation of 493 long-term and 110 short-term bicycle parking spaces, sprinkled with additional facilities that seamlessly connect to pedestrian pathways.

Transitioning seamlessly from the first phase, the second phase of Bela Square reinforces the west side of Eastdale Avenue with a structural grace that complements its earlier counterpart. The square’s second phase illustrates unity and progressive thinking in urban planning, merging the past, present, and future of the rental community in architectural harmony.

As the towers rise, so does the anticipation among those who have witnessed the transformative journey of the first phase, eagerly awaiting the full realization of Bela Square’s potential. Square Phase 2 symbolizes the continuous expansion and enhancement of the rental buildings sector, providing insight into the high aspirations of DBS Developments.

With a site plan that prioritizes both form and function, the project is a beacon for those seeking the quintessence of urban living. The anticipation for the second phase is palpable, as it promises to elevate the standards of rental communities, setting a new benchmark for quality and luxury on the east side of Eastdale Avenue and beyond.

Phase 2 is more than just an extension; it boldly showcases DBS Developments’ commitment to building a unified and inclusive rental community. As the tbd height of the structure reaches for the sky, it is a metaphor for the limitless possibilities that Bela Square represents for the residents of Toronto.

The excitement generated by the zoning by-law amendment necessary for this phase of the project underscores the transformative impact it will have on the skyline and the community it serves.

Spotlight on Location: Nestled in the South-East York Region

Bela Square Phase 2’s appeal is not limited to its architectural brilliance; its strategic position within Toronto’s Southeast York Region significantly contributes to its attractiveness. This key area, revered for its growth and accessibility, is where the Bela Square rental community flourishes, offering residents a blend of city life and a peaceful retreat.

Located south of the bustling city core, Bela Square Phase 2 allows residents to savor the vibrancy of Toronto without compromising on serenity. The proximity to iconic landmarks like Dundas Square and the CN Tower is balanced with the tranquility of nearby green spaces such as Taylor Creek Park, creating an urban oasis for those who call it home.

The development’s location is strategically chosen for its transport convenience, with the Main Street subway station just a 15-minute walk away. The area is also well-serviced by an array of TTC bus routes, ensuring that residents are seamlessly connected to every corner of the city.

The ease of movement this location affords is a luxury in a metropolis like Toronto, where every minute counts. The Southeast York Region attracts dynamic individuals with its real estate market, marked by a surge of new condominium projects.

The Bela Square rental community stands out in this competitive Toronto category, offering young professionals and families alike an attractive lifestyle, bolstered by a strong rental market that caters to their diverse needs.

Bela Square Phase 2 emerges as a beacon in the east as west-side residents seek a balance of accessibility and atmosphere, illuminating the potential of the Southeast York Region. The location is not just a point on a map; it is a statement of lifestyle, a commitment to convenience, and a reflection of the vibrant energy that pulses through the heart of Toronto.

Design Excellence: The Architectural Perspective

The architectural story of Bela Square Phase 2 is crafted by the esteemed designers at Arcadis, who have seamlessly integrated form and function into this 40-storey residential tower. As an integral part of the DBS Developments rental community, the building’s design is a reflection of the firm’s dedication to creating spaces that resonate with the rhythms of East York’s Taylor-Massey neighbourhood.

The residential tower serves as more than a dwelling place; it accommodates diverse lifestyles with 546 units designed for varied preferences. The inclusion of a 6-storey podium housing townhouses, along with a strategic commitment to providing 65 three-bedroom units, showcases a dedication to family-oriented living that is rare in the realm of tall buildings.

In the pursuit of design excellence, Bela Square Phase 2 dedicates a substantial 1,092 square meters to indoor and outdoor amenities. Most of these spaces are strategically located South on the second and third floors, fostering a sense of community and providing residents with an array of leisure activities that enhance the quality of life within the expansion.

Adding to the residential project allure is the thoughtful integration of a public park in the northern part of the property. This green haven, nestled within the urban fabric, is a testament to Arcadis’ commitment to including nature in their constructions, providing a breath of fresh air amidst the residential buildings.

Bela Square Phase 2’s architectural vision goes beyond just building a structure; it takes a comprehensive approach to create a luxurious yet livable experience. It is a testament to the power of design in shaping not just structures, but the communities that thrive within them, making Bela Square second phase a remarkable progress.

Pre-Construction Completion Outlook

As Bela Square Phase 2 moves from blueprint to reality, the pre-construction phase buzzes with activity, with dedicated cranes and construction crews bringing the project to life. The anticipated total Gross Floor Area of 38,848 square meters and a towering height of 132.7 meters are set to make a bold statement on the city’s architectural landscape.

Every square meter of the floor plate, measuring approximately 790 square meters, is meticulously planned to optimize the layout of the 546 residential units. This precision in design ensures that each home within the tower is crafted for comfort and style, reflecting the project’s commitment to quality living.

The residential mix of Bela Square Phase 2 is a deliberate choice, with the inclusion of 65 three-bedroom units catering to varying family sizes and lifestyle preferences. This diversity is a cornerstone of the property, ensuring that it meets the needs of a wide range of residents.

Efficiency is a hallmark of the project’s infrastructure, with a ratio of 4 elevators servicing the entire domestic component. This feature underscores the commitment to ensuring a smooth and convenient vertical movement within the tower, making every journey from the lobby to the uppermost floors a seamless experience.

As the real estate forum buzzes with anticipation, Bela Square Phase 2 stands poised to redefine luxury living in Toronto. The pre-construction completion outlook promises a future where residents can indulge in the pinnacle of urban living, surrounded by design that speaks to both the heart and the mind.


Bela Square Phase 2 is a testament to the harmonious blend of design, location, and foresight in the realm of Toronto’s real estate. From its strategic position in the vibrant Southeast York Region to its architectural elegance and the promise of an exceptional living experience, this property is poised to become a beacon for those seeking the quintessence of urban life.

As the story of Bela Square continues to unfold, it invites residents to become a part of a community that’s not only built with bricks and mortar but also with the aspirations of a city that never ceases to innovate and inspire.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Bela Square Phase 2 different from other residential projects in Toronto?

The strategic location, elegant design, diverse home units, and commitment to family-oriented living and community-building spaces, including a new public park, make Bela Square Phase 2 stand out from other homely projects in Toronto.

How does the location of Bela Square Phase 2 benefit its residents?

The location of Bela Square Phase 2 benefits its residents by providing a perfect balance between city life and green spaces, offering easy access to downtown Toronto, proximity to Taylor Creek Park, and excellent transit connectivity with nearby subway and bus services.

What types of units are available in Bela Square Phase 2?

Bela Square Phase 2 offers a diverse mix of 546 home units, including three-bedroom units for families and integrated townhouses on the 6-storey podium. This provides a range of options to cater to various housing needs.

Are there any amenities included in Bela Square Phase 2?

Yes, Bela Square Phase 2 includes 1,092 square meters of indoor and outdoor amenities focused on leisure and community building, enhancing the living experience for residents.

What is the projected completion outlook for Bela Square Phase 2?

Bela Square Phase 2 is set to be completed in the pre-construction phase, offering luxury urban living for its future residents.

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