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55 Yonge St, Toronto, ON
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Address 55 Yonge St, Toronto, ON
City Toronto
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About 55 Yonge Condos Development

55 Yonge Condos is a new condo development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by H and R REIT, located at 55 Yonge St, Toronto, ON. 55 Yonge Condos are more than just a home; they offer direct access to transit, retail, and office space. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • 55 Yonge Street Condos is a luxurious 66-storey mixed-use development in Toronto, offering 511 residential units, office spaces, and retail amenities, along with direct subway access for seamless connectivity.
  • The development features award-winning architectural design and provides residents with exclusive lifestyle amenities such as health and wellness facilities, social and entertainment spaces, and convenience at the doorstep with diverse retail options.
  • Boasting excellent transit options and proximity to cultural hotspots, 55 Yonge Street Condos offers an optimal urban experience to its residents, strengthening society bonds through shared spaces and a variety of residential units to suit different lifestyles.

Discover 55 Yonge Street Condos

What sets 55 Yonge Street Condos apart?

  • A beacon of luxury and convenience
  • 66-storey high-rise
  • Striking addition to Toronto’s skyline
  • Symbolizing the city’s rapid growth
  • 511 residential units
  • Inviting office spaces
  • Enticing retail offerings
  • Caters to a diverse populace seeking the finest urban living experience.

Moreover, connectivity is effortless thanks to a proposed direct subway link and carshare spaces that simplify commuting, with some of them being directly adjacent to the subway entrance.

The Heart of Downtown Toronto

In real estate, location is paramount. The prime position of 55 Yonge Street Condos, located within Toronto’s financial district, is second to none. With a high walk score of 98, residents can easily access daily services and amenities on foot, making errands and leisurely strolls an enjoyable routine rather than a chore.

Just a short distance away, Colborne Street offers additional convenience for those living at 55 Yonge Street in Toronto’s financial district. The exceptional public transportation connectivity at this location is reflected in its perfect transit score of 100, offering residents a myriad of commuting options.

A Marvel of Contemporary High-Rise Design

The architectural brilliance of 55 Yonge Street Condos is nothing short of spectacular. Awarded the prestigious 2022 International Architecture Award, the design of this high-rise is a testament to its developer’s commitment to architectural distinction.

This design marvel was born from a collaboration between visionary firms BDP Quadrangle and PARTISANS, whose collective genius gave rise to a contemporary structure that has etched its mark on Toronto’s cityscape, becoming an integral part of Toronto’s skyline.

Its distinctive features, such as punched-in, rectangular windows with rounded edges, contribute a refreshing and modern touch to the cityscape.

Residential and Commercial Harmony

Comfort, convenience, and productivity harmoniously blend at 55 Yonge, located just a short distance from the iconic CN Tower. With 1,300 square meters of retail space, 16,700 square meters of office space, and 482 residential units all housed in a 66-storey tower, this development embodies the spirit of harmonious mixed-use development.

The office spaces are designed with efficiency and comfort in mind, catering to the needs of Toronto’s growing technological workforce amidst Toronto’s rapid growth. Meanwhile, the retail spaces are not mere add-ons but integral parts of the development’s amenities, enhancing the lifestyle of its residents.

Exclusive Lifestyle Amenities at 55 Yonge

Residency at 55 Yonge transcends beyond mere accommodation; it encapsulates the experience and lifestyle that accompany it. The development offers exclusive lifestyle amenities that cater to every resident’s needs and preferences.

From a premium wellness experience with access to a pool and a spacious open-air terrace to stylish social and event spaces perfect for entertainment and socialization, everything you need for a comfortable and exclusive lifestyle is here at 55 Yonge.

Health and Wellness Facilities

55 Yonge Street Condos places great emphasis on health and wellness through its amenities. Residents have access to a fully equipped gym with health-oriented programming, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle within the comfort of their living space. Additionally, swimming pools provide a refreshing and enjoyable way to maintain an active lifestyle.

For unwinding, residents can escape to the tranquil open-air terrace, a serene setting that promotes interaction and relaxation, or visit the nearby art gallery. If they prefer, they can also opt out of these activities and find other ways to unwind.

Social and Entertainment Spaces

The design of social and entertainment spaces at 55 Yonge caters to the varied interests and needs of its residents. The development boasts beautifully designed event spaces where residents can host parties, celebrations, and social gatherings.

To streamline event planning and hosting, some of these spaces offer catering services and even include professional-grade kitchens. Communal dining rooms are also available for residents to enjoy meals together, fostering societal bonding.

Moreover, the range of entertainment and dining options within these communal spaces, from high-tech media rooms to games, billiards rooms, and shared meals, caters to diverse interests and age groups.

Convenience at Your Doorstep

  • The convenience offered by 55 Yonge includes:
  • Retail offerings and services adjacent to the development
  • Quick access to a variety of retail offerings
  • Easy access to food options
  • Grocery shopping available nearby

All these amenities are available right at your doorstep, bringing an unparalleled level of comfort and efficiency to residents’ lifestyles and working environments.

It’s convenience redefined, only at 55 Yonge.

Connectivity and Urban Experience

Stepping outside the confines of 55 Yonge Street Condos, residents can immerse themselves in the city’s vibrant energy. The development’s strategic location not only provides exceptional connectivity to the city’s offerings but also caters to the lifestyle of young singles and professionals seeking convenient urban living. Indeed, when considering a condo, one must look at the comprehensive value it offers, which at 55 Yonge, is truly unparalleled.

Transit Options Galore

55 Yonge’s strategic positioning near transit hubs plays a pivotal role in enhancing its overall accessibility. With King Station just a 2-minute walk away and Union Station in close proximity, residents have extensive local and regional transit options at their disposal.

Its perfect transit score of 100 and high walk score of 98 are a testament to its excellent accessibility and effortless connectivity to the wider city. For both local and regional commuting, the multitude of transit options available at 55 Yonge guarantees a swift and hassle-free journey.

Cultural Hotspots and Attractions

Residency at 55 Yonge offers the following benefits:

  • Easy access to the city’s vibrant cultural experiences
  • Close proximity to various parks and stadiums, adding to the area’s vibrant social scene
  • Leisure options right outside residents’ door

Shopaholics will appreciate its proximity to Toronto Eaton Centre, with its multitude of shopping and retail experiences just a short walk away. Furthermore, the eclectic dining, active nightlife, and comprehensive entertainment options in the surrounding neighbourhood, including Rogers Centre, reflect the vibrant cultural fabric of Toronto.

Meet the Visionaries: Developer Profile

Behind every great development is a visionary team, and for 55 Yonge Street Condos, that team is H&R REIT. Founded in 1996, this developer has a rich history of developing high-profile properties across North America, including:

  • Calgary
  • Long Island City
  • Miami
  • the Greater Toronto Area

H&R REIT’s diverse portfolio includes notable properties across Canada, showcasing their commitment to society and economic growth.

Tailored Living Spaces

55 Yonge Street Condos caters to the varied living space needs of residents by offering a spectrum of residential units that suit different preferences and lifestyles. The development offers:

  • Studio apartments
  • One-bedroom units
  • Two-bedroom units
  • Three-bedroom units

These tailored living spaces provide options for every resident.

The condo features:

  • 40 studio units
  • 249 one-bedroom units
  • 145 two-bedroom units
  • 48 three-bedroom units

Sizes vary from 530 to 1520 square feet, providing options for individuals and families of different sizes, all measured in both metric and imperial units.

Embrace the Community Spirit

Beyond providing a place to live, 55 Yonge Street Condos cultivates a robust sense of society among its residents. The growth features a variety of purpose-built rental apartments and multi-storey residences that promote interaction and social living.

Whether you’re a single professional, a growing family, or someone looking to downsize, you’ll find a welcoming society here at 55 Yonge.


In summary, 55 Yonge Street Condos is more than just a high-rise growth. It is a testament to urban living at its finest, a harmonious blend of residential, office, and retail spaces, and a beacon of architectural brilliance in located at 55 Yonge St in Toronto’s skyline. With its strategic location, comprehensive facilities, and diverse residential options, it is indeed a remarkable addition to the city’s real estate landscape.

If you’re seeking a home that offers a premium urban lifestyle, exceptional connectivity, and a vibrant community spirit, 55 Yonge Street Condos is the place to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of units are available at 55 Yonge Street Condos?

There are studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments available at 55 Yonge Street Condos. Consider which type best fits your needs.

What amenities do 55 Yonge Street Condos offer?

55 Yonge Street Condos offer a range of facilities, such as a fully-equipped gym, swimming pools, an open-air terrace, social and event spaces, and adjacent retail offerings, making it a highly convenient and comfortable living space.

Where are 55 Yonge Street Condos located?

55 Yonge Street Condos is located in the heart of downtown Toronto, within the city’s bustling financial district.

Who is the developer of 55 Yonge Street Condos?

55 Yonge Street Condos is developed by H&R REIT, a company with a rich history of developing high-profile properties across North America, making them the developer of the property.

How is the connectivity at 55 Yonge Street Condos?

The connectivity at 55 Yonge Street Condos is exceptional, with a perfect transit score of 100 and a high walk score of 98, offering easy access to King Station just a 2-minute walk away, and Union Station nearby.

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