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3350 Weston Road, Toronto, ON
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Address 3350 Weston Road, Toronto, ON
City West Toronto
Neighbourhood West Toronto
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About Montaje Condos Development

Montaje Condos is a new condo development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by iKore Developments. This project is located at 3350 Weston Road, Toronto ON. The estimated completion date for this property is still unknown. Find out why Montaje Condos is drawing attention in Uptown Toronto’s real estate market.

Key Takeaways

  • Montaje Condos offers luxurious urban living with unparalleled connectivity including the upcoming Finch West LRT and close proximity to various highways, complemented by easy access to amenities and shopping destinations in Uptown Toronto.
  • iKore Developments’ vision for Montaje Condos is reflected in its meticulous design by HCA Architecture, emphasizing residents’ health and well-being with suites that offer customization for personal expression, catering to diverse needs and lifestyles.
  • As a promising investment, Montaje Condos provides pre-construction perks like Platinum VIP benefits, affording investors financial flexibility, and exclusive incentives, with anticipation of significant growth and development in the Humbermede/Emery area.

Montaje Condos: An Overview

Montaje Condos is the latest masterpiece from iKore Developments, a distinguished name in the world of condominium development with over 45 years of experience. Nestled at 3350 Weston Road in North York, Montaje Condos exemplifies the perfect blend of urban sophistication and homely comfort. The development is a testament to iKore’s commitment to delivering quality spaces, characterized by meticulous attention to detail, and a design philosophy that marries style with functionality.

The development’s strategic location in the Humbermede/Emery neighbourhood ensures prime access to both Weston Road and Finch Avenue West, putting you right at the heart of Uptown Toronto’s vibrant atmosphere. With an array of shopping destinations like:

  • The Albion Mall
  • Finchdale Plaza
  • Woodview Park Plaza
  • Plaza Latina

Just a stone’s throw away, you can enjoy all your favourite things right at your doorstep. In addition, residents benefit from the close proximity to health care services, adding a layer of convenience to the Uptown living experience.

The Allure of Uptown Toronto

Uptown Toronto is more than just an address; it’s a lifestyle. With Montaje Condos located in the heart of this lively neighbourhood, residents have prime access to a host of amenities that contribute to an enriched living experience. From shopping at The Albion Mall, Finchdale Plaza, Woodview Park Plaza, and Plaza Latina, to enjoying close proximity to health care services, the allure of Uptown Toronto is undeniable.

Strategically located at 3350 Weston Road, Montaje Condos is truly an epic condominium destination. Its prime location provides direct access to both Weston Road and Finch Avenue West, connecting residents to an array of uplifting lifestyle amenities and making all their favorite things easily accessible. The Finch West LRT, York University, and an array of shopping destinations are all just a stone’s throw away, making Montaje Condos a jewel in the crown of Uptown Toronto.

Connectivity and Transit Options

Seamless connectivity is a hallmark of Montaje Condos. The upcoming Finch West LRT, located near the development, will extend 11 kilometers featuring 18 stops, including a direct connection from Humber College to Line 1 Yonge Subway. Whether you’re a student commuting to York University, or a professional heading downtown, the Finch West LRT offers a convenient and efficient transit solution.

In addition to the LRT, Montaje Condos benefits from enhanced connectivity with various transit networks such as:

  • TTC
  • GO
  • Midway
  • YRT
  • Züm

Along with an important bus route on Weston Road that ties into the subway system, the Weston Road Corridor development’s strategic location also provides residents with convenient access to major highways, including the Ontario 401 Expressway and Highway 400, which are integral for seamless city travel and connect the neighborhood to regional highways like 407. This unrivaled connectivity not only makes everyday commuting a breeze but also significantly contributes to the area’s growth prospects, increasing property values in the Humbermede—Emery Park neighborhood.

The Vision of iKore Developments

Behind Montaje Condos is the visionary iKore Developments, a developer with a proven track record of over 45 years in the industry. iKore’s philosophy is rooted in excellence, consistently delivering results that meet or exceed customer expectations through humble craftsmanship. Known for their foresight and innovation, iKore has shown a knack for identifying promising areas for development, notably being an early developer of high-rise condominiums in the burgeoning area of Vaughan.

iKore’s commitment to excellence and innovation is evident in every aspect of Montaje Condos. From the modern suite designs to the uplifting lifestyle amenities, every detail is meticulously crafted to enhance the living experience of residents. iKore’s dedication to customer satisfaction is also manifest in their diverse suite designs and floor plans, empowering residents to choose a living space that aligns with their lifestyle.

Architectural Excellence by HCA Architecture

At the heart of Montaje Condos’ design is Human Centric Architecture (HCA). This unique approach prioritizes the health and well-being of occupants in the design of the living spaces. By using scientific data to develop functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing spaces, HCA ensures that Montaje Condos meets the diverse needs of its residents.

HCA’s emphasis on enhancing quality of life is seen in its consideration of factors like accessibility, sustainability, and health. Its designs foster social interaction within the living spaces and ensure a connection to nature through biophilic design principles, improving resident well-being and reducing stress. Additionally, by incorporating universal design principles, HCA creates spaces that are comfortably accessible to all individuals, regardless of age or ability.

This attention to detail and emphasis on inclusivity is a testament to the architectural excellence that defines Montaje Condos, as seen in their specially curated portfolio.

A Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

iKore Developments holds customer satisfaction at the core of its business. This commitment is evident in every aspect of Montaje Condos, from the architectural design to the suite finishes. By actively seeking and incorporating customer feedback, iKore ensures a positive living environment within its condo communities.

This commitment to customer satisfaction is not just about delivering a high-quality product; it’s about creating a living environment that truly reflects the lifestyle and preferences of its residents. With a range of suite designs and floor plans, iKore empowers residents to choose a living space that aligns with their lifestyle. The luxury condos at Montaje come with creative flourishes that reflect iKore Developments’ dedication to personalized experiences, showcasing their effort to cater to the intricate preferences of residents.

The Essence of Modern Suite Designs

At Montaje Condos, you can experience modern suite designs that are a perfect blend of style and functionality. These contemporary spaces are designed with an open concept, featuring:

  • Large windows
  • Multi-functional furniture that maximize space and allow residents to enjoy a spacious living environment
  • Ample storage with customized wardrobe systems and floating wall cabinets providing practical solutions without compromising on style.

Each suite at Montaje Condos exudes modern luxury, featuring wood flooring, stainless steel appliances, and sleek minimalist finishes that define the development’s commitment to contemporary design and urban luxury. With 160 luxury residential units spread over 17 stories, Montaje Condos caters to a demographic seeking an uplifting modern lifestyle.

Customization and Creative Flourishes

At Montaje Condos, residents are empowered to express their personal style. The modern suite designs facilitate customization in decor and furnishings, with contemporary home accents and statement storage furniture that both meet practical needs and reflect individual tastes.

Personal touches can be added to condo suites by:

  • Choosing bold paint colors
  • Creating focal walls
  • Selecting creative window coverings
  • Adding art pieces
  • Installing personalized lighting fixtures
  • Using glass display cabinets

These elements help residents create a unique living space that showcases their personality and sophistication, with all the creative flourishes.

At Montaje Condos, you’re not just buying a condo; you’re crafting a home that’s truly yours.

Embracing a Breathtaking World Inside and Out

The architectural design of modern suites at Montaje Condos is conceived to enhance the living experience. Large glass windows offer panoramic views that connect residents to the urban landscape, fostering a sense of connection with the outside world.

Located in the Humbermede/Emery neighborhood, Montaje Condos also affords residents spectacular views of the natural environment. From the comfort of their homes, residents can enjoy views of the Humber River trails, embracing a breathtaking world both inside and out.

Elevated Living with Uplifting Lifestyle Amenities

Montaje Condos offers:

  • Luxurious living spaces
  • An elevated lifestyle
  • Well-designed health and wellness facilities
  • Inviting social and recreational spaces

With these amenities, Montaje Condos ensures a well-rounded living experience.

These amenities are precisely tailored to enhance residents’ lifestyles, offering spaces for fitness, relaxation, and social interaction. From robust health facilities to modern communal lounges, every feature contributes to the comfortable and vibrant living experience at Montaje Condos.

Health and Wellness Facilities

Health and wellness are at the forefront of Montaje Condos’ offerings. Residents can take advantage of the HIIT fitness center, tailored for high-intensity workouts and cardiovascular health. For those who prefer a more relaxing exercise routine, there’s a private pool area perfect for leisurely swims and aquatic exercises.

But it’s not just human residents who benefit from these facilities. Pet owners will appreciate the enclosed dog and cat runs, as well as the dog spa, ensuring their furry friends also enjoy an active and pampered lifestyle.

Social and Recreational Spaces

Social interaction plays a vital role in community building, and Montaje Condos facilitates this with its modern communal lounges and entertainment rooms. These spaces are designed to cater to various social functions, providing residents with the perfect venue for hosting events and parties.

Montaje Condos offers a range of amenities to cater to its residents’ needs, including:

  • Outdoor terraces with BBQ areas for outdoor dining and social gatherings
  • A dedicated children’s play area for all ages to enjoy
  • Pet-friendly amenities for residents’ furry friends

With these social and recreational spaces, Montaje Condos fosters a vibrant community that caters to all its residents’ needs.

Investment Potential and Pre Construction Perks

Montaje Condos isn’t just a luxurious place to call home; it’s also a promising investment opportunity. The pre-construction sales phase allows the developer to secure necessary financing by selling a substantial portion of the building, providing investors with the potential for growth in the value of their units by the time the pre construction project is completed.

Early investors in Montaje Condos also have the opportunity to select prime units during the Platinum VIP phase, which often features competitive pricing. With the growth prospects in the Humbermede/Emery area and the exclusive benefits of early investment, Montaje Condos presents a compelling investment opportunity.

Growth Prospects in Humbermede/Emery

The Humbermede/Emery area, home to Montaje Condos, is poised for significant growth. The upcoming operational status of the Finch West LRT by 2023 is anticipated to enhance connectivity and spur economic growth in the area.

Furthermore, Montaje Condos is set amidst an urban development boom, with recent approvals for a 14-story building and nearby proposals of up to 55 stories showcasing the substantial growth in the neighborhood. The proximity of prominent educational institutions, such as York University and Humber College, further bolsters the community’s attractiveness.

With projections indicating a substantial population growth in the York Region by 2051, the long-term trajectory underscores the investment potential of locales like Humbermede/Emery.

Navigating Your Purchase at Montaje Condos

Purchasing a condo at Montaje presents a unique set of considerations. You’ll need to navigate securing financing, understanding pre-construction timelines, and the various stages of condo development.

When financing a pre-construction condo, typically, a mortgage is required, along with a deposit ranging from 20-25% of the total purchase price in installments. Preparing a strong mortgage application includes gathering necessary documentation like proof of income, bank statements, and the purchase agreement, and ensuring a good credit score.


As we’ve explored, Montaje Condos offers more than just a luxurious place to live; it’s a lifestyle destination complete with modern suite designs, a multitude of amenities, and a prime location in Toronto’s Humbermede/Emery neighborhood. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant community to call home or a promising investment opportunity, Montaje Condos delivers on all fronts.

So, why wait? Secure your slice of this epic condominium destination and experience the Montaje difference. With its unparalleled offerings, Montaje Condos isn’t just a place to live; it’s a place to thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What amenities does Montaje Condos offer?

Montaje Condos offers a variety of amenities, including a HIIT fitness center, a private pool, communal lounges, entertainment rooms, outdoor terraces with BBQ areas, and a children’s play area. These amenities cater to health and wellness, as well as social and recreational needs.

What makes the location of Montaje Condos desirable?

The location of Montaje Condos is desirable due to its direct access to major roads, proximity to shopping, healthcare services, and the forthcoming Finch West LRT, which improves connectivity.

Who is the developer of Montaje Condos?

The developer of Montaje Condos is iKore Developments, a reputable developer with over 45 years of experience in the industry.

What are the benefits of investing in Montaje Condos during the pre-construction phase?

Investing in Montaje Condos during the pre-construction phase offers potential for value growth and the opportunity to choose prime units at competitive prices during the Platinum VIP phase. Early investors can benefit from this.

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