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2775 Jane Street, Toronto, ON
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Address 2775 Jane Street, Toronto, ON
City Toronto
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About 2775 Jane Street Condos Development

2775 Jane Street Condos is a new condo development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Stanford Homes Ltd, located at 2775 Jane St, Toronto, ON.2775 Jane Street Condos offers a harmonious blend of urban convenience and serene living. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • 2775 Jane Street Condos offer a harmonious blend of urban convenience and serene living with proximity to shopping malls and parks, coupled with sophisticated suite designs featuring parquet flooring, modern appliances, and in-suite laundry.
  • The community-focused design includes elevators for accessibility, spacious balconies as private outdoor spaces, and comprehensive building amenities, all contributing to a comfortable lifestyle and maintaining high property values.
  • Stanford Homes, the developer behind 2775 Jane Street Condos, brings over six decades of experience, ensuring quality and craftsmanship in each home, complemented by easy access to transport links and local amenities, enhancing both community and connectivity.

Discover the Charm of 2775 Jane Street Condos

Stepping into the world of Jane Street Condos is like entering a sanctuary of urban tranquility. Located in the bustling district of North York, adjacent to Black Creek Pioneer Village. 2775 Jane Street offers more than just an apartment community—it’s a launchpad to a lifestyle brimming with options.

A stone’s throw away, the Yorkgate Mall beckons with its eclectic mix of dining and retail choices, catering to every whim and necessity. Picture starting your day with a leisurely breakfast on your spacious balcony, overlooking the vibrant streets below.

These balconies are not just appendages but spaces where memories are made and where the pulse of the city can be felt right at your fingertips. The Jane St condos are an existing community feature that seamlessly blends into the fabric of the neighbourhood.

With Jane Finch Mall and Jane Sheppard Mall within easy reach, a minute from schools, York University, Derrydowns Park, and transit options. Residents enjoy the luxury of choice and convenience, transforming the everyday shopping trip into an excursion filled with discovery and delight.

At 2775 Jane St, the allure of city life is balanced with the tranquility of home. Each condo is a haven of peace, offering residents a slice of serenity amidst the urban hustle.

It’s here that one can truly appreciate the harmonious blend of comfort and accessibility that defines the street condo experience.

Suite Features that Set 2775 Jane Street Apart

Elegance meets practicality in the suites of 2775 Jane Street. Each residence boasts parquet flooring, a timeless choice that adds warmth and sophistication to any room. The pristine white kitchen cabinetry contrasts beautifully with this, offering a modern and clean aesthetic that is both inviting and functional.

These homes are not just about beauty; they are equipped with the latest appliances, ensuring that residents enjoy the conveniences of modern technology in every aspect of their daily lives. A suite at 2775 Jane Street is more than just a living space—it’s a statement of style and efficiency.

Adding to the everyday ease, the in-suite laundry facilities provide an invaluable resource, removing the hassle of shared laundry spaces and adding a layer of privacy and comfort to the lives of residents. This attention to detail is what elevates the living experience at 2775 Jane Street, making it a cut above the rest.

Beyond the surface, these suites offer a sense of belonging to an exclusive community. From the ground floor to the east side, each corner of 2775 Jane Street is designed with the resident’s lifestyle in mind, pairing existing community features with the added value of good walkability and proximity to Downsview Park.

This is not just a place to live; it’s a place to thrive.

Building Amenities for a Comfortable Lifestyle

As residents ascend to their homes, modern elevators whisk them away to their personal sanctuaries. These elevators are more than mere utilities; they are a promise of accessibility and ease, a hallmark of the thoughtful design that permeates 2775 Jane Street.

The spacious balconies of each suite are a testament to the luxurious living space offered by these street condos. They serve as private retreats where residents can bask in the serenity of their surroundings or entertain guests against the backdrop of the city skyline.

On the ground floor, a suite of services awaits to enhance the daily lives of the community. With onsite staff and a property manager dedicated to the well-being of residents, the apartment community at 2775 Jane Street is supported by a foundation of care and attention to detail.

These amenities are not just conveniences; they are the building blocks of a comfortable lifestyle. From the parquet flooring underfoot to the ceramic tiles that line each suite, every element is selected to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of the living space. The suites offer parquet flooring and with such a comprehensive array of features, it’s no surprise that property values in this low-rise residence are reflective of the quality and care invested in every detail.

The Neighbourhood: A Blend of Culture and Convenience

The tapestry of the neighbourhood around 2775 Jane Street Condos is rich and diverse. Large parks like Derrydowns and Downsview offer residents a natural oasis amidst the cityscape, where walking trails, sports fields, and picnic spots beckon for leisure and play.

Culinary adventurers will revel in the diverse dining options available. From the exotic flavors of Caribbean cuisine to the aromatic spices of Indian fare, the local restaurants reflect the cultural mosaic that is North York.

Nestled in a community prized for its good walkability, 2775 Jane Street Condos backs onto essential local features like Yorkwoods Public School, Oakdale Park, and Oakdale Community Centre, making it an ideal location for both families and individuals alike.

This is a neighbourhood where convenience meets culture, where the amenities of a big city like Toronto blend seamlessly with the charm of local shopping at Yorkgate Mall. It’s a place where every turn reveals something new, and every day is an opportunity to experience the vibrancy of life, including a visit to the nearby Black Creek Pioneer Village.

Transportation and Accessibility

The convenience at 2775 Jane Street Condos extends beyond its immediate surroundings. With regular and express TTC bus services at its doorstep and the upcoming Finch West LRT, residents are well-connected to the rest of Toronto.

Drivers will appreciate the strategic location near major thoroughfares such as Highways 400 and 407, offering a smooth transition from urban living to the open road. This accessibility is a cornerstone of the 2775 Jane Street experience, ensuring that the world is always within reach.

For those with vehicles, parking is a breeze. With both outdoor and indoor options available at competitive monthly rates, residents can choose the convenience that best suits their needs.

The presence of visitor parking also makes hosting guests hassle-free, further enhancing the community’s welcoming atmosphere. At 2775 Jane Street, the fusion of good walkability, schools in close proximity, and a robust public transit network ensures that everything residents need is just a step away.

This is not just a place to come home to—it’s a hub for exploration and discovery.

Stanford Homes: A Tradition of Excellence

Behind every brick and beam of 2775 Jane Street Condos is Stanford Homes, a developer with a tradition of excellence that stretches back over six decades. Their commitment to quality is rooted in a family legacy that began with their grandfather, and it is this rich heritage that has helped shape Stanford Homes into one of the premier home builders in the Greater Toronto Area.

With a portfolio that includes more than 10,000 homes across the region, Stanford Homes has established itself as a pillar of the community, synonymous with durability, design, and attention to detail. Each residence they build is a testament to their meticulous approach, blending time-honored craftsmanship with the modern amenities that today’s homeowners desire.

Their presence in educational centers like York University and near family-oriented amenities like Yorkwoods Public School underscores their commitment to building not just homes, but communities. Stanford Homes understands that a home is more than a structure—it’s a canvas for life’s memories.

This legacy of excellence is evident in every aspect of 2775 Jane Street Condos, from the parquet floors that greet you upon entry to the modern elevators that carry you to your door. With Stanford Homes at the helm, residents can rest assured that their home is built on a foundation of quality that will stand the test of time.


In the heart of North York, 2775 Jane Street Condos emerges as a beacon of urban living, offering an unparalleled combination of style, comfort, and convenience. With its prime location, exquisite suite features, comprehensive amenities, vibrant neighbourhood, and seamless transportation options, it stands as a testament to thoughtful design and a commitment to excellence.

We invite you to consider making 2775 Jane Street your new home, where every detail is crafted to enhance your lifestyle. Here, you can forge your path amidst the cultural tapestry of Toronto, supported by the legacy of Stanford Homes and the promise of a community that welcomes you with open arms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of dining and shopping options are near 2775 Jane Street Condos?

Residents of 2775 Jane Street Condos have a variety of dining and shopping options nearby at Yorkgate Mall and Jane Finch Mall, offering retail stores and eateries serving diverse cuisines.

Are there any parks or recreational areas close to 2775 Jane Street Condos?

Yes, there are large parks like Derrydowns Park and Downsview Park near 2775 Jane Street Condos, offering walking trails, sports fields, and picnic areas for residents to enjoy.

What type of flooring is featured in the suites at 2775 Jane Street Condos?

The suites at 2775 Jane Street Condos feature elegant parquet flooring, which adds warmth and sophistication to the living spaces.

Is parking available for residents of 2775 Jane Street Condos?

Yes, residents of 2775 Jane Street Condos have the option of outdoor for $90 per month or indoor for $125 per month, providing convenient solutions.

Who is the developer behind 2775 Jane Street Condos, and what is their reputation?

The developer behind 2775 Jane Street Condos is Stanford Homes, known for over 60 years of quality craftsmanship and contemporary facilities in the Greater Toronto Area.

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