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First Apartment Checklist (Essentials You Need to Move-In)

It might be difficult to move into your first apartment. It’s also difficult to get the first apartment and prepare it for living. Using this checklist for your first apartment will help you make sure you have everything you need for this new stage of your life.

Maintaining a checklist will ensure that you do not forget to purchase the most important items for your apartment while you are daydreaming about how to design your new home. You may be certain that you have everything you need for your first apartment if you have this comprehensive checklist in your possession.

There is a lot to buy, from a new bed to a sofa or a couch to kitchen supplies to a dining room table. Once you’ve determined what you actually need by having a clear first apartment checklist, you can choose the order of the products you buy based on your own preferences.

First Apartment Checklist Before You Move In

Consider this a streamlined version of your first apartment checklist. Certainly, each item on this list is of utmost importance and vital. Before moving, make sure you’ve ticked all the items in this first apartment checklist.

Next, when you relocate, keep everything on this list nearby. Who wants to spend their time digging through boxes in search of a shower curtain when they should be leaving for work or class?

Apartment Bedroom Essentials

Once you have the apartment in your possession, your very first priority must be to find a mattress and bed. Simply because you have moved into your apartment, the job is not yet over.

Importantly, having a cozy location in your new apartment to rest down at the end of the day is essential. Before selecting your new mattress, look through a variety of options based on your needs.

Shop for everything else you need to complete your bed, too. These things include the comforter, bedding, and pillows.

The next option is to occasionally save money by purchasing a bed frame, dresser, and bedside table together. Alternatively, if you want an eclectic style, check out your neighbourhood thrift stores.

Make your bedroom uniquely yours by adding other accentuating pieces like throw pillows that complement your style.

Having a comfortable bed right from the first day of moving into your first apartment helps you to take rest at any time of the day.

The next important step is to look for window curtains for the apartment. Being left without a window covering for your bedroom is not fun. Additionally, the window coverings provide privacy. If not, make sure you have a spare sheet or blanket you may use as a temporary covering.

Last but not least, get some hangers before the move. Your first apartment will feel more like home as soon as your wardrobe is unpacked and stored.

Apartment Essentials for the Living Room

The living room of the apartment will be the place where the heart of your apartment (home) will be! Therefore, it is important to have the right stuff that shapes your apartment’s living room into a hearty pad.

You’ll require seating in the living space that matches your personal taste. A futon or sleeper sofa is a fantastic purchase. That’s right—it can serve as a place for your guests to crash. In fact, you might search a local thrift store for such furniture pieces.[1]

Pick up a coffee table to make your first apartment’s living area more functional. It’s a fantastic spot to keep beverages when throwing a party. Additionally, a modern, chic coffee table gives your apartment some flair.

Consider purchasing a television if you enjoy watching TV as much as you enjoy unwinding in the evening with a drink and your favorite show. It is not, however, a necessary item. Additionally, think about setting up a projector and screen if you want to truly enjoy those movie nights.

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Apartment Essentials for the Bathroom

You must have full functionality in your apartment’s bathroom. Before moving in, make sure to buy all the bathroom necessities, including toiletries. Soap, toilet paper, a bathmat, a towel, hand towels, a toothbrush, and a trash can are some of these.

Compared to some of your larger first apartment purchases, bathroom goods might not require as much thought. Your bathroom’s design is something else you might want to keep in mind.

A towel, shower curtain, and other similar accessories are simple to find that match your bathroom.

You will undoubtedly be desperate for a hot shower after a hard day of moving in. Thus, having a fully-functional bathroom with all the toiletries is key.

Apartment Essentials for the Kitchen

You will need to use your new kitchen unless you intend to order takeout every night. Unfortunately, without the basics, there isn’t much you can do in your kitchen.

Slowly and steadily you can further add to the kitchen. Make sure you have these, though, from the first day of moving in.

Have all the pots and pans as per your or your family’s needs. Dishes, food storage containers, cooking utensils, serving dishes, toaster ovens and other kitchen gadgets need to be in your first apartment checklist.

You might continue using paper plates and cups up until you purchase a complete dish set. But it is advised that you buy a few of these things in advance of moving in. If it takes you a few weeks to find cookware you adore, you’ll at least have the necessities on hand in that case. Such dishware is another excellent option to lessen your carbon footprint.

Other kitchen tools and essentials that can be on your first apartment checklist include water glasses, a toaster oven, wine glasses, measuring cups and spoons Furthermore, other must-haves in your kitchen before the move-in day are paper towels, hand soap, dish soap, dish drying rack, oven mitts, and trash bags.[2]

Cleaning Supplies

It’s messy work to unpack. Additionally, there’s no guarantee that your new apartment will live up to your standards of cleanliness. To save time, prepare the space for an organization by having a few basic cleaning supplies.

White vinegar is a good option as a surface cleaner substitute. They also don’t have any harsh chemicals in them. Obtain a lot of sponges to replace them frequently.

Other cleaning essentials that you must have in your first apartment checklist include bathroom cleaning supplies, toilet brush, broom and dustpan. Having a step stool in your space proves to be very helpful while cleaning the nooks and corners of your new apartment.

First Aid Kit

When relocating to your first apartment, accidents, unfortunately, do occur. Preparing and maintaining a first aid kit in your space for small emergencies should therefore be your first concern before moving in. Keep bandages, antibiotic cream, and other medications as needed in the kit.

Tool Kit

You won’t regret bringing tools like a screwdriver and a hammer on moving day. You should also have wall hooks and nails on hand for when you begin unpacking. Being in the middle of unpacking and decorating just to learn that you need to run to the hardware store is the worst. A step stool will be indispensable during the initial stages of unpacking. Indeed, it is a necessity for your first apartment.

First Apartment Checklist: After Moving In

Once you get all the items mentioned above before moving into your new home, you can have peace of mind. However, as you go on, you can definitely add more items that enhance your ease of living and lifestyle. The following items can be a part of your first apartment checklist:

  • Extra lighting
  • Stylish table and chairs
  • Throw blankets
  • Full length mirror
  • Decorative pillows
  • Modern bed frame and side tables
  • Gadgets and smart light bulbs
  • Modern sanitary supplies, toiletries, bath mat.
  • Extension cords

So there you have it, your ultimate first apartment checklist. Start early and finish checking off everything you need for your first place.

You can furnish your space to seamlessly make it your own home if you have the correct tactics in place. Before making significant purchases, be careful to set a budget. Importantly, gauge your needs and accordingly add items to your first apartment checklist.

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