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11 Small Apartment Hacks - Creative DIY Storage Ideas To Declutter Your Room

These apartment hacks and small space decorating ideas will solve all your problems!

If you think bigger is always better, it’s not! Tiny apartments are a national phenomenon for many Torontonians, and many suburban areas have started to adapt to this affordable and low impact lifestyle.

For newly working professionals, having a small space to call home once they’re out in the real world and away from parents is comforting.

Since mom is no longer around to clean up after you, keeping your tiny apartment clean while you’re busy paying the bills can be tough. Especially on an entry-level salary, you must learn how to DIY.

Luckily, several small space apartment storage ideas and hacks can help you to keep your tiny apartment efficient and fashionable. With some savvy shopping, probably a few DIY tricks, and some small space hacks, you can completely transform your space.

Below we’ve listed some of over favorite tiny decorating ideas to help you how to decorate a small apartment or any tiny space.

11 Small Apartment Hacks To Try At Home

A wardrobe to inspire small room organization ideas

It doesn’t matter how many studio apartments DIY hacks you know. Living in a tiny apartment or any small space in general without being organized is impossible. Having all your belongings on display will make your space look cluttered. Invest in storage organizers that are aesthetically appealing and can hold all of the stuff that you don’t need lying around.

1. A Storage Bed Will Save Space

A bed with drawers

One of the best DIY small space hacks is getting a storage bed. These bedroom hacks are ideal for smaller apartments and can also be sensible and stylish. Storage beds typically come in a range of designs and styles.

2. Find Substitutes for Floor Lamps

Proper lighting can transform an apartment, but for your small spaces and storage, it’s always best to skip the floor lamps. Many DIY decorating ideas and design can help you to brighten your room without using too much of your small space. You might also want to allow natural lighting to enter your room and add lots of wall lights, etc. to make your area feel and look more substantial.

3. Organize Your Drawers, DIY Style

It’s great for storing away guest linens or seasonal items that you don’t need year round. From door hangers to hanging shoe racks, numerous DIY small apartment storage ideas will help you to add space to your closet.

kitchen drawer organization

A great way to keep your drawers looking neat in your small apartment is by using drawer organizers. Your tiny dresser drawers may not have enough storage to separate all your belongs, but you should be able to pick up one of these at your nearby Walmart, whether for your dresser or kitchen drawers.

4. Add Depth To Your Space With Mirrors

Using mirrors to make Condos feel larger

Here’s one of the clever DIY small apartment storage hacks that you’ll need to invest in. Mirrors are excellent for adding depth to your small space; try placing them across from a window in your living room for a doubling effect. Reflections from the mirror will also double the light entering your tiny apartment.

“Create another window by placing a mirror next to or across from the real deal. The reflection maximizes the effect of natural light and pleasant outdoor views, allowing you to appreciate them from multiple angles.”
– Leah Moss, Apartment Therapy

5. Tiny Tables Hack

tiny table with flowers

Let’s keep things tiny! For your DIY small apartment storage ideas, there are many tiny tables or small accent tables that you can invest in to preserve your small space living and double the cuteness of your living room.

6. Hanging Wall Storage

tiny house space saving ideas for the kitchen

Here’s another DIY excellent hack for making your tiny space come together. With just a trip to your favorite home improvement store, you can get one of these bad boys to redesign your kitchen. [1]

For your small kitchen, ditch the cabinets and use these small storage solutions to keep your small space looking less cluttered. Hooks are a great way to store and design kitchen items on walls where they won’t be in your way.

Keep your pans and pots on the wall, or you can even hang them from the ceiling using adjustable chains that work well for both low and high ceilings. Because you’ll have little to no cabinet space in your small apartment, it’s important to be smart about how you hack your utensils to conserve the extra storage space.

7. A DIY Vanishing Desk

Vanishing Desk for Condo Offices

For your tiny space and storage, installing a vanishing desk are a great way to conserve space on your living room. It’s a DIY shelf and a table all-in-one depending on how you choose to use it at any given time.

8. Opt for dual-purpose furniture

table and chairs in one

Dual purpose furniture has long been one of the best DIY tiny apartment hack for small space and storage. Especially if your living room and kitchen share the same space, many dual-purpose pieces of furniture may come in handy. For your living area, the great hack is to invest in a coffee table that doubles as a dining table.

If your studio does not have space and storage for both a bed and a sofa, then a dual-purpose bed may be a great DIY idea. During the day you can kick back on your comfy couch and enjoy your favorite television show, and at nights your sofa conveniently becomes a bed. [2]

9. Skip the Conventional Bathroom Sink Hack

kitchen sink

Your studio apartment is tiny and has less storage, chances are your bathroom is even smaller. If you own the space or are friends with the landlord and can conduct some minor remodeling, then you may be able to make your tiny bathroom look tidy.

Some DIY small condo design ideas or alterations that people can do it improve their bathroom includes installing a pedestal sink that comes with a vanity below that can be used for storing toiletry in your small bathroom.

If you’re dealing with an unreasonable landlord and can’t make any independent alterations on a small space, you can add a skirt to your sink to hide what is stored underneath.

10. Make Use of Your Closet Space

closet organization

If you’re lucky enough to have a closet in a small apartment, then you’ll want to make the best of it. Try adding some shelves in your closet as a great way to provide more storage options. A quick stop at your local home improvement store should get you all that you need to trick out your closet space without spending too much.

11. Float On Shelves

Floating shelves on top of a bed

One of the best small space and tiny home ideas you can do to add some much needed organization to your storage and float on shelves are great hacks to do so. Consider investing in these DIY shelves, whether it’s for storing books or for decor. Even Caitlin recommends this method in her minimalist video on how to decorate a small apartment.

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