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With a vision of building for the future, the Cortel Group stands as a family-owned company experienced in residential developments. Withholding the heritage of communities, the company doesn’t overlook the foundational structure that makes a community. The developer essentially specialized in creating master-planned projects for varied communities present in the Greater Toronto Area and areas in Ontario. With a primary focus on the wants and needs of the residents, the company takes proper care of homebuyer’s future expectations.

The developer focuses on investing in the environment to enhance the quality of the local neighborhoods to leave a good legacy behind. The company prioritizes on long-term development and goals to enhance the level of sustainability of different projects. Essentially, they focus on preserving the nature surrounding the neighborhood to protect the essence of the surrounding. It has partnered up with many organizations like the LSRCA, Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority and the University of Guelph along with the Greenland Group of Companies. Integrating with community organizations, the company works towards utilizing the latest developments in technologies to implement them in projects. With the sustainable materials and products, the quality of construction makes them stand apart from most competitors in the market. Cortel aims at creating modern communities filled with harmony that could stand through the test of time. With one step in history and one step in the future, the company believes in making the most of both worlds.

Essentially, Cortel takes environmental causes very seriously. It has worked towards flood reduction, conservation of ponds, and even creek rehabilitation. The vision of the company follows the simple fact that creating a stronger future relies on the strength of nature around. Utilizing sustainable materials and practices plays a significant role in their path to conserve the environment. Building innovative communities which respect nature is essential, and the company certainly does not forget that. The construction process by the developer aims at leaving the minimum possible footprint. The company takes great pride in preserving the history of neighborhoods along with the surrounding nature.

With its high-rise condominiums, there’s nothing to hold back this capable developer company. Currently, the company has many pre-construction projects in play like the CG tower in the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre and even the Oak and Co. located in Oakville at Dundas Street. Combined with a diverse, dynamic, and well-established businesses, the company is soaring high with its high-rise condo developments. The main goal of the company is to create something that lasts into the future. With complete communities filled with outstanding amenities and livable neighborhoods, there’s nothing to hold back residents from enjoying a peaceful living. It provides beautiful living spaces where families can easily grow with each other. Explore the recreational areas, green spaces, shopping centers, and easy transit services with exceptional locations of new condo developments.

The company regards residents residing in a community as the pillars of growth. Therefore, it readily donates to charities and local organizations to give back to the environment. With their strong beliefs, the company takes pride in their reputation in the industry. It also focuses on youth education and health care for the overall development of the community. Within the commercial hub of Vaughan, Cortel has managed to create a residential structure to enhance the downtown core. Along with a long range of luxury retail shops and urban environments, residents and explorers take the full advantage of the neighborhood. To stay true to their dedication in preserving nature, the company has also invested in 14-acres of naturalized space which functions with rainwater management. The upcoming project will feature an acre of vast green space on the rooftops of the building towers. This will essentially operate to hold the excess of water and hence, channel it for re-utilization. The company also focuses on promoting healthy lifestyles with planned walkaways along with a state of the art community center for the location. Diving into the 21st century, the EXPO city is predicted to take condo living experience to the next level with environmentally-conscious residents in the community.

Cortel has climbed up in the industry with its true conviction in preserving the future with its creations. Understanding the responsibility of developers is essential, and the company manages to peak in that arena. Hopefully, this will encourage varied developers to consider implementing environment-friendly ways of construction to grow into a healthy future. The passion for community building easily sets Cortel apart from the rest and builds the vision for new developments in the future.

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