Smart Condo Interior Design Ideas You Can Try in Your Home

Making a condo purchase is surely exciting. If you are buying a condo developed by a reliable and trusted developer, the construction as well as exteriors and locality are already taken care of. However, the interiors of the condo are something that you decide, for yourself, to suit your likings.

For some of you, it might be an easy and creative task. For others, however, it might get a little stressful. For those of you looking for smart interior design ideas for your condos, here are few best ones:

11 Condo Interior Design Ideas

#1: Decide on a Theme Considering Your Lifestyle

It is very essential that your living space reflects who you are. Your condominium is going to be a place you live in, not a showroom for others to appreciate. Hence, decide on the interiors’ theme keeping in mind your likings and style. The idea would be to decide with a very basic color palette of your choice. The ultimate choice for the color of the interiors is upon you.

Although, try opting for a warm color combination for the condo. This would make the condo a cozy and homely place to be in. Also, don’t add too many colors. Keep a certain uniformity in the textures as well as colors for the walls, furniture, etc. Keep it unique and sophisticated.

#2: Maximize the Available Space

In today’s developed surrounding, the condominiums one buys are usually moderate in size, not too spacious. Therefore, it is important to use up the available space wisely. Cluttering up the condo with too many furniture items or decorating pieces will only make the place look even smaller in size.

Pick a few items to enhance the interiors, but choose them well. Try and find unique, contemporary-feel decorations for the house. Be smart and opt for space-saving ways. Hidden kitchen shelves or cabinets, elevated spaces to stack up the items, etc. are smart options.

#3: Curtains also make a difference

Yes, the curtains one chooses for the interiors also change the outlook and feel of the condo! The color and design of the curtain affect the size that appears to the eye. One can preferably go for lighter hues for the curtains and subtle textures.

Also, keep the size of the curtains starting from the ceiling, up till the flooring. This would bring uniformity in the interior design and make the condo look spacious.

#4: Enhance the way your condo looks with a wallpaper

One can easily change the entire aesthetics of the condo with something as mere as a wallpaper. You can opt for a light-hued wallpaper for your hallway or a vibrant one for the bedroom wall. An elegant wallpaper can instantly spice up the condominium!

It surely adds an unexplainable extravagance and cheer to the living space. Or, you could even opt for an accent wall in your living room for a lush effect. While deciding on the wallpapers, make sure they suit the theme of the condo and reflect your personality. Your condo is going to be a place you live in. Make sure you appreciate it well.

#5: Multi-functional furniture: the smartest choice!

To save on your budget as well as space, find yourself a good quality, multi-functional furniture. You could choose table designs which could be used as coffee tables and can be converted into work tables when required. Also, have storage space underneath the tables. It could have drawers or other smaller storage units to store a few essentials.

Some people also opt for shelves that can be closed and stacked up with the walls when required. This keeps the interiors clean and ensures utility at the same time. These days, smart furniture is in trend. The sofas have storage units too! Go furniture hunting for your condo and find yourself the best in your budget!

#6: Geometrically patterned decor adds more elegance

Geometric patterns are often counted amongst the elegant and sophisticated abstract styled patterns. They look wonderful when used in interiors of the condo. The styles available in the market to choose from are aplenty. Pick the ones that go well with your condominium.

Geometric patterned rugs and carpets bring a royal and classic touch to the interiors. To complement the look, one could opt for plainly textured couches and have geometrically patterned cushions on them. Wall pieces with a hint of geometry in them just add more to the perfection of the interior designs. For the kitchens as well, the cabinets could have a light geometric pattern that blends well with other colors.

#7: Utilize the walls well

It goes obvious that the condo will have multiple walls. A wise idea would be not to let these walls go in vain with no utility at all. Instead, think creatively about how you can use the walls smartly as well as aesthetically.

Wall paintings and other art pieces will surely add elegance to the interiors. You could have them for the living as well as the dining room. However, for kids room or study room, opt for something like a hanging toy rack and a hanging bookshelf. These will surely be space saving as well as unique for your condo’s design.

For the kitchen as well, small canvas bins could be hung on a narrow wall for the extra essentials or small cutlery. These small ways are smart as well as creative.

#8: Buy the right amount of furniture

There might be some of you who love having a lot of furniture pieces in the house. And, you probably end up buying a furniture item, big or small, every time you visit the store. Yes, quality furniture enhances the outlook of the interior by manifold. However, too much furniture can ruin it completely too. Be wise and buy the right amount of furniture for your condo.

The more furniture you have, the smaller your space will appear. Hence, opt for apt sized furniture. There is no point in buying oversized couches, TV cabinets, beds, tables, etc. Instead, buy less furniture but buy it right. If it suits your space, opt for white colored furniture. It will definitely make space appear bigger.

#9: Get mirrors fixed in your condominium

If your condo is small and you wish to make it appear bigger than its actual size, get mirrors for the condo!

Undoubtedly, it is one of the simplest and most classic interior décor ideas to make any place look more spacious.

Buy a full-body mirror, and you can actually visually expand the space in the room. Not only will it increase the dimensions of the room, but, at the same time, the room will be better lit at all times.

The mirror will reflect light well and thus, ensure that there is light in all parts of the room.

#10: Add glass shelves in the bathrooms

Adding glass shelves in the bathrooms of your condo will not only help in storage management but also make the place look more luxurious. You could also buy smart canisters to store the cotton balls, swabs, etc. These will help keep all your bathroom essentials in place tidily. All the toiletries and extras can be hidden well in place in proper storage units as well.

#11: A kitchen island in the house would do wonders

A kitchen island in the condo is an excellent idea! It provides you with extra space for storage purpose as well as a better food prep area.

Moreover, when guests come over for dinner, it would act as a great place to host mini parties for people to sit and chat around. The kitchen island actually becomes a multi-utility place in the small condo. There are a number of interesting designs available for designing kitchen islands.

Choose the right material and color for the kitchen islands and convert your condo into an even more luxurious living space. Kitchen island actually eliminates the need for a dining table. Solid black or white base for the kitchen islands works best for all types of condo themes. A textured wooden island works great too!

Final Thoughts

The condominium you invest in is going to be your space. It is going to be a place where you are going to be living in. Hence, make sure you design it into something luxurious, elegant and sophisticated. Try out the different ideas mentioned above to enhance the interiors of your living spaces. You don’t have to incorporate them all.

Think over them and decide which ones set well in your budget as well as the condo design. Once you have a plan in mind, work over it. Go shopping for your interior design elements and make the best out of your condo! Design yourself a home you will love, a home that will reflect your inner choices and ultimately, give you the ideal peace of mind.

Condos are an excellent living option to reside in. Make them better by being a little more creative with its interior design. For exclusive access to all the new and upcoming condos in Canada, visit Precondo – we’re everything when it comes to properties for sale, rent & pre-construction properties!

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