West Six Urban Towns

1 Blue Goose Street, Etobicoke, ON
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Address 1 Blue Goose Street, Etobicoke, ON
City Etobicoke
Neighbourhood Etobicoke
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About West Six Urban Towns Development

West Six Urban Towns is a new town development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Allegra Homes, located at 1 Blue Goose Street, Toronto, ON. West Six Urban Towns are the gem of Mimico, marrying spacious comfort with urban convenience. This project is estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • West Six Urban Towns in Mimico offers spacious living with the charm of a vibrant community, featuring large homes with generous outdoor terraces and proximity to local amenities like parks and shopping.
  • The homes are designed with modern lifestyles in mind, providing flexible spaces for work-from-home needs and luxury finishes, set in a location with excellent connectivity, including a 5-minute walk to Mimico GO Station.
  • Mimico is a dynamic neighbourhood with a strong sense of community, offering recreational facilities, and local events, and is poised for future growth with new developments enhancing its appeal and potential investment value.

Discover West Six Urban Towns

Visualize a dwelling offering over 2000 sq. ft of living space, ensuring three bedrooms and finished rooms for an upscale urban lifestyle. Picture yourself stepping out on a generous outdoor terrace space, ranging from 500 to 1000 sq. ft, for personal relaxation or entertainment.

And all this is in the heart of Mimico, one of Toronto’s most desirable neighbourhoods. The allure of West Six Urban Towns extends past the elegantly designed homes.

It lies in the neighbourhood. Situated in Mimico, residents enjoy the convenience of nearby lakefront parks, excellent recreational facilities, and retail offerings along Lake Shore Boulevard and Royal York Road. It’s a place where urban living meets community charm.

Here, you’re not just buying a home. You’re becoming a part of an established neighbourhood, a vibrant community that’s alive and thriving, a place where you can truly feel at home. Welcome to West Six Urban Towns.

The Essence of Urban Town Living

West Six Urban Towns offers an ideal mix of urban accessibility and community warmth. The unique urban towns are situated close to Lake Ontario, creating an environment where residents can enjoy the tranquility of waterfront parks while being part of a vibrant community in urban towns west.

It’s a lifestyle that’s sought after by city dwellers who are looking for something more. West Six Urban Towns stands out for its cognizance of evolving trends.

Recognizing the shift towards remote work, these urban towns are designed with adaptable living spaces, including three bedrooms a finished basement room, and designer kitchens, to accommodate the growing demand for flexible work-from-home environments,

walk-in closets, main floor powder room, and. It’s about creating homes that adapt to your lifestyle, not the other way around. Every detail at West Six Urban Towns, from the stunning interiors to the elegant homes, is crafted with you in mind. It’s an urban town living experience that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Design & Features

Step into luxury as you enter and love the beautifully appointed homes of West Six Urban Towns. From designer kitchens to walk-in closets, every feature adds to the aesthetic and functional appeal of the homes.

It’s more than just a home; it’s a statement of your lifestyle. Every home at West Six Urban Towns includes a main floor powder room and a finished room, providing added convenience for residents and their guests.

It’s these little details, these thoughtful inclusions, that make a house a home. Experience the difference that thoughtful design and luxury features can make to your life at West Six Urban Towns. Here, every day is a celebration of the finer things in life.

Connectivity & Convenience at Your Doorstep

West Six Urban Towns puts the world right at your doorstep. The strategic Mimico location greatly benefits its residents through superior connectivity and convenience.

Imagine living just a 5-minute walk away from Mimico GO Station, making your commute stress-free. A short drive from downtown Toronto GO Transit train station or other key areas of the city.

An established neighbourhood just 5 min walk to Mimico GO Station offers a quick journey to Union Station IN downtown Toronto, allowing for swift and easy access. An easy walk from the Child Care Centre.

It’s not just about living in a beautiful home, but also about the lifestyle that comes with it. Such exceptional connectivity considerably uplifts the lifestyle of West Six Urban Towns residents. It’s not just a home, it’s a gateway to the city.

Daily Essentials Within Reach

Residing at West Six Urban Towns ensures all your necessities are easily accessible. From education to shopping to healthcare, everything is a walk or a short drive away. For residents with young children, Early Adventures Nursery School is located conveniently close, making it an ideal option.

The bustling shopping scene on Royal York Rd is just a short distance away, offering residents a variety of retail options. Whether you are looking for groceries, clothing, or a new piece of furniture, you’ll find it all here.

Healthcare is also easily accessible. Residents have access to a comprehensive range of healthcare facilities, from local clinics to specialized services. It’s about making your life easier, simpler, and better.

Recreation and Leisure

West Six Urban Towns offers a wealth of leisure and recreational opportunities. From year-round sports activities at Mimico’s sports clubs and the Mimico Arena to refreshing summer amenities at local parks, you’ll never run out of things to do.

The MasterCard Centre For Hockey Excellence, a premier facility in Mimico, offers ample community ice time, contributing to active local engagement in sports. For those who love the water, Amos Waites Park offers an outdoor swimming pool that serves as a refreshing local summer amenity.

Adding to the rich tapestry of natural attractions available to the community is the establishment of a wetland habitat by the Metropolitan Toronto Region Conservation Authority in Humber Bay Park West. It’s not just a home, it’s a lifestyle.

The Vibrant Mimico Neighbourhood

Welcome to Mimico, a lively neighbourhood fostering a strong sense of community through local clubs and institutions like the John English Community School and the Lakeshore Lawn Bowling Club. From tennis enthusiasts enjoying the rare red clay surface tennis courts at the Mimico Tennis Club to a range of programs for all ages at John English Community School, there’s something for everyone here.

The Mimico Centennial Public Library offers various children’s programs, supporting family integration and education in the community. And for those who love lawn bowling, the historic Lakeshore Lawn Bowling Club in Coronation Park provides a unique recreational outlet and venue for community events.

Mimico isn’t just a neighbourhood; it’s a community. A place where you can belong, thrive, and grow. Welcome to Mimico.

Community Events and Local Hotspots

Mimico is a community known for its love of celebrations. From local events to unique sports facilities, there’s always something happening here. The local clubs and institutions, such as John English Community School and the Lakeshore Lawn Bowling Club, are always buzzing with events and activities, fostering a vibrant community life.

Tennis enthusiasts can not only enjoy the rare red clay surface tennis courts at the Mimico Tennis Club but also participate in local tournaments and events. For those interested in lifelong learning or community engagement, John English Community School provides a range of programs for all ages.

From the children’s programs at the Mimico Centennial Public Library to the historic Lakeshore Lawn Bowling Club in Coronation Park, there’s a place for everyone in Mimico. It’s more than just a neighbourhood; it’s a community.

Future Growth Prospects

Mimico’s future shines brightly. The neighbourhood is experiencing significant development, with major construction projects at key locations such as 2256 Lakeshore Blvd West and multiple others in the vicinity.

These developments are not only enhancing the physical landscape of Mimico but also its future growth prospects. The Mimico waterfront is expected to continue its growth trajectory, becoming more sought after which may result in substantial returns on investment. Enhancements to the Mimico Waterfront Park include:

  • 1.1 kilometers of linear waterfront park space
  • a boardwalk
  • multi-use trail
  • landscaping
  • park lighting

Mimico’s future encompasses not only physical growth but also community development. As a resident, you can stay informed and participate in the decision-making process for these developments through the City of Toronto’s Application Information Centre. It’s not just about living in a community but being a part of its growth.


Living at West Six Urban Towns means embracing a lifestyle where luxury meets convenience, where urban living blends with community warmth, and where every convenience is just a step away. It’s more than just a home; it’s a gateway to a vibrant community and a promising future. Welcome to West Six Urban Towns – your new home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How spacious are the living areas at West Six Urban Towns?

The living areas at West Six Urban Towns offer over 2000 sq. ft of space, making them ideal for a comfortable and upscale urban lifestyle.

What commuting options are available for residents?

Residents have the option to walk to Mimico GO Station for stress-free commutes to downtown Toronto, Ontario and other key areas of the city. This provides convenient access to public transportation.

What essential facilities are within close proximity to West Six Urban Towns?

You’ll find schools, healthcare facilities, and a vibrant shopping district on Royal York Rd, finished room, all conveniently close to West Six Urban Towns. You’ll Love Beautifully Appointed Homes.

What recreational facilities are available in the area?

Residents can enjoy year-round sports activities at Mimico’s sports clubs and the Mimico Arena, as well as refreshing summer amenities in the local parks.

What are the future growth prospects of Mimico?

Mimico is poised for significant development and growth, with major construction projects and improvements to waterfront parks. This suggests promising future growth prospects for the area.

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