The Logan Residences

Address 887 Queen St E, Toronto, ON
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The Logan Residences Condominiums For Sale


Located east of downtown, The Logan Residences is great for all the buzz. The beauty of the property is hard to define in words. This upcoming condominium beauty is all set to make life better for each resident. The location of the residence is the best part of it.

The condo is still in its construction phase, but it will soon show up as a fantastic property. It is just right for people who tend to ignore extremely high-rise buildings. The Logan Residences are likely to be a 6-storied building with 69 units.

So, if you are considering height as a factor, then there is no better option. Also, finding such great properties downtown is not always possible. So, make sure that you are not letting this opportunity slip from your hands.

Hangout at The Logan Residences

Most of us get bored of living the usual life. We strive for relaxation after an exhausting week of work. By choosing this new pre construction condo in Toronto by Daniels Corporation, you are likely to have many options by your side. Since The Logan Residences is located east of downtown, you can find yourself close to the roots. We all know that Toronto is full of cultural beliefs. So, you can certainly hang around the locality to rejuvenate and relax.

There are plenty of restaurants and cafes to spend time with family and make evenings delightful. Also, the street offers a great range of eateries. You can spend your entire day exploring the places and still feel a lack of time. So, we can surely say that you can never really get bored of living downtown.

If you are a lover of art and music then there is something extra for you. The art and culture at the music hall will give you everything you need. Apart from this, there are various galleries and theatres to enjoy an entire day filled with art and music at The Logan Residences.

Rich in Education

The builders have taken care of every important aspect of human life. They made sure that residents do not face any problem after shifting in. You can find plenty of schools nearby the Logan Residences for your kids.

All of these are just great and have a fantastic reputation in the city. Also, there are universities to continue higher educations. So, most of your worries are taken care of.

High Transportation

Most of the commercial sector is located very close to downtown. The location at 897 Queen St E is just unparalleled when it comes to accessibility. So, the chances of being close to your workplace are very high. Being close to our work is what we always desire.

You can ditch your cars and bikes at times too. There are various transit services available near your location such as railways, buses, and cabs. So, you can opt for them on days when you don’t feel like driving. Now that you have so many reasons for investing in The Logan Residences make sure you are not letting it slip.

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