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1075 Taunton Road, Pickering, ON
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Address 1075 Taunton Road, Pickering, ON
City Pickering
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About Seaton Whitevale Homes Development

Seaton Whitevale Homes is a new condo development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Mattamy Homes Canada, located at 1075 Taunton Rd, Pickering, ON. Seaton Whitevale Homes offers a diverse range of single-family homes and freehold townhomes. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • Seaton Whitevale by Mattamy Homes in Pickering offers a diverse range of single-family homes and freehold townhomes, featuring sizes from 30’ to 43’, and is lauded for its prime location near schools, green spaces, and recreation centers.
  • The community excels in modern living with innovative designs, energy-efficient home features, and customizable interactive floorplans, providing residents with comfort, functionality, and the opportunity to personalize their homes.
  • Seaton Whitevale’s surroundings and amenities include access to natural landscapes like the Greenwood Conservation Area, nearby golf courses, arts and cultural activities at the Whitevale Arts & Culture Centre, and vibrant shopping and dining options, creating a holistic and appealing living environment.

Seaton Whitevale Mattamy Homes: Plans, Prices, and Reviews in Pickering

Nestled at the intersection of convenience and luxury stands Seaton Whitevale, a new single-family development by Mattamy Homes to let you flourish naturally, which has quickly become a coveted address in Pickering. This picturesque community offers a diverse collection of 30’, 35’, 36’, and 43’ singles and freehold townhomes, catering to various family sizes and preferences.

The charm of Seaton Whitevale is not just in its versatile housing options but also its prime location close to schools, sprawling green spaces, and bustling recreation centers. Seaton Whitevale residents relish in their unparalleled ease of travel.

The nearby Highway 407 and the accessible Pickering and Ajax GO Stations make commuting effortless, providing more time to enjoy home comforts. With easy access to transportation options, Seaton Whitevale invites you to discover a living experience where every detail is crafted with your lifestyle in mind, blending suburban tranquility with urban accessibility.

Residents’ glowing reviews reflect Seaton Whitevale’s allure. They commend the seamless blend of functional design and aesthetic appeal, the community’s secure and friendly environment, and the close proximity to essential amenities.

Such endorsements only underscore the fact that Seaton Whitevale stands as a testament to Mattamy Homes’ commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of homeowners’ desires.


The story of Seaton Whitevale is inextricably linked to the legacy of Mattamy Homes, revered as North America’s largest privately-owned home builder since its inception in 1978. Exemplifying Mattamy’s enduring connection to crafting homes that are not just structures but sanctuaries, Seaton Whitevale emerges as a beacon of their dedication to quality, innovation, and community-building.

As the canvas of Seaton Whitevale is painted with the strokes of modern living, the community also becomes a stage for cultural expression and seasonal celebrations. Imagine local authors beneath autumn leaves, their words mingling with the crisp air during an outdoor reading, or the laughter of children as they discover the joy of pumpkin carving.

Such moments are the heartbeats of Seaton Whitevale, echoing throughout the Seaton area and resonating with the vibrant spirit of Pickering.

Seaton Whitevale Community Overview

Seaton Whitevale, a masterpiece of urban planning, blends residential elegance with natural allure. Families flourish in their cozy homes, surrounded by the Greater Toronto Area’s vibrant communities and untouched nature.

The Seattle area is not just a place to live; it’s an ample space to flourish, buoyed by a network of highways, public transportation, and GO transit that connects residents to the pulsating heart of the GTA.

A stroll through Seaton Whitevale reveals an inviting town characterized by a neighbourhood rooted in connectivity and convenience. Whether it’s the swift access to Highway 407 for a smooth commute or the proximity to Pickering and Ajax GO Stations for a weekend escape, the logistics of daily life are effortlessly managed.

And with a range of thoughtfully designed 30’, 35’, 36’, and 43’ singles and freehold townhomes, there’s an abode for every dream and a street that whispers tales of community and togetherness.

Adding to the allure, Seaton Whitevale’s proximity to schools, green spaces, and recreation centers ensures that educational and leisure needs are not just met but exceeded. The community reflects a modern living ethos, where the balance between a bustling life and a peaceful retreat is not just a possibility but a daily reality.

Seaton Whitevale invites residents to embark on a journey of discovery, where each corner turned and every path taken leads to a cherished memory in the making.

Modern Living Spaces

Entering a Seaton Whitevale home, you will find modern living spaces epitomizing innovation and comfort. Each residence is a sanctuary where intelligent home technology meets meticulous design, ensuring that daily life is both seamless and serene.

The incorporation of advanced features such as reduced drafts and balanced temperatures speaks to a commitment to creating not just a more energy-efficient home but a haven of well-being.

The town and detached homes in Seaton Whitevale, such as the Robinson and Vale Corner plans, are notable for their features, including:

  • Car garage, which provides ample space for vehicles and storage
  • Exterior styles range from Modern to Traditional, allowing residents to select a home that mirrors their personal taste
  • Thoughtfully designed single-family homes that cater to their unique lifestyle

Homeowners are encouraged to customize their living spaces with interactive floorplans, creating a home that truly reflects their aspirations. The features of Seaton Whitevale include:

  • Spacious layouts
  • Efficient use of space
  • Cozy corners for quiet contemplation
  • Open areas that beckon family gatherings

In Seaton Whitevale, modern living is not just a concept—it’s a tangible reality, enriched by an enduring connection to quality and functionality.

Floorplans and Home Designs

Seaton Whitevale’s architectural diversity offers a vibrant array of floorplans to suit various family sizes and preferences and invites you to explore stunning local landscapes. Whether it’s a bustling household or a tranquil retreat for two, there’s a design that encapsulates the essence of home.

Mattamy Homes has curated a collection that maximizes space and functionality, allowing residents to live without compromise. Choices abound, from detached homes that offer a sanctuary of privacy to townhomes that foster a sense of community.

Each design is a testament to the thoughtful consideration given to every detail, ensuring that the recent living experience is as aesthetically pleasing as it is practical. The homes in Seaton Whitevale encourage residents to envisage a lifestyle that is tailored to their every need, with spaces that are designed to evolve with them.

Traditional and contemporary designs seamlessly blend within the community, providing a visual feast that is as diverse as the residents themselves. The meticulous craftsmanship of each home is evident in the harmonious proportions, the tasteful finishes, and the intuitive layouts that invite natural light and connectivity among living spaces.

In Seaton Whitevale, the home is not just a backdrop to life; it is an active participant in the creation of lifelong memories.

Energy-Efficient Features

Seaton Whitevale distinguishes itself with ENERGY STAR® certified, energy-efficient home built, underscoring their commitment to environmental sustainability and savings. These homes are thoughtfully designed to minimize environmental impact while enhancing the comfort of residents with features that maintain balanced temperatures and reduce drafts.

With the future in mind, Seaton Whitevale homes offer the following features:

  • Net Zero Ready offers the possibility for homeowners to incorporate renewable energy options, such as solar panels, as they become more accessible
  • Validated by third-party engineering consultants to ensure rigorous energy performance standards
  • Includes an energy-efficient Air Source Heat Pump for optimal living conditions year-round

Living in a Net Zero Ready home in Seaton Whitevale means embracing a lifestyle that respects the planet while indulging in the comforts of modern technology. The energy savings and positive environmental impact of residing in such a home are tangible benefits that residents can take pride in.

Seaton Whitevale is not just building homes; it’s fostering a legacy of a more energy-efficient home that future generations will appreciate.

Natural Surroundings and Recreation

Seaton Whitevale’s appeal extends from its architectural wonders to the stunning local landscapes that invite exploration and adventure. The nearby Greenwood Conservation Area offers:

  • A natural sanctuary where Duffins Creek meanders through lush greenery
  • Trails that are a tapestry of smooth and natural paths
  • The Greenwood Conservation Area North Loop offers an easy yet rewarding hiking experience that can be enjoyed throughout the year, especially from April through June.

Residents can reconnect with the earth and flourish naturally in this beautiful area.

For those who find solace in the fairways, Seaton Whitevale does not disappoint. The nearby golf courses, including Whitevale Golf Club, Pickering Golf Club, Fox Run Golf Centre, and Driving Range, offer residents the perfect backdrop for a leisurely weekend game or a competitive round with friends.

When the water calls, the waterfront trails, and marinas present a tranquil escape where one can bask in the sun’s glow or admire the unique aqua tones of winter waters at Duffins Creek.

The natural surroundings of Seaton Whitevale are a treasure trove for the senses, where each day is an opportunity to explore stunning local landscapes and engage with the environment. Whether it’s a family picnic in Grand Valley Park, a serene walk along the beach, or the pursuit of a pollinator garden cared for by local youth, the community offers a canvas for residents to paint their leisure time with vibrant hues of joy and tranquility.

Arts and Culture in Seaton Whitevale

Seaton Whitevale’s rich tapestry of arts and culture encapsulates its soul. At the heart of this cultural hub is the Whitevale Arts & Culture Centre, a gathering place that hosts local artists and invites the community to partake in a variety of creative expressions.

From musical evenings that serenade the stars to winter craft sales that showcase the handiwork of artisans, the Centre is a beacon of inspiration and community spirit.

Special events and activities, such as readings by local authors, ongoing classes and workshops, or the winter craft sale, open doors to new skills and shared experiences. The Centre’s pumpkin carving event is a family favorite, where the laughter of children carving whimsical designs fills the air.

Seaton Whitevale invites residents and visitors alike to immerse themselves in these cultural festivities, fostering a sense of belonging and a celebration of local talent.

The Whitevale Arts & Culture Centre is more than just a venue; it’s a testament to the community’s investment in nurturing the arts and ensuring that they thrive. It’s where the tapestry of Seaton Whitevale is woven with the colorful threads of creativity, where each stitch represents a story, a dream, and an enduring connection to the arts.

Community Amenities and Lifestyle

Seaton Whitevale, a thriving community, boasts a wealth of amenities and a vibrant lifestyle. It offers a welcoming town ambiance where convenience and leisure meet.

The nearby Pickering Town Centre and SmartCentres Pickering cater to shopping aficionados, while family-friendly restaurants dot the neighbourhood, serving up culinary delights to satisfy diverse palates.

At the Whitevale Arts and Culture Centre, the vegetable and pollinator garden, maintained with care by local youth, is a testament to the community’s commitment to sustainability and education. Here, residents can witness the cycle of growth and harvest, learning the value of nurturing the land that, in turn, nourishes them.

Seaton Whitevale offers a neighbourhood rooted in the values of family, wellness, and environmental consciousness. Life in Seaton Whitevale is a tapestry of experiences, with each thread representing an opportunity for personal growth, shared joy, and community engagement.

It’s where the mundane becomes magnificent, and the everyday is elevated to extraordinary. In Seaton Whitevale, the journey of life is not just lived; it’s celebrated with every sunrise and cherished with every sunset.


In the tapestry that is Seaton Whitevale, every thread—from the thoughtfully designed homes and eco-friendly features to the cultural vibrancy and natural beauty—interlaces to form a community that is as dynamic as it is welcoming. This neighbourhood exemplifies the latest living, harmoniously integrated with the tranquility of nature and the richness of local culture.

For those seeking a place that encapsulates the essence of a fulfilled life, Seaton Whitevale is not just a choice; it’s a destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of homes are available in Seaton Whitevale?

In Seaton Whitevale, you can find a variety of single-family homes and freehold townhomes, including 30′, 35′, 36′, and 43′ singles, catering to different family sizes and preferences.

Are the homes in Seaton Whitevale energy-efficient?

Yes, the homes in Seaton Whitevale are energy-efficient as they are ENERGY STAR® certified and Net Zero Ready, meeting strict efficiency standards and allowing for future integration of renewable energy options like solar panels.

What kind of amenities can residents enjoy in Seaton Whitevale?

Residents in Seaton Whitevale can enjoy amenities such as shopping centers, family-friendly restaurants, community gardens, golf courses, conservation areas, and waterfront trails. These facilities provide a diverse range of recreational and leisure activities for residents.

How is the community of Seaton Whitevale connected to the Greater Toronto Area?

Seaton Whitevale is well-connected to the Greater Toronto Area through a network of highways, public transportation, and GO transit, providing easy access for commutes and travel. This connectivity enhances the community’s accessibility and overall convenience for residents and visitors.

What cultural activities are available in Seaton Whitevale?

The Whitevale Arts & Culture Centre in Seaton Whitevale offers a variety of cultural activities, including musical evenings, art exhibits, craft sales, and workshops. It is a focal point for cultural events in the area.

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