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Saxony Glen Community | 16715 32 Avenue Southwest, Edmonton, AB
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Address Saxony Glen Community | 16715 32 Avenue Southwest, Edmonton, AB
City Edmonton Alberta
Neighbourhood Edmonton Alberta
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About Saxony Glen Homes Development

Saxony Glen Homes is a new home development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Lincolnberg Master Builder, located at Saxony Glen Community | 16715 32 Avenue Southwest, Edmonton, AB. Saxony Glen Homes offers a variety of spacious housing styles from single-family houses to convenient townhomes. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • Saxony Glen is a sanctuary community, southwest Edmonton’s newest neighbourhood, offering a variety of housing styles from single-family homes to townhomes, designed with harmonious architectural landscaping and fostering a close-knit community atmosphere.
  • The community boasts convenience and accessibility due to its location in the Windermere area, with nearby shopping, services, and recreational opportunities, ensuring residents can enjoy an amenity-rich and active lifestyle with reduced transit times.
  • The homes in Saxony Glen, particularly those with attached garages, add value and functionality, providing privacy, security, and extra space, while Daytona Homes ensures quality construction and personalized living spaces for every homeowner.

Exploring the Allure of Saxony Glen: A Sanctuary Community in Southwest Edmonton

Saxony Glen is more than just a location with great townhome designs; it’s a sanctuary community that is part of the Windermere neighbourhood, also includes Glenridding Ravine where peace of mind and the warmth of neighbourly connection are as integral to the atmosphere as the ground beneath your feet. As southwest Edmonton’s newest neighbourhood, it marries the tranquility of a sanctuary with the vibrancy of a community, creating an exceptional living experience for its residents.

The diverse range of single-family homes caters to an array of preferences and lifestyles, ensuring that whether you’re a young professional, a growing family, or a retiree, there’s a place for you here in Saxony Glen.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, Saxony Glen stands as a serene haven, boasting thoughtfully designed architectural landscaping that harmonizes with the natural beauty of Southwest Edmonton. The community’s aesthetic is one that cherishes the visual appeal, creating a harmonious living environment that residents of South West Edmonton are proud to call home.

It’s not just about the houses; it’s about crafting a backdrop for life’s most precious moments.

Architectural Landscaping and Design

The essence of Saxony Glen’s architectural landscaping is captured in its logo, a Celtic knot forming a Caim, symbolizing the sanctuary that the community embodies. This emblem is not just a design; it’s a promise of safety, belonging, and a circle of protection that envelops the neighbourhood.

Every tree planted, every pathway curved, and every garden nurtured contributes to the overall tapestry that is Saxony Glen’s landscape, creating focal points that encourage residents to pause, reflect, and appreciate the beauty of their surroundings.

This architectural landscaping extends beyond aesthetics; it is a building experience that resonates with the soul. The green spaces are not mere patches of grass but canvases where memories are painted in the laughter of children playing and neighbours mingling.

The thoughtful planning of these outdoor spaces fosters a sense of community, inviting residents to step out of their homes and into the embrace of Saxony Glen’s natural charm.

Housing Variety and Styles

Saxony Glen offers a canvas for your dream home, presenting a palette of housing options that cater to your unique taste and life stage. With a selection that includes:

  • Front garage single-family homes
  • Laned homes
  • Duplex homes
  • Townhomes

The community ensures that your search criteria for the perfect abode are not just met, but exceeded. Daytona Homes, a name synonymous with quality and personalized service, stands ready to help you tailor your new home to fit your individual lifestyle, design preferences, and budget considerations.

In this amenity-rich neighbourhood, the housing variety is complemented by the promise of an excellent lifestyle. Whether it’s a:

  • single-family home where your children can grow and thrive
  • duplex that marries elegance with efficiency
  • townhome that offers the convenience of a walkable neighbourhood

Saxony Glen ensures that the home community you choose is more than a place to live—it’s a foundation for a lifetime of happiness.

The Convenience of Location: Saxony Glen’s Proximity to City Amenities

Nestled in the coveted Windermere area, Saxony Glen’s strategic location offers residents the perfect blend of suburban serenity and urban convenience. The community’s proximity to the city with clean walking paths and thoughtfully designed architectural landscaping with essential amenities nearby, ensures that everything you need for daily life is just a stone’s throw away.

With quick commutes to significant areas such as the Edmonton International Airport, Premium Outlet Mall, and South Edmonton Common, Saxony Glen homeowners enjoy the freedom to connect with the city and the world beyond at a moment’s notice.

As a great location within southwest Edmonton, Saxony Glen offers:

  • Ease of access
  • Convenience of an amenity-rich neighbourhood
  • Less time spent in transit
  • More time for the moments that matter
  • Gateway to a lifestyle of ease and opportunity

Whether you’re jetting off on a business trip or indulging in retail therapy, Saxony Glen’s location provides extensive walking paths, and oversized parks, stormwater ponds, and greenways serve with the convenience and opportunities you need.

Shopping and Services at Your Doorstep

Imagine a life where the daily conveniences are but a brisk walk away. That’s the reality for Saxony Glen residents, thanks to its inclusion in the Windermere Neighbourhood Plan.

This plan guarantees that shopping and services are always within reach, ensuring that your home community serves not just as a retreat but as a hub for all your needs. The nearby shopping districts of Currents of Windermere, Windermere Crossing, and Windermere South, Windermere Crossing, cater to every whim, offering a spectrum of retail and service experiences just minutes from your doorstep.

Easy access to the Whitemud Creek Ravine Trails and Jagare Ridge Golf CourseThese prominent shopping districts, including the Windermere Shopping Centre, are more than commercial centers; they’re extensions of the community, places where neighbours meet and life’s necessities are conveniently fulfilled.

From grocery stores to boutique shops, from cafes to medical centers, the quick access to such a diverse range of convenient commercial services ensures that Saxony Glen residents can spend less time on errands and more time enjoying the excellent lifestyle amenities of their home community.

Leisure and Recreation Within Reach

Leisure and recreation are the lifeblood of a community, and Saxony Glen pulses with opportunities for both. Here are some of the activities and attractions you can enjoy in the area:

  • Golf aficionados will delight in the nearby courses.
  • Winter sports enthusiasts are mere minutes from the slopes of Rabbit Hill Snow Resort.
  • The Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre and the William Lutsky YMCA stand as bastions of fitness and fun, offering activities for every age and interest.
  • With extensive trail systems like those in Terwillegar Park, which connect to the sprawling Oleskiw River Valley Park, residents are invited to explore the outdoors and embrace Alberta’s natural splendor.

These leisure amenities exemplify the community’s commitment to an active and engaged lifestyle. South Terwillegar Park, along with numerous parks, embodies the spirit of Saxony Glen—a place where life is lived outdoors, laughter echoes in the air, and community ties are strengthened with every shared experience.

This amenity-rich neighbourhood is not just well-connected by roads, but also by the shared joy of active living, ensuring that every resident finds their niche in the great outdoors.

Lifestyle and Connectivity: Embracing Community Living in Saxony Glen

The heartbeat of Saxony Glen is its community. A thoughtfully crafted network of walking paths, parks, and green spaces weaves throughout the neighbourhood, fostering connectivity and encouraging residents to come together in the sanctuary society of Glenridding.

With the Windermere region as its canvas, Saxony Glen paints a portrait of community living that is rich with amenities and ripe for exploration. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll around the central pond, a gathering in the decorative plaza, or an adventure in the nearby Whitemud Creek Ravine, this walkable neighbourhood offers a tapestry of experiences that knit the community tightly together.

This connected environment is not just about physical pathways but also about the emotional bonds formed between neighbours. The extensive network of green spaces in Saxony Glen serves as the community’s lungs, breathing life into every interaction and outdoor enjoyment.

It’s a place where the lines between neighbour and friend blur, where the community is not just a collection of houses but a shared experience, united by the common pursuit of an excellent lifestyle.

Family-Friendly Environment

For families, Saxony Glen is an enclave of nurturing and growth. Educational options abound, with public, Catholic, and private schools all within the family community’s reach, ensuring that every child’s learning journey is well-supported. The neighbourhood is dotted with pocket parks and playgrounds, ready to welcome the joyous sounds of children’s play from the moment the showhomes open their doors.

Designed with the family in mind, Saxony Glen integrates the great outdoors into everyday life, offering amenities like the Whitemud Creek Ravine trails and Jagare Ridge Golf Course right at your doorstep—a natural extension of your backyard.

Convenience is key in this amenity-rich neighbourhood, where educational and recreational amenities are just a short walk away. The family-friendly environment of Saxony Glen ensures that whether it’s a trip to school or a day at the park, the journey is as enjoyable as the destination.

It’s a family community where the safety of walking distance is cherished, and the value of a great location is lived daily.

Greenways and Outdoor Enjoyment

The greenways of Saxony Glen are the veins through which the community’s lifeblood flows. These clean walking paths connect residents not only to each other but also to the natural beauty that surrounds them, including the desirable Glenridding Ravines and the majestic Whitemud Creek Ravine.

The adventure playground and the multi-structure playground, complete with community amenities, are gateways to the extensive trail systems that beckon residents to explore further, to Whitemud Creek and the Saskatchewan River valley. These trails serve as a foundation for an active lifestyle, where the journey on foot or bike is as enriching as the destination.

Community engagement thrives in Saxony Glen, with activities and functions organized by the Greater Windermere Community League fostering a vibrant community spirit. The ‘Snowbank Rink’ is just one example of the recreational opportunities that bring residents together, creating a sense of belonging and shared enjoyment.

The Celtic-themed details and pocket parks throughout Saxony Glen are not just for show; they are integral to the community’s character, enhancing the natural beauty and outdoor enjoyment for all who call this place home.

The Benefits of Modern Home Features: Attached Garage Homes in Saxony Glen

The modern homes of Saxony Glen are not just shelters but sanctuaries, and the attached garage is a cornerstone of this sanctuary. A feature that can add significant value to a property, an attached garage can increase the resale value of a Saxony Glen home by $20,000 to $35,000—a testament to its desirability among buyers.

More than just a monetary benefit, these garages enhance the home’s curb appeal, giving the impression of a larger, more aesthetically pleasing property that complements the modern look of the community.

It’s a feature that marries form and function, providing a seamless and convenient entry into the home and often leading into essential areas like mudrooms that connect to the kitchen, improving the overall flow and functionality of the house.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

The attached garage homes in Saxony Glen provide more than just a space for your car; they offer enhanced privacy and security that are invaluable in today’s world. The design of these homes conceals residents’ movements, granting them the peace of mind that comes with improved privacy.

With the garage serving as a buffer between the street and the home, neighbours, and passersby are less privy to the comings and goings within, ensuring that the sanctuary of the home is preserved. Moreover, the added security of an attached garage means that even in the event of losing one’s keys, homeowners can still access their homes with ease, providing a sense of reassurance and safety.

The security extends to the storage of valuable items like vehicles and tools, which can be safely tucked away in the garage, especially at night.

Extra Space for Storage or Activities

The versatility of attached garages in Saxony Glen homes is unmatched. These spaces serve not only as shelters for vehicles but also as storerooms or workshops, providing the extra space that homeowners often need. Whether it’s for storing seasonal decorations, creating a home gym, or setting up a workshop for your hobbies, the attached garage offers a blank canvas for your activities.

It’s an adaptable space that can evolve with your needs, from a playroom for the kids to a quiet study area, the possibilities are as boundless as your imagination.

Building Your Future: Quality Construction and Personalized Living Spaces

The foundation of any dream home is its construction quality and the ability to make it truly yours. In Saxony Glen, Daytona Homes stands as a beacon of quality, offering new home construction that is both high-quality and energy-efficient, catering to the evolving needs of modern families.

Specializing in building homes that last generations, Daytona Homes understands the importance of site preparation and personalized living spaces, ensuring that each home not only stands the test of time but also reflects the unique personality of its owners. The opportunity to work with such a reputable builder means that your Saxony Glen home is not just a structure; it’s a canvas where your personal style and preferences come to life.


As our journey through Saxony Glen comes to a close, we reflect on the sanctuary society that has unfolded before us—a place where architectural beauty meets functional living, where the convenience of city amenities merges with the tranquility of nature, and where community spirit enhances the quality of life.

Saxony Glen is not just a collection of homes for sale; it’s a vision of living well, a tapestry of experiences woven together to create a neighbourhood that stands out as a beacon of modern living in Southwest Edmonton.

Let the allure of Saxony Glen inspire you, whether you’re seeking a new home, a family-friendly environment, or simply a community that values privacy, security, and connectivity. Here, the dream of a perfect home is not just a possibility but a reality waiting to be discovered.

Embrace the opportunity to build your future in a place where every detail caters to an excellent lifestyle, and every moment is an invitation to live life to the fullest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of homes are available in Saxony Glen?

In Saxony Glen, you can find front garage single-family homes, laned homes, duplex homes, and townhomes, catering to a wide range of preferences and lifestyles.

Are there any recreational amenities close to Saxony Glen?

Yes, there are several recreational amenities close to Saxony Glen, including golf courses, the Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre, extensive trail systems, and a snow resort for winter sports. These amenities provide plenty of options for outdoor activities and leisure.

How does Saxony Glen accommodate family needs?

Saxony Glen accommodates family needs by providing access to a range of educational options and incorporating family-friendly amenities such as pocket parks and playgrounds designed for outdoor activities. This allows families to enjoy a balanced lifestyle within the community.

What are the benefits of having an attached garage in Saxony Glen?

Having an attached garage in Saxony Glen can add value to your home, improve its appearance, provide extra storage or activity space, and enhance privacy and security. It’s a valuable addition to your property.

Can I personalize my home when building with Daytona Homes in Saxony Glen?

Yes, you can personalize your home when building with Daytona Homes in Saxony Glen by tailoring your living spaces to meet your style preferences and functional needs.

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