Reverie Luxury Townhomes

11437 Ontario 26, Collingwood, ON
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Address 11437 Ontario 26, Collingwood, ON
City Collingwood
Neighbourhood Collingwood
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About Reverie Luxury Townhomes Development

Reverie Luxury Townhomes is a new town development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Reid’s Heritage Homes, located at 11437 Ontario 26, Collingwood, ON. Reverie Luxury Townhomes are townhomes where upscale design meets unparalleled amenities. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • Reverie Luxury Townhomes, a community in Collingwood offers exclusive, luxury living with bespoke designs, high-quality construction, and meticulous attention to architectural details, including spacious interiors with high ceilings and natural light.
  • Residents of Reverie enjoy a suite of luxury amenities such as saltwater pools, sports facilities, home theaters, and master bathrooms with smart toilets, bidet functionality, and heated seats, complementing a lifestyle of comfort and indulgence.
  • The townhomes are situated within a vibrant outdoor community in Collingwood, offering access to outdoor recreation such as golf, skiing, and water activities, while the homes themselves are designed for energy efficiency and seamless indoor-outdoor living.

Discover the Essence of Reverie Luxury Townhomes

Nestled in the heart of Collingwood, Reverie Luxury Townhomes offers residents:

  • A beautifully landscaped, luxury-crafted community
  • An exclusive lifestyle, filled with bespoke design and quality construction
  • Thoughtfully designed homes that encapsulate the essence of living amidst your dreams, a seamless blend of luxury and contentment

As you step into the spacious entrance foyer, the immaculate home’s dream of Reverie unfolds. The attention to detail is evident in every corner, creating a vibrant tapestry of tranquility and satisfaction.

From the architectural marvels to the reimagined living spaces, the essence of Reverie is embedded in every element, crafting a luxurious living experience that is both fulfilling and inspiring.

The Vision Behind Reverie

From inception, the vision for Reverie Townhomes was clear – to create a living experience that embodies the tranquility and contentment found in daydreams. These homes are designed for those who yearn for a peaceful retreat amidst life’s hustle and bustle.

They invite you to step into a reverie kingdom, where every moment is a cherished memory, and every day is a dream come true. The tranquility of Reverie extends beyond the physical structures.

t permeates the very air, fostering a state of peace and satisfaction. Within these walls, residents are free to immerse themselves in their daydreams and to live amidst their dreams.

The result is a unique living experience that goes beyond mere luxury, touching the very core of human aspiration. A quiet morning coffee in this serene environment only adds to the overall experience.

Architectural Marvels

Stepping into a Reverie townhome, you are greeted by:

  • A symphony of space and light during star-filled nights
  • Architectural design conceived with meticulous detail
  • Spaciousness and the benefits of natural light

High ceilings, ranging between 10 to 11 feet, enhance the sense of openness and create an ambiance of grandeur.

The spectacle continues with strategically placed floor-to-ceiling windows that invite ample natural light, offering unobstructed views of the surroundings. These triple-layered durable windows not only add to the elegance of the townhomes but also serve a functional role in noise reduction and improving durability.

The unique ceiling windows cross design further enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space, making it an ideal choice for a sales team looking for a luxurious and functional workspace.

Living Spaces Reimagined

The living spaces in Reverie Luxury Townhomes are a testament to modern elegance. Features like slab doors marble countertops and comprehensive smart home systems amplify the luxury quotient while ensuring your comfort.

The seamless living spaces, achieved with aesthetically pleasing concealed hidden doors, enhance the fluidity and elegance of the interiors. But it’s not just about aesthetics.

The garage, for instance, is reimagined as a multifunctional space, equipped with heat and specialized gym flooring to double as a private workout area. The incorporation of energy-efficient fireplaces reflects a commitment to sustainable living, providing both warmth and eco-friendly advantages.

Indulge in Unmatched Amenities

Life at Reverie Luxury Townhomes is not just about the beautiful spaces you call home; it’s about the unparalleled lifestyle that comes with it. Reverie offers an array of unmatched amenities designed to enrich your living experience and cater to your every whim.

Whether you wish to entertain friends or seek solitude, the amenities at Reverie have you covered. Take a dip in the luxurious saltwater pools, which provide a skin-friendly swimming experience with minimal chemical usage.

Or, if you’re a sports enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the exclusive access to on-site sports like golf and tennis, complete with professional coaching options.

Master Bathroom Excellence

The master bathrooms in Reverie Luxury Townhomes are a sanctuary of luxury, featuring a smart home system that includes a master bathroom smart toilet. This advanced toilet offers automatic flushing and integrated UV sanitization to maintain cleanliness and health standards automatically.

Even in low-light conditions, these toilets feature motion-sensing night lights, providing illumination without the need for harsh overhead lights.

The luxury doesn’t stop there. These toilets offer:

  • Heated seat options with adjustable temperature controls, provide a warm and welcoming experience even in cooler climates
  • Bidet functionality with adjustable spray pressure, water temperature, and air dryers for a tailored and enhanced hygiene experience
  • Luxurious teak fold-down seats in the showers, blend safety features with indulgence

Entertainment and Leisure

When it comes to entertainment and leisure, Reverie Luxury Townhomes has got you covered. The homes feature home theaters with high-definition TVs or professional-grade projectors, complete with ambient lighting and gaming setups, offering the pinnacle of home entertainment.

Basements and bonus rooms are designed as multifunctional entertainment hubs, equipped with fully stocked bars, wine cellars, and spaces designed for leisure and socialization. The luxury extends outdoors with innovative pool designs, including wraparound infinity pools that provide both an elegant atmosphere and a tranquil escape.

Open floor plans connect living, dining, and kitchen areas seamlessly, fostering a free-flowing environment for hosting gatherings and enhancing guest interaction.

Exclusive Community Benefits

The benefits of living at Reverie Luxury Townhomes extend beyond the homes themselves. Residents enjoy exclusive community benefits, providing an elevated living experience. One of these benefits includes exclusive access to private golf courses and several prominent ski clubs nearby.

Golf enthusiasts will appreciate the proximity to nearby golf amenities, including Monterra Golf in Blue Mountain Village, Cranberry Golf Course, and Duntroon Highlands Golf.

The Great Outdoors at Your Doorstep

Aside from the luxury within, Reverie Luxury Townhomes are located in Collingwood, one of Canada’s premier outdoor playgrounds. Nestled within a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, residents have easy access to pristine beaches, rugged trails, and scenic beauty right at their doorstep.

From hiking, cycling, and winter sports to unique experiences at Collingwood Harbour, there’s something for every outdoor enthusiast. Beyond the thrill of adventure, Reverie’s residents can experience wellness and relaxation at the nearby Blue Mountain and the Scandinave Spa, offering a perfect blend of adventure and wellness experiences.

The area showcases natural wonders including centuries-old caves, Southern Ontario’s longest suspension footbridge, and breathtaking panoramic views, enhancing the allure of the great outdoors.

Adventure and Relaxation

Adventure and relaxation are at the heart of the Reverie experience. Priority access from indoor and outdoor pools and lounge areas exclusively for residents to private rooftop decks ready for outdoor kitchens and BBQs, the resort-style living experience is evident. Close proximity to natural attractions like lakes offers opportunities for water sports, swimming, kayaking, and serene beachside relaxation.

The townhomes are designed with energy efficiency in mind, being constructed to meet Step Code 4 standards, ensuring they are 40% more energy efficient compared to regular buildings. Moreover, large glass doors and windows ensure a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces, enhancing the opportunity for entertainment and relaxation.

Collingwood’s Charm

Collingwood’s charm is an integral part of the Reverie experience. The harborfront and marina offer a variety of water-based activities such as sailing, windsurfing, and paddling, providing an aesthetically pleasing environment.

The Collingwood Harbour area extends the promise of excitement with activities like wakeboarding, SUP races, and yoga. A selection of spas near Collingwood, including the distinguished Scandinave Spa at Blue Mountain, ensures relaxation is always within reach.

The proximity to downtown Collingwood anchors the living experience in a historic yet upmarket setting, featuring an array of shops, eateries, and theaters that enrich the area’s charm and convenience.

Design That Speaks Volumes

Reverie Luxury Townhomes, a new townhouse built by Reid’s Heritage Homes, is a testament to meticulous design and attention to detail. Each home includes unique features that create a distinctive aura of sophistication and elegance, translating into a sense of luxury and easy living from the moment one enters.

Kingdom Canada’s construction of the Reverie Luxury Townhomes promises:

  • A low-maintenance lifestyle
  • Beautifully landscaped environments
  • Luxury and convenience blend seamlessly
  • Each townhome is a testament to thoughtful design and quality workmanship.

Interiors That Impress

The interiors of Reverie Luxury Townhomes boast high-end fixtures, premium flooring materials, and custom cabinetry that reflect a commitment to superior quality and aesthetic appeal. In addition to beautiful design, these homes are equipped with advanced security systems including deadbolt fingerprint door locks, ensuring both safety and convenience.

Cutting-edge USB outlets are strategically positioned throughout each home for the ultimate convenience of keeping devices charged and ready for use. With Reverie’s focus on every detail, you can be sure that even the smallest elements are designed with your comfort and convenience in mind.

Outdoor Elegance

The elegance of Reverie Luxury Townhomes extends to the outdoors. Each unit is surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and creating a serene atmosphere.

The balconies, adorned with durable finishes and high-quality materials, offer a luxurious private space for residents to enjoy the outdoors. Outdoor entertainment areas are transformed with the addition of built-in barbecues, exterior televisions, and fully equipped kitchens, turning them into sophisticated spaces for social gatherings.

With Reverie, the outdoors is not just a space – it’s a lifestyle.


Living at Reverie Luxury Townhomes is more than just owning a home; it’s an immersion into a lifestyle of luxury, comfort, and elegance. From the meticulously designed interiors and unmatched amenities to the beautiful outdoors at your doorstep and the charm of Collingwood, Reverie promises an elevated living experience that is unparalleled.

Every aspect of Reverie, from the vision behind its creation to the detailing in its design, speaks volumes about the thoughtfulness that has gone into crafting these homes. Easy access to Blue Mountain, private golf courses, and several prominent ski clubs and nearby cities. It’s more than just a place to live; it’s a place to dream, to explore, and to create lasting memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What amenities do Reverie Luxury Townhomes offer?

Reverie Luxury Townhomes offers a range of luxurious amenities, including saltwater pools, smart toilets in master bathrooms, home theaters, multifunctional basements, and exclusive access to Scandinave Spa, private golf courses, and nearby prominent ski clubs.

What outdoor activities are available at Reverie?

At Reverie, you can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, winter sports, and water-based activities at Collingwood Harbour. So, there are plenty of options to explore and stay active.

How secure are Reverie Luxury Townhomes?

Reverie Luxury Townhomes are very secure, with advanced security systems such as deadbolt fingerprint door locks ensuring both safety and convenience.

What unique design features do Reverie Luxury Townhomes have?

Reverie Luxury Townhomes have high-end fixtures, premium flooring materials, custom cabinetry, and advanced USB outlets. The outdoor areas are beautifully landscaped and equipped with luxurious amenities like built-in barbecues and exterior televisions.

Where is Reverie Luxury Townhomes located?

Reverie Luxury Townhomes are located in Collingwood, nestled within a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, offering easy access to beautiful beaches, rugged trails, and scenic beauty.

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