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Montreal’s Real Estate “Boom” Compared to Toronto & Vancouver

As an experienced authority in the Canadian real estate market, I’ve observed the ongoing debate surrounding one of its most pressing topics: real estate. From meeting investor demands to addressing concerns about property prices, transportation, and connectivity, the market navigates a complex landscape.

While Canadian real estate deals may appear pricier compared to other North American cities, cities like Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and Ontario remain highly sought-after for their quality of life and investment potential.

However, amidst opportunities lie challenges. Rising debt levels and interest rates raise concerns about a potential housing bubble burst, echoing past crises like that in the US.

Yet, despite uncertainties, Canada has demonstrated resilience, with recent years witnessing notable price increases in its major cities.

As we continue to navigate this dynamic market, staying informed and adaptable is key. But what lies ahead?

Join me as we explore the latest insights and strategies to thrive in the ever-evolving world of Canadian real estate.

Quick Summary

  • Montreal has seen a significant rise in its real estate market, outpacing Toronto and Vancouver in recent months.
  • Investors are attracted to Montreal’s affordability compared to the higher costs in Toronto and Vancouver.
  • The Montreal Real Estate Board reported an 8% increase in house sales in September compared to the previous year.
  • Montreal’s lower real estate costs and steady appreciation rates provide a comparative advantage over Toronto and Vancouver, which face higher costs and greater market fluctuations.

Canada Real Estate Scenario: Things Change For The Better

montreal real estate marketThe only constant changes. Earlier, Real Estate market has been compensating with changes, but now its pace needs to be comprehended.

In this technology-driven world, people are seen transforming their lifestyles and culture. This tends to hit the sectors of Real Estate hard at times.

The numbers of sales are ever-changing. Yesterday’s hottest Real Estate market is becoming tomorrow’s boring deals. Taking into consideration such a framework, an elevation to the housing market of Canada is the need of the hour.

And Montreal proved to serve Canadians with the desired boom. Yes, it served as a hot cup of tea to the winter-zoned Real Estate market. The newspaper and the internet are continuously fed with the latest trend in the Canadian Estate market, and the reason is Montreal’s boom.

News has surfaced all over the country about Montreal’s spectacular accomplishments. Montreal is back, outpacing other luxurious cities like Toronto and Vancouver. According to SNLR, i.e., Sales to New Listings Ratio, Montreal wears the new helmet of Real Estate top rankings.

Buildings in CanadaThe city has seen an appreciable improvement in the SNLR ratings from previous years. There was a time when Montreal was an underdog in the Real Estate market.

Toronto and Vancouver used to be the first choice for investment in Canada.

However, in recent months, the two cities have experienced a decline in their respective price rates. Steep pricing and increased debts are some of the known reasons.

The fall is minimal, though, which ensures the future stability of the Canadian Real Estate Market.

“Compared to Toronto and Vancouver, Montreal’s real estate market looks enviable—but its rents are shaped by factors other cities can’t replicate.”
– Emma Jacobs, City Lab

Is Montreal The New King In Canada’s Real Estate Market?

House for saleThe question can almost be justified for a big YES. The top websites and sales reports of Canada including CREA and GMREB have declared Montreal as the new hot spot of real estate in Canada [1].

One of the slowest sales of Canada were recorded in the month of August 2013, states the CREA reports. Since then a gradual increase was expected which favourably turned out to be a boom last year.

This year was welcomed with a commendable 8.48% increase compared with the previous one.

The investors were busy pondering over questions like ‘which city will be a perfect Real Estate investment’ meanwhile Montreal was high with growing sales and housing prices. The prices have only seen a hike in the past two years.

Even with the benchmark prices, the results were the same- they rose higher than average. This gives profound reasons why Montreal is the new choice in Real Estate.

There ought to be a couple of reasons for the decrease in value of other Canadian provinces like Toronto and Vancouver.

Such results can be attributed to the ownership systems, proposed reform in the tax system and increments in rates. However, Montreal is believed to grasp the attention and compensate for such losses.

5 Reasons For Montreal’s Sudden Boom

Montreal home sales and pricesWith all the trending news and fame coming at the doorstep of ‘City of Mary,’ i.e. Montreal, the question ‘How’ still sustained.

Canada and other countries are still revolving around the doubts that how has Montreal Real Estate market managed to do exceptionally well.

The principal reason comes along with the tempting architecture and landscape of the city. Montreal is announced as the second largest city of Canada.

It is regarded as one of the most affordable places to invest revenue in real estate. The town even caters to that revenue by offering ample opportunities to generate the same.

According to the July 2009 edition of CMA, Montreal is recognized as one of the most populous cities in Canada spreading its wings around 4259 sq. Km. It is even popularly known as the Cultural Capital of Canada. It has a lot of similar endeavours under its fancy name.

With such varied attributes, undoubtedly Montreal ought to be a boom in the real estate market someday.

Besides outstanding rates, quick sales, and a golden fortune, there are some convincing reasons, too. If you were to talk about in real estate language, the following ideas might give a better overview.

1. The gradual shift from expensive provinces

Affordability is the first thing an investor will look forward to. Cities like Toronto and Vancouver slew in luxury segments and so did the real estate. This distracted the investors, and Montreal’s affordability spoke to them. The relatively affordable rents and house prices attracted buyers to from other expensive metropolitan cities.

2. Low-cost real estate market

saving money in a jarThe consistency of low cost in the real estate market is the debatable reason how Montreal earned the top position in the Canadian market.

Affordability again comes into the picture. Montreal has the cheapest rates of real estate when compared with Toronto and Vancouver.

Unlike these two cities, Montreal real estate even now understands and goes with the people’s income.

One of the most significant achievements with which Montreal stands out among other Canadian countries is its safety from housing disaster. Although the prices are not stagnant, they are still increasing.

When put in numbers, there is a noticeable increase in the prices of real estate of Toronto and Vancouver. According to Better Dwelling, a basic house in costs around $350,000 in Montreal, $766,300 in Toronto and $1,062,100 in Vancouver. Now the changes in % are a lot more shocking than the respective prices.

3. Price transformation

Montreal real estateThe recent price transformation in real estate sectors of Montreal is the reason the city has maintained a hot streak.

According to the Montreal Real Estate Board, the sales of houses grew up to 8% in the month of September compared to the previous year [2].

When visualized graphically from 2006 to mid-2018, the Montreal real estate price change varied the least compared with Toronto and Vancouver.

The typical increase in house interest and debt rates hasn’t much affected Montreal real estate as it did to Toronto and Vancouver. Sales were reported to slow down in these cities. Meanwhile, the city managed to be on a roll.

4. Benchmark price become beneficial

The benchmark explains the average cost of a house in Montreal real estate market. The favorable benchmark prices proved to be a notch over its elevation. The typical properties in Montreal only roam around $200,000 in the recent few years.

In spite of counted as one of the largest city, Montreal presents you with affordable and cheap real estate deals. On the contradictory, Toronto and Vancouver have only met with increasing benchmark rate.

5. Montreal wins the appreciation

Appreciation wins for MontrealThe varying price percentages, ranging from multistory apartments to single suites or double suites, have earned a considerable amount of respect from the contenders and investors in and out of Montreal.

Apartments showed a gradual increase in units around 9.5%.

The one story rose by 0.4%, and two stories decreased by 0.4% The home prices incremented by 5.9%.

The annual change in price for homes in Montreal saw only 1% change as from last year. As per by the latest survey of August 2018, a typical home in Montreal cost $345,600.

These were some of the most reasons to be mentioned for a better understanding of how the real estate market started its fantastic journey.

Why Montreal Wins the Real Estate Game (For Now)

Here at Precondo, we understand that the competitive market will always pose challenges. Not letting them hinder the progress is what an expert practices. Besides, all the statistical data comfort and safety are critical aspects of choosing real estate.

The quality of educational, professional, social and cultural life is one of the justified reasons for a hike in the real estate market of Montreal. It also blends in with the people’s income, making it more possible for its residents to buy their new home.

Toronto and Vancouver have served the Canadian real estate market uplifting the economy and value. The process will continue, and probably the future will see another hot spot in some other Canadian Country.

The necessity is to cope up with the competition, stay updated and always improvise the strategies. Let’s see if Montreal can keep up with this hot streak in the upcoming months or years.



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