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Kings Court Condos Condominiums For Sale


Welcome to a new era of luxurious living at Kings Court Condos, where modern elegance meets historic charm in the heart of Toronto’s King Street East. In this coveted location, you’ll find a perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and style, all wrapped up in a stunning package that offers the best of both worlds. So, are you ready to experience a truly unparalleled lifestyle? Let’s dive in and explore what makes Kings Court Condos so exceptional!

Short Summary

  • Experience luxury living at Kings Court Condos with 332 suites, grand rotunda entrance and restored bank façade.
  • Enjoy a range of amenities such as hot tub, rooftop BBQ deck, fitness center & party room.
  • Located near renowned landmarks and major highways for easy access to public transit options.

Experience Luxury Living at Kings Court Condos

Imagine residing in a stunning 17-storey building with 332 suites, each meticulously designed to provide the utmost in luxury and sophistication. At Kings Court Condos, this dream becomes a reality, as the grand rotunda entrance and restored bank facade create a perfect fusion of modernity and history. This building is located at 230 King Street East and minutes away from Distillery District and the St Lawrence Market.

The elegantly crafted suites range from 400 to 1,000 square feet, accommodating both metric and imperial units preferences, ensuring you have all the space you need to live comfortably.

Step inside one of these spacious suites and instantly notice the attention to detail, from the beautiful hardwood or laminate flooring underfoot to the private balconies that offer a personal sanctuary for relaxation. With such a luxurious environment, every day at Kings Court Condos feels like a special occasion.

Grand Rotunda Entrance and Restored Bank Façade

As you approach Kings Court Condos, the grand rotunda entrance immediately captures your attention. This architectural masterpiece serves as a testament to the building’s rich history, seamlessly blending the past and present in a way that few other residences can boast. Located in the prestigious King Street East neighbourhood, Kings Court is not only an exquisite living space but also a convenient choice for professionals working in the nearby financial district.

The restored bank façade further enhances the building’s charm and elegance, offering a nod to the area’s storied past while ensuring a modernized look that appeals to today’s discerning urban dweller. With such a captivating exterior, Kings Court makes a lasting impression that extends well beyond its doors.

Spacious and Elegant Suites

At Kings Court, the generously sized suites provide ample room for you to live, work, and play in style. Ranging from 400 to 1,000 square feet, these suites cater to a variety of lifestyles and preferences, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for everyone. Whether you’re a busy professional seeking a sleek, modern space or a growing family in need of room to spread out, you’ll find everything you need and more within these luxurious homes.

The elegant suites are further enhanced by the inclusion of hardwood or laminate flooring, adding a touch of warmth and sophistication to each space. Moreover, the private balconies provide a fantastic opportunity for residents to enjoy some fresh air and take in the beautiful cityscape below.

At Kings Court, every suite is designed with your comfort and satisfaction in mind.

Unbeatable Location: King Street East and Nearby Attractions

Nestled in a calm and prestigious neighbourhood on King Street East, Kings Court offers a serene respite from the bustling city while still providing easy access to a wealth of nearby attractions. From the world-renowned St. Lawrence Market to the convenience of an on-site LCBO and Dollarama, everything you need is just a stone’s throw away.

In addition to these retail establishments, Kings Court on King East is surrounded by a diverse array of entertainment options, including the Young People’s Theatre, Canadian Stage, and the Alumnae Theatre Company. With so much to see and do right at your doorstep, there’s never a dull moment when you call Kings Court home.

Calm and Prestigious Neighbourhood

The neighbourhood surrounding Kings Court offers a tranquil oasis amidst the bustling city, providing a relaxed atmosphere that perfectly complements the building’s luxurious offerings. With numerous leisure possibilities and facilities, residents can enjoy a well-rounded lifestyle that caters to their every need.

From picturesque parks such as David Crombie Park, Market Lane Park, and Saint James Park to a variety of nearby dining and shopping options, there’s never a shortage of activities to keep you entertained and engaged. The neighbourhood’s prestigious reputation only adds to the allure of Kings Court, making it the perfect place to call home.

Nearby Buildings and Landmarks

In addition to its calm and prestigious setting, Kings Court is also conveniently situated near some of the city’s most iconic landmarks and buildings. The historic St. Lawrence Market, recognized by both CNN and National Geographic as one of the world’s best markets, is just a short stroll away. Here, you can explore a vast array of food options and even visit the farmer’s market on Saturdays.

Other notable nearby landmarks include the Distillery District, a vibrant hub of arts, culture, and entertainment, and the George Brown College St. James Campus. With such an abundance of attractions in the vicinity, there’s no shortage of ways to immerse yourself in the rich culture and history that make this neighbourhood so unique.

Exceptional Kings Court Amenities

One of the standout features of Kings Court is its exceptional array of Kings Court amenities, designed to provide residents with a truly unparalleled living experience. The amenities include:

  • Relaxing hot tub
  • Rooftop BBQ deck
  • State-of-the-art fitness centre
  • Party room
  • Guest suites

Every aspect of this remarkable residence has been carefully considered to ensure your utmost comfort and enjoyment.

With such an impressive list of amenities at your disposal, it’s easy to see why so many people are eager to call Kings Court home. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day, entertain friends and family, or maintain an active lifestyle, there’s something for everyone within this luxurious community.

Relaxing Hot Tub and Common Rooftop Deck

At Kings Court, the luxurious hot tub offers the perfect opportunity for residents to unwind and recharge after a busy day.

  • Boasting curved floor-to-ceiling windows
  • This inviting amenity provides breathtaking skyline views
  • Sure to leave you feeling both relaxed and rejuvenated.

In addition to the soothing hot tub, residents can also take advantage of the common rooftop deck, which features BBQ facilities for outdoor entertaining and dining. With such a versatile and inviting space at your disposal, hosting unforgettable gatherings with friends and family has never been easier.

Fitness Center, Party Room, and Guest Suites

For those looking to maintain an active lifestyle, the fitness centre at Kings Court offers a well-equipped space to stay in shape. With state-of-the-art equipment and a welcoming atmosphere, it’s easy to make fitness a priority within this luxurious community.

When it comes to entertaining, the party room provides a fantastic venue for hosting events and gatherings. Featuring a full kitchen, bar, and lounge area, this versatile space is perfect for celebrating special occasions with friends and family.

And when it’s time to accommodate overnight guests, the available guest suites offer a comfortable and convenient solution, complete with full kitchens, living areas, and private balconies.

Visitor Parking and Other Conveniences

At Kings Court, the thoughtful design extends beyond the luxurious suites and amenities, with additional conveniences like visitor parking and a 24-hour concierge service. These features ensure that both residents and their guests enjoy a seamless and enjoyable experience from the moment they arrive.

The comprehensive security system at Kings Court includes:

  • 24-hour surveillance
  • Access control
  • Alarm systems
  • Professional security team monitoring

With these measures in place, residents can enjoy a sense of comfort and peace of mind, knowing that their safety and security are a top priority.

Transportation Options for Kings Court Residents

Another major advantage of living at Kings Court is the excellent transportation options available to residents. With easy access to public transit and major highways, commuting throughout the city and beyond is both convenient and efficient.

Whether you prefer to take advantage of the nearby subway stations and streetcar lines or appreciate the proximity to major highways like the Gardiner Expressway and Don Valley Parkway, Kings Court provides a multitude of transportation options to suit your needs.

Public Transit Accessibility

Kings Court is ideally situated near multiple subway stations and streetcar lines, making it a breeze for residents to commute throughout the city using public transit. The benefits of public transit accessibility extend beyond mere convenience, as it allows residents to fully participate in city life and access all that Toronto has to offer with ease.

With such a prime location, it’s no wonder that Kings Court is a popular choice for those seeking a residence with exceptional public transit accessibility. The convenience of being able to hop on a subway or streetcar and explore the city is truly unparalleled, making Kings Court the perfect home base for urban adventurers.

Conveniently Located Near Major Highways

In addition to its excellent public transit options, Kings Court is also conveniently located near major highways such as the Gardiner Expressway and Don Valley Parkway. This prime location allows residents to quickly access other parts of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, making travel to and from the city a breeze.

The combination of public transit accessibility and proximity to major highways ensures that residents of Kings Court can enjoy the best of both worlds when it comes to transportation options. No matter your preferred mode of travel, you’ll find it easy to navigate the city and beyond from this exceptional residence.


Kings Court Condos offers an unparalleled living experience in the heart of Toronto’s King Street East. From the stunning grand rotunda entrance and restored bank façade to the spacious and elegant suites, every detail has been carefully considered to provide residents with a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle.

With exceptional amenities such as a hot tub, rooftop BBQ deck, fitness center, party room, and guest suites, as well as unbeatable public transit access and proximity to major highways, Kings Court truly stands out as an exceptional place to call home. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the ultimate in luxury living at Kings Court – a residence that truly redefines urban sophistication.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size are the suites at Kings Court?

Kings Court offer suites ranging from 400 to 1,000 square feet, giving you plenty of options to find the perfect size for you.

What amenities are available at Kings Court?

This building offers an array of amenities such as a hot tub, rooftop BBQ deck, fitness center, party room and guest suites.

What landmarks are located near Kings Court?

This building is located near popular Toronto attractions such as St. Lawrence Market, Distillery District and George Brown College.

What public transit options are available nearby?

Kings Court are conveniently located near multiple subway stations and streetcar lines, providing easy access to public transit.

This makes it easy for residents to get around the city quickly and conveniently. It also means that they can easily access all the amenities and attractions that the city has to offer.

What security measures are in place at Kings Court?

This building offers top-notch security, featuring 24/7 surveillance, access control, and alarm systems managed by a professional security team.

The security team is highly trained and experienced, ensuring that residents feel safe and secure in their homes. They are available to respond to any security concerns or incidents that may arise.

The security systems are regularly monitored and maintained.