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Fox Field North Community | Saddlerock Avenue, London, ON
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Address Fox Field North Community | Saddlerock Avenue, London, ON
City London
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About Fox Field North Homes Development

Fox Field North Homes is a new home development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Bridlewood Homes, located at Fox Field N Community | Heardcreek Trail, London, ON.Fox Field North Homes are homes that stand out for their emphasis on natural beauty and a wide selection of housing styles. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • Fox Field North is a distinctive community in Northwest, Ontario, Canada that focuses on a unique design philosophy emphasizing the preservation of natural elements, tranquility, and community connection.
  • The community offers a diversity of elegant and diverse home options by esteemed builders with customization services available, ensuring each home is tailored to owner specifications and contemporary design standards.
  • Residents of Fox Field North enjoy a balance of urban convenience and natural beauty with local shops, services, and green living facilitated by parks and open places, though prospective buyers should note the slower creation timelines due to high interest rates.

Exploring Fox Field North: A New Development in Northwest London

Fox Field North is not just another development; it’s a new wave of construction projects that enrich the larger Fox Field community nestled in the tranquil area of Northwest London. The neighbourhood is a testament to a unique design philosophy that respects and incorporates natural elements, creating an ambiance that is both nurturing and inspiring.

Stroll along the quiet streets and walkways that perfectly complement the natural surroundings, and you will feel a strong sense of community with quiet streets that set Fox Field North apart. In this community, quiet streets are a defining feature that residents cherish.

The Appeal of Northwest London Neighbourhoods

What makes Northwest London neighbourhoods so desirable? The tranquility, the sense of community, and, importantly, the ease of access to urban amenities are all part of the allure.

These neighbourhoods offer a quiet residential atmosphere while maintaining the convenience of city amenities at your doorstep – a balance that is truly distinctive. Emerging liveability trends such as access to public transit and green spaces, along with options for homes featuring secondary income suites, further enhance the appeal of these neighbourhoods.

The Northwest London neighbourhoods offer spaces throughout the neighbourhood, including:

  • Access to public transit
  • Green spaces
  • Homes featuring secondary income suites
  • Diverse home types and features

These factors make the northwest London neighbourhood especially desirable.

Design Philosophy: Preserving Natural Features

One of the defining characteristics of Fox Field North is its emphasis on preserving natural features including woodlots. The community’s design incorporates its proximity to the Medway Valley Heritage Forest.

This ensures that residents can enjoy the beauty and tranquility of one of the area’s significant natural landscapes right in their backyard. The community is also closely linked to the region’s history and heritage, thanks to its proximity to the Museum of Ontario Archaeology.

This adds a unique cultural value to Fox Field North, offering residents an additional layer of connection to the region.

The Homes of Fox Field North: Variety and Elegance

Fox Field North is a testament to diversity and elegance when it comes to home design. The community boasts homes built by esteemed builders such as Auburn Homes, Bayhill Homes Ltd., and others who are recognized for their versatile designs ranging from condos to townhouses.

These builders are commended for their commitment to quality, innovation, and contemporary designs. This commitment is reflected in the elegance and diversity of the homes, which are constructed with high-quality materials and detailed craftsmanship.

The homes echo a modern approach to country living, providing both elegance and practical functionality.

Find Your Perfect Fit: Home Types and Features

In Fox Field North, prospective homeowners have an array of home types to choose from, including condos and townhouses. Auburn Homes, for instance, specializes in high-quality one and two-storey townhomes.

Moreover, architectural innovation is a priority, with features like integrating natural materials, maximizing natural light and ventilation, and contemporary designs tailored toward homeowner satisfaction. With builders like Highview Homes, Millstone Homes, Patrick Hazzard Custom Homes,

Perpetually Innovative Homes, Rockmount Homes, and award-winners like Bridlewood and Auburn Homes, the community boasts a range of experts adept at creating diverse, custom home solutions.

Customization Options: Making Your Goal Home a Reality

At Fox Field North, your target home is not just a concept; it’s a reality. Prospective homeowners can avail of custom home-building services from several builders, including:

  • Bayhill Homes Ltd.
  • Millstone Homes
  • Patrick Hazzard Custom Homes
  • Rockmount Homes

These builders focus on tailoring erection to client specifications and desires, ensuring that each home is as unique as its owner, catering to the needs of various home buyers and even offer home buyers personalized solutions.

The builders in the Fox Field North community, many boasting over 25 years of experience, prioritize customer satisfaction and are committed to providing a collaborative and satisfying building experience. They ensure that the homes in Fox Field North are synonymous with enduring value, quality materials, and contemporary designs, fulfilling homeowners’ visions.

Living the Dream: Amenities and Lifestyle at Fox Field North

Living in Fox Field North means having the best of both worlds – urban amenities and natural surroundings. The community provides residents with a lifestyle that appeals to empty nesters and families alike, offering a unique blend of convenience and charm.

Residents in the Foxfield neighbourhood enjoy:

  • Excellent connectivity to other parts of the city and the countryside
  • Convenience combined with the allure of nature
  • A strong sense of community
  • Enriched community life through organized events and fostered neighbourly relationships

Green Living: Parks and Open Spaces

Green living is a way of life in Fox Field North. The community features open green spaces like Foxfield District Park, which serves as a central space for relaxation and recreation, fostering a sense of community and promoting wellness.

Residents can also enjoy serene walking trails along Snake Creek, complementing the recreational spaces of Foxfield District Park. These natural features offer a tranquil environment for residents to unwind, connect with nature, and enjoy the pleasures of green living.

Connectivity and Convenience: Local Shops and Services

One of the key advantages of living in Fox Field North is its prime location, offering city close convenience in London Ontario. Residents enjoy easy access to major shopping districts and downtown London, which is just fifteen minutes away.

The closest commercial area to Foxfield is at the corner of Fanshawe Park and Wonderland Roads, offering a diversity of amenities such as a grocery store, restaurants, a cafe, and retail outlets. Additional shopping amenities are available at the Hyde Park shopping center, notable for its big-box stores and a diverse selection of restaurants.

These local amenities cater to residents’ convenience and enjoyment, making it easy to access essential services along with shopping and dining options.

Building Your Future: Construction and Availability

Building your future in Fox Field North means partnering with a diverse set of builders who share a common vision of quality and elegance. The community features homes by esteemed builders including:

  • Auburn Homes
  • Bayhill Homes Ltd.
  • Bridlewood Townhomes
  • Hazzard Townhomes
  • Hazelwood Townhomes
  • Highview Townhomes
  • Millstone Townhomes
  • Patrick Hazzard Custom Townhomes
  • PI Homes
  • Rockmount Townhomes

However, it’s worth noting that the creation timeline for Fox Field North has been affected by high interest rates, leading to a slower pace of building activities. This underlines the high demand for these homes and the importance of planning your move in advance.

Current Construction Status

Fox Field North is progressing steadily. Foxfield Trails Phase 4, for instance, is complete, reflecting the dedication and efficiency of the developers.

The townhomes in Foxfield Trails Phase 4 are sold out according to the developer Sunlight Heritage Homes, demonstrating the high demand for townhomes in this thriving community. However, permits for building single and semi-detached houses in London have seen a significant decrease, potentially indicating a slowdown in future creation timelines.


In summary, Fox Field North is more than just a new building in Northwest London; it’s a thriving community that harmoniously blends urban amenities with natural surroundings. From a diversity of elegant and functional townhomes, extensive customization options, green spaces, and convenient local shops and services, to a strong sense of community, Fox Field North has it all.

It’s not just about finding a house; it’s about finding a home where you can live your desires in life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of Townhomes are available in Fox Field North?

Fox Field North offers a diversity of home types, including condos and townhouses, built by acclaimed builders known for their versatile designs, such as Auburn Townhomes and Bayhill Homes Ltd.

Are there options for customization in Fox Field North Townhomes?

Yes, there are options for customization in Fox Field North Townhomes, with several builders offering custom home-building services to tailor creation to client specifications and desires.

What amenities are available in Fox Field North?

Fox Field North offers residents easy access to major shopping districts, restaurants, cafes, and retail outlets, as well as green spaces such as Foxfield District Park and walking trails along Snake Creek. These amenities enhance the quality of life in the area.

How has the construction timeline for Fox Field North been affected?

The timeline for Fox Field North has been affected by high interest rates, resulting in a slower pace of building activities.

What is the current construction status of Foxfield Trails Phase 4?

Foxfield Trails Phase 4 is complete, and all houses have been sold out, according to the developer Sunlight Heritage Houses.

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