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Founded in the year 1955, The Minto Group is a real estate company that offers suites, properties, homes and condos of all types. They provide property and investment management as well. With an experience of over 63 years in the construction and real estate industry, their expertise in home building, construction, and property & investment management is immense. Over the vast expanse of more than half a decade, the Minto Group have built over 85000 homes, they manage 8800 rentals and carry 2.5 million square feet of commercial space.


Across Canada and the southern USA, they have over 1100 people working with them. They have specialized units providing the various services offered by them. The Minto Property Operations team have been efficiently managing multi-residential units such as rental homes and apartments, furnished suites and; commercial spaces in Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, and London. The Minto Communities Canada division which is dedicated to constructing high-performing new homes and condos has to its credit over 60,000 and above homes built in Ottawa, Calgary, and the Greater Toronto Areas. They have also marked their signature style homes and condos in the southern USA where they have built more than 25000 homes in Florida.


This very successful construction and real estate group of firms were founded on the bases of strong values and ethics. Their values act as a guiding light in achieving the very goal that’s rooted in their mission. The group has been making their mark and aiming to build better places for everyone. They aim to build a place where people can live, work and play—everything at a single place. The company makes this possible by diversifying their services to the greatest extent. They specialize in Private Investment Management by focusing on superior risk-adjusted returns for the investors across their $2.5 billion portfolio, including proprietary capital as well as private equity funds and managed accounts with institutional partners. On the other hand, the Minto Apartment REIT offers public investment opportunities. The REIT offers an indisputable long-term investment.

The Minto Group’s pre-construction condos are a mark of quality craftsmanship. The firm’s inherent dedication and beautiful workmanship are immediately recognized as soon as one enters the very special Minto home built and handed over to them. The Minto group focuses on building homes and condos that have all the innovative ways. They focus on cutting down on the environmental impact. They believe in presenting the customer with a home that is healthier, more comfortable and more energy efficient. The condominiums developed by Minto group have been designed not just with the infrastructure of the building in mind but with the entire community designed in such a way that the project emerges to be an environment-friendly and energy efficient space for the years to come. The magnificent pre-construction condos available right now in the GTA include the Oak village in 351 Dundas St East, Oakville; Minto Yorkville Park, 88 Cumberland St.; and Minto Westside in 25 Bathurst St. These marvellous creations are built with such expertise and dedication that homeowners would not think twice to buy them. The remarkable amenities of these condominiums are designed to harbour your centralized, social and healthy lifestyle. All this while offering serene, organized sanctuaries for your rest and rejuvenation. One of the upcoming and exciting projects of this group is the Jarvis Street Condos at 295, Jarvis Street, Toronto which is waiting to be launched shortly and expected to be completed in 2023.


The group makes sure that they do not miss out on the important celebrations. The celebration of a new apartment, the pride in owning a first home, or a valuable investment partnership are all events that are very close to the heart. They have also taken active measures to fulfill their corporate social responsibilities by being considerate towards the environment and contributing monetary aid to major societal sectors such as education, sports and recreation, health care and arts.


Speaking of awards, the Minto group has been a proud and deserving recipient of various awards in recognition of their excellence in quality of work and integrity at work. Here are a few of the many awards conferred on the Minto group; the Canadian Homebuilders Association Award in 2018, the FRPO Amenities Award and Customer Service Award of Excellence in 2017, the BILD Green Builder in 2017, the EnerQuality Green Builder in 2015 and many more. A recent feather in their cap has been the 2018 OHBA Project of the year – Low rise award for Glen Agar community in Etobicoke. With their continued dedication to quality, integrity, and innovation, the Minto Group is sure to have its name soaring high in the Canadian construction and real estate industry.

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