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The Madison has been a platform where the innovative techniques are being used for construction and development. The principal executive, Farhad Farahmand, sings in a similar vein stating that the property management, real estate structures, and construction services are met by the amalgamation of outstanding control, talents, and creativity. He is the founder is equipped with the knowledge of modern designs and quality development. The Madison remains competitive following value-based pricing providing high-quality services. They have a fine and wide range of residential and commercial platforms where they deal in various customer groups. The company has been emerging as the growing entity in such a competitive era with falling market stock prices.

They have been running up since two decades now empowering and developing an area of about one million square footage. There are thousands of customer dealings with expert advice on construction and skilled knowledge. They have grown their business in a while with continuous improvement and involvement.

The setting equally opportunities and excellent that brings about warming experience on a formal occasion like a business meet or a residential property owned by a family. It provides for all the services of construction with a wide range of portfolio.

The condo development which is a pre-construction condo is at 2500 Young Street, Toronto which has an outstanding 377 units in it and it is developed by the designs and new innovative techniques by the Madison group.

Another ravishing site is the Nobu residences that is a residential development is safe for the sale and is a pre-construction condo in Toronto. It is found to be located near John St & Mercer St. It has been one of the most innovative residential development set up in Toronto by the Madison situated in the entertainment district. It pre-released in May 2018.

Another condo for sale in the pre-construction developmental design is a masterpiece called 90 Eglington Ave E condos by the Madison. It is again set up in 2018 and is a construction pre-planned and now in process. It has 55 stories and 502 units.

50 Eglinton Ave West Condos is located near Eglinton which stands as the construction where it has been noticed that according to the decisions taken before its pre-construction it would be around 36 stories and 401 units. It is again in its early planning stages, and a lot of the work needs to be planned for its final construction and hold.

The condo which is for a pre-sale development is targeted and is on the verge of launching is 114 Church street condos set up in St Lawrence. It stands as a ravishing site developed by the Madison developers who have maintained its units that would be 567 units with 45 stories. It would be a revelation in the era of development taking place in Toronto leaving behind the viewers in awe! It is still in process, and the whole site would be developed in no time.

Another beautiful site, which is on sale, is the Nobu residences; it is a pre-construction condo which falls under the residential dealings by the Madison group. Launched as an elegant construction, which was launched on May 30th, 2018. It was a grand event attended by grand people and among them were the chef Nobu Matsuhisa, Actor Robert De Niro, and Actor/Producer Meir Teper. The grand event was a great success as the launch won the hearts of millions watching the new construction techniques, which had terrific restaurants and hotels lined up.

The Projects by Madison that are the most recent ones include the following-

11044 Acama St. #204 Studio City CA 91602

This is one of the most loved and attractive sites build with oak floors. The people who visit the area love one of the most refined construction with remodeled features. The master suite is a complete experience with porcelain floors and white cabinets. The bathing room is also attractive with the enlightening mood-spinning atmosphere. There are even additional rooms attached, and this property is necessary to visit.


The one wanting space yet the royal experience of living can visit the Moorpark. With Sherman Oaks, it has been a vivid construction that is ideal for a big family with granite work in the kitchen and rooms. It is a masterpiece for a family that loves a spacious atmosphere.

12000 GOSHEN AVE #205 LOS ANGELES CA 90049

It is again one of the most spacious sites containing the most serene atmosphere with carpets, rugs, the painting styles, and the stonework. It has an enormous entrance with stainless steel fittings.

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