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Fortress Real Development is a development and consulting company that delivers quality and class to neighborhoods in Toronto, Ontario and various cities across Canada. Fortress Real Developments was founded by Jawad Rathore and Vince Petrozza. Together with their company, they have successfully worked on over 80 real estate projects and built 10K housing units. Their impact on the condo scene within Toronto is wide-ranging. With their team, they bring over 75 years’ worth of knowledge and experience to the real estate scene in Canada.


Fortress has been involved with some of the most ambitious real estate developments with a number of builders. They have worked on high-rise condominiums complexes, low rise red-brick residential complexes, industrial constructions, and expansive commercial builds. They have been located in fantastic neighborhoods and have brought a sense of beauty and aesthetics to their environment. Their portfolio is filled with projects spanning diverse types of builds and high-quality interior finish. Sleek, stylistic fittings complement their contemporary buildings. The more elegant and subtle elements are found in their mid-rises. A few of the projects that highlight their portfolio are The Harlowe, built in collaboration with Lamb Development Corporation, The Mark and Mount Joy with Pace Development and Empire Communities, and Union Villas built in partnership with Sunrise Homes.


Fortress is rapidly expanding their reach into Canada’s cities with diverse condominium projects. They are located strategically close to neighborhoods that hold great potential, as well as famous city landmarks. Their projects hold a lot of promise in terms of amenities and expertly-designed interiors. Some of the upcoming developments are Bauhaus with Lamb Development Corp in Toronto, Platform Condos with Sierra Building Group in Toronto, Manors of Mineola with Carlyle Communities, and SkyCity Centre Winnipeg with Edenshaw Developments Ltd. These are in the pre-construction phase at the moment.


Fortress provides many services to its clients and customers. They bring expertise to their clients in the fields of project management, planning, market research, and evaluation. Fortress is involved in brokerage and consulting services. They have partnered with construction firms and developers to exit over 27 projects successfully.  Their expertise in legal, finance and marketing bring value and to Toronto and other provinces in Canada. Fortress provides its service in brokerage and syndicated mortgages. Their real-estate developments are in part funded by their business partners and syndicated mortgages, based on a policy of “high risk-adjusted returns.” With their construction partners as well as their own development projects, they have over $1 billion in land cover and $6 billion in built out units. These constructions have stood for quality and excellence in design and execution. Despite the inflated price and mortgages controversies, the company firmly retains their stance on trustworthy customer relationships and work ethic.


Fortress’ expertise and broad thinking are visible on the exterior and interior of their constructions. Their projects are situated in prime locations, oftentimes in fast-evolving districts in cities all over Canada. They analyze the heritage, culture, and requirements of the neighborhoods they work in, serving to add to the beauty and aesthetic of the surrounding environment. Whether it is the spread-out villas with dignified sloping roofs or the towering, glass finish high-rises, they are renowned in their ability to serve the market. They bring innovation and extraordinary architecture to the streets of Canada. Their all-rounded skill makes them a reliable choice in development and consulting firms for the homeowner and the corporate businessman.


Fortress prides themselves on their selection of neighborhoods and their projects that bring value and worth to their customers. They work with exhaustive analysis of trends in the markets and a sound plan for the development of fantastic communities. Fortress’ experts work on market trends, metrics, evaluation, and planning. They have been actively involved in projects of all kinds and hence have footprints in key markets in the real development scene.


With its vast array of amenities, Fortress has been bringing expertise and fantastic living accommodations to districts all over Canada. They have built everything from prestigious and spacious villa homes to luxurious high-rises. Fortress works on new development projects every year and partners regularly with the biggest builders in the business. They are slowly branching out to places across Canada with an eye on expansion. Their steady growth can be attributed to their diversity in skill and the ability to understand consumer preference. Their projects are worth keeping an eye on for the future.

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