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With an experience of over 40 years, Alterra is known as a developer group working in the GTA which aims to shape the skyline of the whole district. Led by Robert Cooper, the president and the CEO of Alterra, the group envisions an outside-in approach to all their projects. This comes to be an integral part of their developmental process. Additionally, Robert is lauded with the prestigious Home Builder’s Association Lifetime Achievement Award which is certainly a great achievement.


With the initiation of any individual project, the developmental company solely focuses on the outside-in philosophy to understand the surrounding. Before diving into a project, the company ensures that they understand the area in order to define it. By visualizing the client’s view of the desired community, they work hand in hand to develop an elemental result. With a diverse developer range, construction of buildings by Alterra is done with great conviction which aims at improving communities in every possible level. Furthermore, the company utilizes the best resources, materials, and goods from the outside in the process of construction. In order to maintain the highest construction standards, the company never backs down from using the best quality of materials.


Leading with their integrity and sheer dedication to the community, the company has managed to stand apart from the rest. Alterra has successfully created over 5,000 homes with a number of awards based on their condo developments. The company continues to grow and move forward with their vision to shape and create new communities.


The company has been fulfilling age-old dreams of residents for decades. Some of the completed condo developments by Alterra are 36 Hazelton Luxury Condominium, Westwood Condominium, Chateau Parc, and more. There are many new condo developments which are already in the pre-construction stage.


Rush Condo is the next destination within the Fashion District currently under development by Alterra. With the amazing vibrancy of the surrounding area, the location strip has every essential necessity available for residents. With the defining presence of Alterra, this location is on being defined as one of Toronto’s top regeneration areas. Major revamping with the development is bound to bring in new businesses with spacious communal spaces triumphed by the modern development. Residents can explore the trendy and luxurious brands in any direction around the condo development. The Fashion District is very popular with a ton of attractions, and the condo takes full advantage of the easily available amenities. With lavish boutiques, restaurants, and shops, residents are sure to enjoy the vibrant community.


Yet another development initiated by Alterra in Corktown has managed to create a steady buzz in the community. The neighborhood doesn’t shy away from featuring its rich heritage along with its architectural marvels. With the influx of new opportunities backed by blooming businesses, the company has made a mark in the area with its upcoming condo project. Whereas, the Annex and Yorkville condo features a character laden cultural haven. This project is currently under construction in the Yorkville area. With its elegant galleries, shops, museums, and more, the neighborhood is extravagant with the condo development.


With their innovative designs backed up by their expert construction team of professionals, every project by Alterra steers past expectations. The condo developments essentially represent the absolute commitment to excellence towards investors, homebuyers, and their solid future. The developmental company’s success can be linked to the great customer service and satisfaction which makes them stand apart from the rest. With its well-deserved reputation in the industry for developing enlivening communities across the Greater Toronto Area, it manages to rank among the best. The communities established by the company can be explored in many locations in and around Toronto.


In the current stature of the industry, Alterra continues to re-define the concept of urban living with its high standard of construction and expertise. The company aims to construct buildings which are intelligently designed packed with socially inclusive areas that embrace their surroundings. With crafty neighborhoods, the company manages to factor in the history, architectural nature, culture, and character of the location in its developmental process. On their path to build thriving communities, the company leaves no stone unturned while translating their findings into beautiful sky-high. Alterra exercises complete control over the initiation and delivery of the project with attention to every little detail in the process. Essentially, it has managed to earn the trust of homeowners with its expertise and experience. The company hopes to create distinct communities designed for every individual.

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