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7 Best Types of Flooring for a Condo

Having recently updated the flooring in my condo, I’ve come to realize the significance of choosing the appropriate option.

When considering an update to your condo flooring, it’s essential to explore the various options available in the market. Each flooring type comes with its own set of advantages and considerations, ranging from hardwood and laminate to tile and carpet.

Drawing from my personal experience and research, I’ll provide insights to help you make an informed decision that aligns with your aesthetic preferences and lifestyle needs.

Join us as we explore the diverse world of condo flooring, guiding you toward choices that enhance the beauty and functionality of your living space for years to come.

1. Hardwood Floors

Hardwood is made of milled using a single layer of timber. Due to this reason, hardwood flooring stands out from most of the other wood floors. Some of the most popular hardwood flooring varieties are maple, walnut, oak, and hickory [1].

When it comes to hardwood floors, it is highly durable and easy to clean as well. Even when you want to give your condo flooring a new view, you can simply sand to refinish it multiple times. You will always get an earthy feeling and a luxurious look to the condos with hardwood flooring.

Moreover, when you plan on moving out, hardwood floors will surely be a great selling point for your condo. This is because many people find such flooring to be an excellent variety for the suite.

Installing hardwood floors means not having great soundproofing qualities, though. Moreover, hardwood floors are certainly one of the best and most expensive flooring options. The popular areas in the condos for hardwood floors’ mounting are the bedrooms and living room. In some cases, this flooring will give your condo a more rustic feeling, depending on how you coordinate it with your other decorations.

On the other hand, kitchens are not a smart choice for this type as chances of water spillage are more common in the kitchen, shortening its lifespan considerably. Therefore, look into these factors before deciding if hardwood floors suits your needs or not.

2. Cork

Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak. It gives an earthy feeling to the condos and also has some similarities with wooden condo flooring. This option is eco-friendly, and due to that, a lot of people prefer cork flooring over non-natural materials [2].

Moreover, if you live in a moist area or somewhere where there is a scope of a lot of wear, this type would be ideal.

You can always keep the cork floor in great condition as it is easy to clean, and maintenance is easy, too. However, this option can be a little expensive, and if it is not installed properly, there are chances that it will absorb water.

3. Laminate

If you can’t afford hardwood floors, the laminate flooring board is the perfect alternative. It emulates the look perfectly. However, the feel is lacking. The laminate board is not as durable as hardwood flors; it is much better than carpets.

Laminate flooring is an affordable option that provides a well-finished look. Moreover, maintenance is really simple. Even the mounting of laminate flooring is easy. In case you are looking for a soundproof option, you can use it simply for the installation of the floor with an underlay. It is also scratch-resistant.

You can get the laminate flooring board in a variety of color and thickness options to fit the flooring with the rest of the room. However, you should opt for its installation in bathrooms or kitchen since there could be water spillage. You cannot refinish laminate flooring either.

4. Tile Flooring

This is another pricey option on the list. However, it can be a great option if you are looking for flooring for your bathroom or kitchen. It is not sensitive to water and moister, and it is really easy to clean. So, in case of any spillage, you certainly won’t have a headache.

You can even choose tile installation in areas with high-traffic. However, keep it in mind that it does not retain heat well. So, if you live in a region with a colder climate, you should have installation of heating elements under the tiles.

There are a lot of options available when it comes to tile flooring. Moreover, they are resistant to scratches and also highly durable. You can get it in materials such as porcelain, slate, granite, marble, and travertine.

Another drawback of glazed ceramic tile is that it can be loud to walk on, and it echoes also. Moreover, if there is damage to the tile, it will be almost impossible to repair it. So, you might have to get a replacement.

5. Engineered Wood

This type of flooring is manufactured using veneers of wood. Engineered wood is made by binding these woods with adhesive to make a composite plank. One of the perks of engineered wood is that it can be manufactured in longer widths and lengths, which is not possible with hardwood ones either.

In fact, because of this layered system, this flooring is more stable than solid wood. Whenever there are temperature changes or humidity, engineered hardwood will not be affected as much.

You can mount engineered wood anywhere around the condo suites and even in bathrooms. The process of mounting locks the planks, and therefore, there are no gaps for water or moisture to enter.

In fact, engineered wood feels warm and soft on the feet. It has a decent life as well if its installation is done properly without leaving any gaps. You can also refinish this type of flooring. There are multiple types of woods and hues to select. You can also paint it to match to look at your home.

Engineered wood darkens with age, and it is susceptible to water damage. So, if there is any spillage, you will have to clean it immediately.

6. Carpet

When looking for elegant floor coverings, carpeting is a smart choice too. It is available in a variety of colors. There are different styles of carpeting available, too, each having a different finish and appeal.

The main feature of this type of floor covering is that it makes the space look warm and cozy. Generally, its installation is done in luxurious interior areas of the condos like bedrooms or the living room. On the other hand, people do not prefer to have carpeting in doorways, kitchens, or bathrooms.

This is because if installed at these places, it would get dirty and worn out easily. The main reason behind it is the traffic in these areas of the house. Also, the carpet absorbs water. Therefore, using this alternative for the bathroom flooring does not make much sense.

The best part about it is that it is highly soft and gives a sophisticated look to the room as well. It helps in the prevention of echoing in the condos as it is quiet to walk on. The mounting procedure of carpeting is pretty simple and is not very time consuming either. Moreover, you can easily mount it in the region with uneven subfloors as well.

One thing to look out for when it comes to carpet flooring is the cost factor. Depending on the quality that you choose, the price for this one can vary. Generally, standard carpeting as well as padding costs somewhere between the range of $2 and $5 for one sq ft.

Also, in case you have little kids or pets in the condominium, carpet tends to get stained easily. Therefore, avoid it in such cases or be extra careful with it. There are chances that the dirt doesn’t come out easily even after thorough vacuum cleaning in case of carpeting.

Thus, avoiding it in heavy-traffic areas is a wise choice. Carpets are durable and, thus, are an excellent alternative.

7. Concrete floors

Concrete floring is becoming a popular choice these days. This is because concrete floors work best as both structural ones as well as well-finished ones. Moreover, the reason that the city designers are recommending concrete flooring is that it is an efficient and cost-effective flooring solution, and the overall surface has a decent appeal and view.

There are quite a few designs and styles available in concrete floors. There are painted options, acid-stained ones, radiant floors, etc. available in a vast range of colors that look good in floorings.

The concrete flooring is also called cement flooring. However, that does not mean that it is a boring looking flooring idea. Nowadays, there are simply so many hues, textures, patterns, and cuts that are available that you will get confused as to which one to pick. In fact, they add a new dimension to the look of the space.

Also, at the same time, bring a traditional touch to it too. This type of flooring is durable too. Also, concrete floors are easy to maintain, as well. They are environment-friendly and quite versatile too. Also, it becomes easy to mount a newer type of flooring at a later point in time.

One thing to understand here is that this type of flooring is relatively harder. Therefore, for some, it can get a little uncomfortable after a few years. Also, concrete tends to retain moisture if the sealing is not done efficiently. Price-wise, concrete is a great choice as it is not expensive to install.

This type of flooring can work well for all types of spaces in the condo, especially when staining concrete floors.

Best Flooring for Your Condo

Most of the flooring ideas shared in this blog are not ‘DIY’ type of tasks. Instead, if you wish to make your condo look more aesthetic and want the flooring to last, go for professional options. Get in touch with the right professionals who can help you in mounting the type of flooring that you desire.

The different types of flooring ideas discussed above are all popular picks in the Toronto housing market. The people opt for the one that suits them the most. You can also look through these different flooring types and weigh the pros and cons properly for each one.

Look into how durable each one is and whether it suits your condo unit or not. Therefore, search for the right type of flooring for your space, and once you are sure of it, proceed further to get it done.

Also, do not neglect the cost factor at any point as it a crucial one. The decision to pick the right flooring for the condo suite after all the research can be a little confusing as well. This is because all the different types require different types of care as well as expenses. Moreover, how durable is each type, and how is the quality of it?

After all, you won this real estate property. Therefore, you should have everything perfect and as per your liking for your unit.

Condos are living spaces that are homes, and thus, a lot of sentiments are attached to them. This is the reason that condo owners are very particular about these different specifications related to the units. Therefore, be wise while making any decision related to your real estate property and enjoy a happy lifestyle.

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