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Last Updated On: October 14, 2022

The Best Apps for Real Estate Agents, Brokers, and Homebuyers

The properties that the clients are interested in are often easier to track and hunt, buying what piques the interest best. But the agents that direct the clients towards the relevant properties are under the tremendous burden of managing and accessing.

These agents are responsible for faxing, running after clients, tracking the owners, and finally, signing the deals. The infiltration of applications, however, has made the job has been made easier for various industries, including the real estate industry.

For a real estate agent, there are two main challenges:

  • Client hopping: It isn’t as simple as it sounds like. No matter how old have you been in your business, it always requires a massive effort to keep finding new clients.
  • Finding the right properties: Finding the right investment opportunities in the area and meeting the client’s requirements is yet another challenge aspect.

So, let’s have a look at a few apps that can help real estate agents overcome the challenges they face:

1. Zillow Premier Agent

Zillo AppThis particular smart agent is just what you want to help you locate the kind of properties that you wish to see and own. With this innovative application, it directs the use of the agents into a clear path (1).

All you have to do is make an account and list the relevant properties.

Then, the customers will come to you without any necessary promotion be carried out. An additional advantage that concerns this application is the fact that if a buyer from Zillow or Trulia (under the ownership of Zillow) contacts you, you have a chance of getting full commission.

Please check this video below to learn more how you can maximize your Zillow Premiere account.

2. Google Maps

Google MapsAs a real estate agent, Google Maps falls in your ‘must-have’ apps collection. There are various ways in which Google Maps can assist you with your business. You can quickly locate a particular property to navigate your clients through.

Moreover, the reviews on Google maps help you find deciding whether or not a property should be made in your list of potentials that you can show to your clients (2).

You can also assess nearby landmarks, traffic situation, public transport situation so you can list out your selling points better in front of your clients. It also lists some establishments that could attract your clients’ attention. You could do some research on these locations to have a better means of selling the property’s benefits.

Google will soon be the single most important piece of content for the real estate agent’s digital footprint. – Inman Content Studio,

3. Sitegeist

SitegeistWith people that are involved in buying the properties, various individuals wish to know additional facts about the neighborhood rather than the house itself. Well, this makes sense too, as they are the people that these individuals will have to spend time with.

Hence, you need an application that lays out the pros and cons of each neighborhood so you can present them accordingly to your clients. With Sitegeist, this process becomes more manageable. It has hundreds of neighborhoods and thousands of properties that you can choose from all over Canada.

Sitegiest offers a platform where it provides additional information about the surrounding area. This information includes average age of residents that inhabit the area, political contributions to the neighborhood, average temperature, commuting trends, etc.

4. Showing Suite

Showing SuiteWhen being bombarded with various clients about their respective properties, it is often hard to track the data that is offered by the clients. The schedule becomes busy, and the agent becomes prone towards losing valuable new customers.

But with the hectic routine, it becomes hard to gather all the customers’ data and files. For such a situation to tackle, the showing suite is here to save your day.

With each listing, the agent will be able to accommodate the relevant pictures, videos, and buyer’s information. Furthermore, individual notes and other relevant details direct the agents to compile reports efficiently for the sellers.

5. Vert

vert AppThis particular application is of extensive use. It is a converter. Agents often have to suffer from the conversion of lengths and breadths that the sellers request to know. These conversions can be hard to come by without any authentic converter insight. Hence, the Vert offers additional use with its extensive services by converting length, breadth, weight, and volume.

With its efficient and comprehensive services, you can also save currency which may be useful in directing the foreign investors or sellers with the locals of the industry.

The Vert may not be an appropriate option in terms of sight, but when it comes to agents, this simplified tool can offer great use.

Final Words

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