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46 Main Street Markham North, Markham, ON
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Address 46 Main Street Markham North, Markham, ON
City Markham
Neighbourhood Markham
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About 46 On Main Condos Development

46 On Main Condos is a new condo development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Eringate Homes, located at 46 Main St Markham N, Markham, ON. 46 On Main Condos are modern luxury meets historical vibrance and the top choice for discerning homeowners. This project’s estimated completion date is in 2025.

Key Takeaways

  • 46 on Main Condos in Markham intertwines luxurious modern living with historic charm, offering state-of-the-art digital integration and anticipatory excitement for its preconstruction start, setting a new standard for condo communities.
  • Residents of 46 on Main Condos benefit from its prime location in Markham’s historic core, providing unmatched accessibility and convenience with local cultural, shopping, and nature spots, as well as easy commuting options to downtown Toronto.
  • The suites at 46 on Main Condos prioritize architectural excellence with high-quality finishes including 8.5-foot ceilings, designer kitchens, and lavish bathrooms, extending luxurious living with private balconies and conscientious security features.

Exploring 46 on Main Condos

Nestled within the vibrant tapestry of Markham’s historic core, 46 on Main Condos emerges as a beacon of modern luxury. This new condo development is not just another building; it’s a carefully crafted community of 61 premium units, each designed to foster an elite standard of living.

The architects at 46 Main Street Markham have woven contemporary design with the threads of history, creating a place where the past is honoured and the future is embraced.

Residents of these desirable suites are privy to an extraordinary lifestyle, one that is marked by:

  • Inspiring design
  • Deluxe amenities
  • The flat off-white paint that brushes the walls, chosen from the builder’s standard samples

This condo community is setting a new benchmark for luxury living.

The digital integration doesn’t end with the cooling pre-wired telephone lines. The new condo society has embraced the future with a digitized neighbourhood guide, ensuring that residents are seamlessly connected to the pulse of main street life, from the latest events to insider tips on local hotspots.

As the construction status progresses, anticipation builds for the completion of this new condo development. The preconstruction construction start date has been eagerly marked by many, for 46 on Main Condos is not just a place to live—it’s a lifestyle waiting to be discovered.

The Heart of Markham: Location Highlights

The allure of 46 on Main Condos is greatly enhanced by its enviable position in the heart of Markham’s historic core. Situated amidst the historic city centre, the main condos located here offer a living experience steeped in culture and convenience.

From the charming facades of local museums and art galleries to the storied streets that echo a rich heritage, residents are immersed in the soul of the city.

Connectivity is paramount in modern living, and here at 46 Main Street Markham, residents enjoy unparalleled access to major highways. Just minutes from Varley Art Gallery, a short walk to the Markham GO Station connects you to downtown Toronto in under an hour, while highways 407 and 404 offer swift journeys to destinations further afield.

Whether it’s a commute to the office or a weekend getaway, your journey begins at the threshold of convenience. Beyond the threshold, a plethora of entertainment and leisure options await.

The new condo society enjoys close proximity to unique shops, cozy cafes, and restaurants serving up culinary delights. For those seeking tranquillity amidst nature, Tannery Pond and Rouge National Urban Park offer serene escapes just minutes away.

Shopping enthusiasts will revel in the ease of access to CF Markville and Pacific Mall, where luxury and retail therapy go hand in hand. These shopping destinations, along with the nearby Markham Stouffville Hospital and a selection of renowned schools, underscore the convenience that 46 on Main offers its residents.

Markham’s historic core 46 is more than just a location; it’s the heartbeat of a thriving urban community. Here, nestled in Markham’s historic district, the main condos stand as a testament to the perfect melding of accessibility, heritage, and modern sophistication, all within proximity to heritage sites and historical landmarks.

Architectural Excellence & Suite Features

Each suite at 46 on Main Condos is a masterpiece of architectural excellence, where stunning design meets meticulous attention to detail. The suite interiors boast 8.5-foot ceilings that rise above, paired with a selection of laminate flooring, a master ensuite that lays the foundation for grandeur and elegance, a living room light fixture, ever-style hardware, cable outlet, lever-style hardware throughout, and rooftop terrace lockers.

These spaces are not simply areas to dwell, but canvases for residents to create their own stories of luxury living.

The heart of any home is its kitchen, and at 46 on Main, the culinary spaces are nothing short of a chef’s dream. The kitchens are:

  • Custom-designed and appointed with designer cabinetry
  • Feature quartz countertops that are as durable as they are beautiful
  • Coupled with a suite of stainless steel appliances

These kitchens are both a joy to cook in and a centerpiece for social gatherings.

Moving from the culinary spaces to the sanctuaries of cleanliness, the bathrooms at 46 on Main as per plans Pressure pressure-balanced valves on all showers, and Privacy locks on all bathroom doors are designed to be personal retreats. Each bathroom features:

  • Quartz vanity countertops
  • Undermount sinks
  • Frameless glass shower doors
  • Water-efficient toilets
  • Deadbolt lock
  • Contemporary water-efficient toilet Choice of tile in all bathrooms selected

These features marry functional design with a touch of luxury and add a sustainable edge to the modern conveniences on offer, including contemporary interior doors.

The balconies extend the living spaces outdoors, designed with glass sliding patio doors and vertical square pickets that frame the view without obstruction. These private oases are equipped with an exterior electrical outlet, providing the perfect setting for a morning coffee or an evening of stargazing.

At the forefront of these luxurious amenities is the residents’ security. From fire-rated entry doors with deadbolt locks and viewers to energy-efficient LED lighting, each feature in the suite has been selected from builder’s standard samples with care and consideration for the well-being of those who call 46 on Main Home.

The suite features at 46 on Main Condos are a testament to a unique lifestyle that blends the practical with the palatial. Here, every element has been thoughtfully curated to ensure that residents experience daily life in the lap of luxury.

Amenity Spaces Designed for Luxury

The experience of living at 46 on Main Condos is elevated by the boutique living experiences available to each resident. As an integral part of this new condo development, the luxurious amenities have been designed with an urban community in mind, inviting residents to indulge in a lifestyle that is both modern and timeless.

Just steps from your door, artisanal food and drink options beckon. Residents need not venture far to enjoy a gourmet meal or a finely crafted cocktail, with these contemporary comforts nestled within the very fabric of the condo society.

These amenities are more than mere conveniences; they are integral to the unique lifestyle promised at 46 on Main. Some of the amenities include:

  • Rooftop terrace with skyline views
  • Lockers for additional storage
  • Fitness center
  • Community lounge
  • On-site parking

Every detail has been considered to enrich the daily lives of residents in this urban community inspired setting.

The luxury of these spaces is not confined to their physical attributes; it is woven into the very spirit of the community. Here, modern living is redefined, with 46 main infusing each moment with a sense of sophistication and ease.

At 46 on Main Condos, the amenity spaces are not just parts of a building—they are extensions of the home, designed for those who seek the exceptional in every aspect of their lives.


46 on Main Condos stands as a paragon of luxury living, where every detail has been crafted with the utmost care to offer residents an experience that is both grand and intimate. From the prime location in Markham’s historic district to the stunning suite designs and world-class amenities, this new condo society promises a life of elegance and convenience.

Let the allure of 46 on Main Condos inspire your next move. It’s more than a residence; it’s a statement of style and a reflection of the life you choose to lead. Embrace the charm, embrace the sophistication, and make your home at Markham’s premier address.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes 46 on Main Condos a unique living experience in Markham?

46 on Main Condos provides a unique living experience in Markham due to its blend of modern luxury and historical charm, limited premium units, inspiring design, deluxe amenities, and a prime location in the historic district. The condo offers stellar connectivity and local culture.

Are there any exclusive amenities for residents at 46 on Main Condos?

Yes, residents at 46 on Main Condos can enjoy exclusive luxury amenities such as artisanal food and drink options, and a variety of other upscale facilities integrated into the condo place.

How is the connectivity for 46 on Main Condo residents?

Residents of 46 on Main Condo have easy access to downtown Toronto and other destinations within the region, as the condos are located near major highways and the Markham GO Station.

What are some of the design features of the suites at 46 on Main Condos?

The suites at 46 on Main Condos feature 8.5-foot ceilings, custom-designed kitchens with quartz countertops, luxurious bathrooms with frameless glass shower doors, and thoughtfully designed balconies with glass sliding doors, providing a luxurious and modern living experience.

What security features are included in the suites at 46 on Main Condos?

The suites at 46 on Main Condos feature steel-insulated front doors with deadbolt locks and viewers, offering enhanced safety for residents.

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