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325 Burnhamthorpe Road West, Mississauga, ON
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Address 325 Burnhamthorpe Road West, Mississauga, ON
City Mississauga
Neighbourhood Mississauga
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About 325 Burnhamthorpe Road West Condo Development

325 Burnhamthorpe Road West Condo is a new condo development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by HBNG Holborn Group, located at 325 Burnhamthorpe Road West, Mississauga, ON. 325 Burnhamthorpe Road West Condo featuring five high-rise towers merging modern aesthetics with ecological sustainability.

This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • The 325 Burnhamthorpe Road West condo development in Mississauga is a major project featuring five high-rise towers designed by Turner Fleischer Architects, merging modern aesthetics with ecological sustainability.
  • The residential complex in Ontario offers 3,523 units with luxury amenities including a concierge service, pet spa, and extensive indoor and outdoor spaces, and is strategically located near Square One Shopping Centre and key cultural landmarks.
  • RGF Developments, a division of HBNG Holborn Group, oversees the project, which boasts excellent connectivity via major highways, MiWay and GO Transit, and the future Hurontario LRT, enhancing accessibility for residents.

Project Overview

Nestled above the rejuvenated YMCA facility, the new condos at 325 Burnhamthorpe Rd West in Ontario, are a beacon of allure in the Mississauga skyline. Spanning approximately 18,200 square meters, this development isn’t just expansive; it’s a microcosm of the city’s ambition and growth.

The recent $84 million makeover of the Square One Shopping Centre, featuring luxury retailers and modern amenities, positions residents at the nexus of retail indulgence and residential comfort.

Location Highlights

Flourishing at the northeast corner of Burnhamthorpe Rd W in Ontario, Canada, and Confederation Parkway, the condos are perfectly situated south of City Centre Drive, in the pulsating heart of the Square One area. What does this mean for prospective homeowners? A life where the best shopping centre options, cultural landmarks, and city conveniences are just a short stroll away.

Unquestionably, the location blends strategy with vibrancy, featuring floor plans designed to optimize not only scenic views but also the fundamental essence of urban interconnectivity.

Architectural Design

Conceived by the esteemed Turner Fleischer Architects, the development seamlessly marries modern aesthetics with ecological consciousness. Each of the five high-rise towers, scaling from 52 to 65 storeys, is a testament to innovative architecture and sustainable living.

The project, recognized for its forward-thinking design, invites you to register your interest and be part of a community that values both form and function.

Community and Amenities

Beyond the doors of the new condos, a world of luxury awaits, with 2,937 square meters of retail space and a generous 8,660 square meters dedicated to both indoor and outdoor amenities. The dual podiums with ground-floor stores elevate not just the skyline but also the living standards of its residents.

The community’s strategic location near premium shopping venues, entertainment hotspots, and educational institutions forms a cornerstone of the development’s enduring appeal, rather than a mere advantage. Short access to other nearby cities.

Residential Units

With a grand total of 3,523 residential units spread across the five towers, the West condos cater to a diverse range of lifestyles and preferences. From the bustling young professional to the serene downsizer, the meticulously designed floor plans accommodate every phase of urban life.

This is the intersection of the bustling life in the Square One neighbourhood and the serenity of a meticulously planned home.

Luxury Amenities

Indulge in the opulence of 8,660 square meters of amenity space, where every moment is an experience in luxury. From a world-class concierge service to a pet spa that pampers your furry friends, the new condos are designed to nurture both mind and body.

Here, sustainable living and a balanced lifestyle aren’t just buzzwords – they form the bedrock of your future residence.

Nearby Attractions

Step outside and the city’s cultural tapestry unfolds before you. Within walking distance, you will find the Mississauga City Centre, which includes:

  • The Living Arts Centre
  • The Art Gallery of Mississauga
  • Sheridan College Hazel McCallion
  • Mississauga Celebration Square

These attractions offer a rich array of performances, exhibits, innovation, learning, and events to enrich your urban experience.

Developer Profile: RGF Developments

Steering this ambitious project is RGF Developments, a division of the esteemed HBNG Holborn Group. They specialize in connecting investors with significant real estate projects across Canada, not merely erecting structures, but sculpting communities.

Their portfolio, spanning residential to commercial developments, reflects a commitment to quality and innovation that residents of 325 Burnhamthorpe Road West in Ontario also known as 325 Burnhamthorpe Rd W, can trust.

Company Background

Boasting over three decades of industry experience, the HBNG Holborn Group has established itself as a stalwart in the realm of real estate development. Under the leadership of Wayne Garrett, the company’s expansion and efficiency gains have been nothing short of remarkable.

As the first president, Garrett’s vision has propelled the company’s portfolio, featuring a diverse range of properties that underscore its strong foundation and future-forward approach.

Notable Projects

RGF Developments’ investment prowess is evident in their portfolio, showcasing landmarks like The Pemberton and CityPointe Heights. These towering structures, set to grace Toronto and Brampton’s skylines, are more than just condos; they are vertical communities designed for the urban dweller. With completion dates on the horizon, these projects stand as a testament to the developer’s dedication to excellence.

Transportation and Accessibility

At 325 Burnhamthorpe Road West in Ontario, connectivity reigns supreme. Residents enjoy an array of transit options, including MiWay and GO Transit, as well as the upcoming Hurontario LRT. Direct access to major highways like the 401 and the QEW ensures that whether you’re headed to Pearson Airport or downtown Toronto, your journey is effortless.

Proximity to Transit Hubs

The convenience of living near the Cooksville Mobility Hub and the Square One City Centre Transit Terminal cannot be overstated. With twenty-one MiWay bus routes crisscrossing the city and connecting residents to employment hubs and the Toronto-Waterloo Innovation Corridor, accessibility is simply unparalleled.

Not to mention, the MI Milton rail line is a short distance away, providing yet another layer of connectivity for those who frequent the downtown core.

Future Hurontario LRT

The anticipation for the future Hurontario LRT is palpable, as its expected completion in 2024-2025 promises to revolutionize travel in Mississauga. This new transit artery will not only reduce travel time but also alleviate traffic congestion, knitting together Mississauga and Brampton with seamless efficiency.

Featuring 19 stops and peak-hour trains every five minutes, the LRT will become the lifeblood of the community, offering residents at 325 Burnhamthorpe Road West a ticket to the future of urban transit with its frequent local service.

Road Access

Queen Elizabeth Way is more than a highway; it’s a gateway to the Greater Toronto Area, and residents of 325 Burnhamthorpe Road West have direct access. Whether it’s a spontaneous trip to downtown Mississauga or a planned visit to the lakeshore, the convenience of road west access ensures you’re always in the driver’s seat of your own adventure.

Lifestyle and Convenience

Experience the pinnacle of urban living where every convenience is merely a stone’s throw away. The 325 Burnhamthorpe Road West condo situates residents in a vibrant locale brimming with shopping centers, dining options, and an array of services.

With high Walk, Transit, and Bike Scores, the development captures the true essence of a lifestyle designed for ease and enjoyment.

Shopping and Dining

The proximate Square One Shopping Centre serves as a retail haven, boasting a wide selection of luxury stores and a diverse range of dining options to satisfy all taste buds. Following its multimillion-dollar renovation, it stands as a beacon of world-class shopping, drawing both locals and visitors alike.

And when the shopping bags are heavy, residents can turn to the organic and natural delights of Whole Foods Market, ensuring that both retail therapy and healthy living are just around the corner.

Education and Schools

The intellectual heartbeat of the area is undoubtedly Sheridan College, which, along with Mohawk College Mississauga Campus, anchors the neighbourhood’s educational landscape. These institutions are not only accessible but are also known for fostering innovation and creativity, making this an ideal location for students and academically inclined families.

The array of public schools, including Elm Drive Public School, in the vicinity further underscores the area’s commitment to educational excellence, offering a learning environment that is as diverse as it is enriching.

Recreation and Leisure

Recreation and leisure form the bedrock of the lifestyle proposition at 325 Burnhamthorpe Road West. Confederation Parkway offers a sanctuary for outdoor enthusiasts, providing trails for walking and cycling amidst the urban backdrop.

Additionally, Parkways West Shopping Centre is conveniently located nearby for all your shopping needs. For those seeking cultural enrichment, the nearby Art Gallery of Mississauga offers a dynamic roster of exhibitions and programs that inspire and engage.

Environmental and Sustainability Features

At 325 Burnhamthorpe Road West, sustainability isn’t relegated to an afterthought – it is a cornerstone of the development philosophy. The development’s commitment to the environment is evident through its incorporation of green spaces, energy-efficient systems, and advanced water management systems, ensuring that residents can enjoy a greener future.

Green Building Practices

Adhering to the highest standards of sustainability, the construction of the new condos integrates green building practices that minimize environmental impact. The use of high-performance insulation, double-glazed windows, and low-VOC materials all contribute to the project’s eco-friendly blueprint.

Moreover, cutting-edge HVAC systems and water conservation measures like rainwater harvesting position the development as a paragon of sustainable urban living.

Sustainable Living

The principle of sustainable living resonates throughout all facets of the 325 Burnhamthorpe Road West development. From community gardens that foster a connection with nature to comprehensive waste management systems that encourage recycling, residents are empowered to lead environmentally conscious lives.

The emphasis on bicycle storage and sharing programs further cements the community’s dedication to green transportation and a sustainable lifestyle.


We have journeyed through the sophisticated tapestry of 325 Burnhamthorpe Road West in Ontario, Canada, where every facet of modern living is woven with luxury, accessibility, and sustainability. This development isn’t just a place to reside; it’s a space to thrive, surrounded by culture, education, and nature. As we look to the future, 325 Burnhamthorpe Road West stands as a shining example of what it means to live well in today’s world, promising an unmatched urban experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of residential units are available at 325 Burnhamthorpe Road West?

325 Burnhamthorpe Road West offers 3,523 residential units across five high-rise towers, catering to a diverse range of residents including downsizers, young professionals, families, and students. The variety of floor plans makes it suitable for modern living for different types of occupants.

Are there any cultural attractions near 325 Burnhamthorpe Road West?

Yes, there are cultural attractions within walking distance of 325 Burnhamthorpe Road West, including the Living Arts Centre, Art Gallery of Mississauga, and Sheridan College Hazel McCallion.

What makes this development environmentally sustainable?

This development is environmentally sustainable due to features such as green spaces, energy-efficient lighting, smart thermostats, high-performance insulation, double-glazed windows, low-VOC materials, and advanced water management systems, all aimed at reducing the environmental footprint. These features make it a sustainable development.

How does the future Hurontario LRT benefit residents of 325 Burnhamthorpe Road West?

This will benefit occupants of 325 Burnhamthorpe Road West by significantly enhancing connectivity, reducing travel time, and traffic congestion, and streamlining commutes, once completed by 2024-2025.

What amenities are included in the 325 Burnhamthorpe Road West development?

The 325 Burnhamthorpe Road West development offers a wide range of amenities, including retail spaces, a concierge service, a pet spa, community gardens, and waste management systems. Occupants can enjoy luxurious and sustainable living. No date.

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