2173 Lake Shore Condos

2173 Lake Shore Blvd W Etobicoke, ON
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Address 2173 Lake Shore Blvd W Etobicoke, ON
City Etobicoke
Neighbourhood Etobicoke
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About 2173 Lake Shore Condos Development

2173 Lake Shore Condos is a new condo development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Conservatory Group, located at 2173 Lake Shore Blvd West.  2173 Lake Shore Condos. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • The 2173 Lake Shore West Condos, Ontario, Canada offer a range of luxurious residential units with high-end amenities, set in a prime lakefront location in Humber Bay, Toronto, and are currently in the pre-construction phase.
  • Residents at 2173 Lake Shore West Condos will benefit from an improved transportation network, including a new GO Station and enhancements to sidewalks, cycle tracks, and public transit access along Lake Shore Boulevard West.
  • Richmond Architects and the Conservatory Group are the visionaries behind 2173 Lake Shore West Condos, bringing sustainable architecture and decades of upscale residential development experience to this lakefront project.

An Overview of 2173 Lake Shore West Condos

Perched on the edge of Lake Ontario, the 2173 Lake Shore West Condos are a beacon of sophistication. The development consists of three separate buildings that contribute to a multi-faceted wonder, each elegantly designed to offer a luxurious living experience.

Currently in the pre-construction phase, the condos present a ripe opportunity for prospective investors, promising a diverse range of unit types including one-bedroom, one-bedroom plus den, and two-bedroom configurations spread across buildings of 43 and 8 storeys.

Set in a prime location in Humber Bay, the complex is designed to offer an unparalleled lifestyle, with every aspect carefully planned to ensure maximum comfort and convenience. The location on Lake Shore Boulevard West not only offers stunning views of Lake Ontario but also places you in close proximity to the city’s prime spots.

Choosing a home located at 2173 Lake Shore West means embracing a lifestyle that strikes the perfect balance between luxury and convenience. The building promises to redefine upscale living with its array of amenities and prime location, making it an ideal choice for both families and investors.

Key Features and Amenities

The condo building features a plethora of top-tier amenities that elevate the standard of upscale living. Key among these are:

  • Amenity spaces prominently featured across floors 2-4 in the 43-storey Building A
  • Designed to offer residents a high-end, convenient living experience
  • Wellness and leisure at their doorstep

An integral part of these amenities is a large outdoor terrace, a haven for those seeking a blend of indoor and outdoor relaxation and entertainment options on-site. Imagine stepping out of your home and being greeted by the refreshing breeze from the lake, a spacious park, a place where you can unwind after a long day, or host a get-together with friends amidst stunning views.

The meticulously planned amenities at 2173 Lake Shore Condos aim not only to provide comfort but also to enrich your lifestyle. From the fitness centre to the spa, every element of the condominium has been designed with a focus on the wellness and leisure of the residents.

These amenities include:

  • Fitness centre
  • Spa
  • Swimming pool
  • Rooftop terrace
  • Yoga studio
  • Lounge area
  • Concierge service

These city amenities present a unique opportunity for residents to enjoy a lifestyle that most can only dream of.

The Neighbourhood: Humber Bay Park

The buildings find their place in the heart of the picturesque neighbourhood of Humber Bay Park, offering residents a scenic natural environment by the side of Lake Ontario. The park, with its vast outdoor recreational spaces, is conveniently located in close proximity to the condos, adding to the appeal of living at 2173 Lake Shore West in Toronto, Canada.

In addition to the natural beauty of the park, the Mimico waterfront park offers:

  • Public access to the waterfront
  • A boardwalk
  • A multi-use trail
  • Landscaping
  • Lighting

These features enhance the area’s appeal and provide residents with a variety of outdoor activities to enjoy.

Adding to the numerous recreational opportunities in the area is the Martin Goodman Waterfront Trail. Accessible from the condos, this trail offers a scenic route for walking, jogging, or cycling, making it a perfect spot for fitness enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Truly, living at 2173 Lake Shore West Condos places you at the heart of a vibrant neighbourhood that offers a balanced lifestyle. Unmatched Accessibility and Transportation Options

A major advantage of residing at 2173 Lake Shore West Condos is the unparalleled accessibility the location provides. The development is located at a strategic spot that provides residents with access to multiple transportation options.

Whether you prefer traveling by car, public transit, or even on foot, the location has got you covered. Adding to this convenience is a new GO Station planned at 2150 Lake Shore Boulevard West.

This new addition will significantly enhance the transportation network in the Humber Bay area, making commuting more efficient for residents. This blend of luxury living and seamless connectivity makes 2173 Lake Shore West Condos a coveted address for homeowners and investors alike.

Proximity to Gardiner Expressway

Being in close proximity to the Gardiner Expressway presents a considerable advantage for the occupants of the condos. The Park Lawn Lake Shore Transportation Master Plan, which includes a site plan application, is set to improve infrastructure around this area, promising easier commuting for occupants.

Specific modifications scheme for Gardiner ramp intersections to facilitate construction. These improvements are integral for optimizing traffic flow and enhancing overall access, significantly reducing commuting challenges for occupants.

Furthermore, the plan also addresses barriers created by the Gardiner Expressway and the rail corridor. By introducing new street connections, the plan aims to improve overall mobility for occupants and make their daily commute hassle-free.

Marine Parade and Lake Shore Boulevard West

The anticipated transportation enhancements in the Humber Bay vicinity promise to elevate the commuting experience for motorists, cyclists, and public transit users alike.

One of the key improvements includes wider sidewalks and uni-directional cycle tracks along Lake Shore Boulevard West. These changes will not only make the area more pedestrian and cyclist-friendly but also improve the overall aesthetic of the neighbourhood.

For public transit users, the plan includes:

  • Streetcar priority improvements
  • Better access to higher-order transit
  • A dedicated transit right-of-way from Humber Loop to Legion Road on Lake Shore Boulevard West

These improvements are expected to significantly improve public transit access.

In addition to these improvements, the convenience provided by these transportation developments is complemented by the recreational and dining amenities available along Lakeshore Boulevard West and Marine Parade Drive. The blend of comfort, convenience, and accessibility makes a living at 2173 Lake Shore West a truly unique experience.

The Visionaries Behind 2173 Lake Shore West: Richmond Architects & Conservatory Group

The groundbreaking design and lavish residential buildings of 2173 Lake Shore West stem from the collaborative vision of Richmond Architects and the Conservatory Group. Richmond Architects, an established firm known for its innovative and sustainable architectural designs, is tasked with crafting the unique aesthetic of 2173 Lake Shore West.

On the other hand, the Conservatory Group, a prominent developer with decades of experience in constructing upscale residential properties, is the driving force behind the conception and execution of the project. This collaboration has resulted in a condominium that promises to be a landmark in Toronto’s skyline.

Richmond Architects

Richmond Architects are renowned for their inventive approach to architecture. With a diverse portfolio that includes residential spaces and comprehensive mixed-use developments, the firm showcases its versatility and creativity.

At the core of their operations is a collaborative relationship with clients. This approach ensures that the architectural designs are a true reflection of the client’s visions, fostering a symbiotic partnership that results in buildings that stand out in their aesthetic and functional appeal.

Moreover, the firm is dedicated to incorporating sustainable practices and energy-efficient measures into its designs. This demonstrates a deep consideration for community welfare and the environmental impact of their projects. It’s this commitment to sustainability and client satisfaction that makes Richmond Architects a fitting choice for the 2173 Lake Shore West project.

Unit Types and Sizes

Though detailed specifications about unit types and sizes at 2173 Lake Shore West Condos are currently unavailable, prospective occupants and investors can look forward to a variety of options catering to diverse needs and preferences. Be sure to stay tuned for more information on this front.


To summarize, 2173 Lake Shore West Condos offers a high-end living experience that perfectly balances luxury and convenience. With its diverse unit types, top-tier amenities, prime location, and unmatched transportation options, it promises to set new standards in upscale living.

Crafted by Richmond Architects and brought to life by the Conservatory Group, this development is poised to become a landmark in Toronto’s skyline.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key amenities at 2173 Lake Shore West Condos?

The key amenities at 2173 Lake Shore West Condos include a large outdoor terrace, a fitness centre, and a spa, among others.

What transportation options are available to residents?

Occupants have access to multiple transportation options including streetcars, GO stations, and the Gardiner Expressway, with a new GO Station planned at 2150 Lake Shore Boulevard West. This provides a variety of convenient options for traveling within the area.

Who are the architects behind 2173 Lake Shore West Condos?

Richmond Architects is the firm behind the design of 2173 Lake Shore West Condos, known for their innovative and sustainable designs.

What unit types will be available at 2173 Lake Shore West Condos?

At 2173 Lake Shore West Condos, you can expect a diverse range of unit types including one-bedroom, one-bedroom plus den, and two-bedroom configurations.

What recreational opportunities are available in the neighbourhood?

You can enjoy extensive outdoor recreation at Humber Bay Park, and also explore the Mimico waterfront park and the Martin Goodman Waterfront Trail for more recreational opportunities. These options offer a variety of activities to suit different preferences.

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