1525 1585 Bowmanville Avenue Condos

1585 Bowmanville Ave Bowmanville, ON
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Address 1585 Bowmanville Ave Bowmanville, ON
City Bowmanville
Neighbourhood Bowmanville
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About 1525 1585 Bowmanville Avenue Condos Development

1525 1585 Bowmanville Avenue Condos is a new condo development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Your Home Developments, located at 1585 Bowmanville Ave Bowmanville, ON. 1525 1585 Bowmanville Avenue Condos offers a mix of suburban comfort and small-town charm. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • The 1525 1585 Bowmanville Avenue development, spearheaded by Your Home Developments, is strategically located at the intersection of Bowmanville Avenue and Hwy 2/King Street West, offering suburban convenience with small-town charm and proximity to local amenities, schools, and parks.
  • The development plan includes a variety of housing options with 446 units across one 10-storey and one 12-storey apartment building, and two four-storey townhouse buildings, all designed by Kirkor Architects to foster community while providing privacy and modern living.
  • Tailored to enrich family life, the project includes comprehensive planning for zoning by-law amendments, community engagement, and easy access to key local amenities such as Port Darlington’s beaches, the Lakeshore East GO line, and volunteer opportunities, highlighting a balanced and sustainable living environment.

Prime Location of 1525 1585 Bowmanville Avenue

At the southeast corner where Bowmanville Avenue intersects with the bustling Hwy 2/King Street West, lies an enclave that is set to captivate families and professionals alike. With a generous frontage stretching approximately 121 meters along Bowmanville Avenue, the 1525 1585 Bowmanville development is a testament to thoughtful urban planning and an aspiration for a balanced lifestyle.

Poised on the east side of Bowmanville Avenue, just a stone’s throw from Aspen Springs Drive, future residents will find themselves at the heart of Bowmanville, where suburban convenience meets the warmth of small-town charm.

The local neighbourhood plaza, brimming with diverse services, stands within reach, while the commercial hub along Hwy 2/King Street West beckons with its array of shopping and dining options. For those with young ones, the proximity to multiple reputable schools and verdant parks offers peace of mind and ample space for play and education.

Families will especially appreciate the family-friendly atmosphere, where expansive green spaces are woven into the fabric of the community, providing an idyllic backdrop for growth and connection.

Developer Overview: Your Home Developments

Your Home Developments steps into the spotlight as the mastermind behind the 1525 1585 Bowmanville Avenue project. Renowned for crafting exceptional new dwellings within the comforting embrace of well-established neighbourhoods, their signature approach marries the ease of suburban life with the allure of small-town living.

By integrating nearby schools, parks, and commercial centers into their development plans, Your Home Developments ensures that families don’t just inhabit spaces but thrive within them.

The ethos of Your Home Developments revolves around homeowner pride and well-being, as every project is meticulously designed to reflect the lifestyle and needs of its residents. This dedication to crafting homes that cater to all facets of life resonates through their portfolio, asserting their position as a developer that listens, understands, and delivers homes that stand as a testament to quality and comfort.

Proposed Development Details

Envision a residential landscape that offers a harmonious blend of 446 meticulously crafted units, setting the stage for a diverse community to flourish. At 1525 1585 Bowmanville Avenue, the proposed development showcases a collection of one 10-storey and one 12-storey apartment building, complemented by the charm of two four-storey townhouse buildings.

This mix of housing options caters to a variety of lifestyle needs, ensuring that everyone from young professionals to growing families can find their perfect abode. The architectural layout is thoughtfully arranged to foster a sense of community while providing privacy and personal space.

The two apartment buildings rise majestically, offering panoramic views and a contemporary urban feel. Meanwhile, the four-storey townhouse buildings blend seamlessly into the suburban fabric, providing an intimate living experience with the added benefit of personal outdoor space. Each unit within the development has been designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that residents will experience the ultimate in modern living.

Architectural Vision by Kirkor Architects

As we delve into the architectural vision of the 1525 1585 Bowmanville Avenue development, we encounter the innovative designs of Kirkor Architects, a name synonymous with architectural excellence. Their blueprint for this development is nothing short of a masterpiece, featuring a complex with buildings of varied heights that create a visually stunning skyline.

The tallest of these, a 12-storey building, soars to 133 feet, becoming a beacon of modernity on the east side of Bowmanville. Kirkor Architects’ approach to this condo project is centered on diversity and visual appeal.

The two apartment buildings and two four-storey townhouse buildings are strategically placed to maximize natural light and enhance the aesthetics of the development. Their design philosophy extends beyond mere structures, as they aim to craft spaces that resonate with the spirit of the community and reflect the dynamic lifestyle of its future inhabitants.

Zoning and Planning Information

Treading the path of progress, the 1525 1585 Bowmanville Avenue development is currently navigating the intricacies of official plans and zoning by-law amendments. With the aim to accommodate the 446 dwelling units envisioned for this project, applications have been meticulously prepared and submitted, bearing the file numbers COPA2023-0005 for the official plan amendment and ZBA2023-0017 for the zoning by-law amendment.

The subject lands, spanning 1.39 hectares with a considerable frontage, lay the groundwork for a transformative residential experience, with potential for transit development in the vicinity.

The planning framework for this development is fortified by a suite of comprehensive documents, including the Planning Rational Report, Landscape Analysis, and Environmental Sustainability Plan. These documents serve as the compass guiding the development toward a sustainable future, ensuring that every aspect of the project aligns with the overarching vision for the community and the environment.

The diligence in planning reflects the commitment of the principal planner to creating spaces that families will be proud to call home, now and for generations to come.

Community Benefits and Local Amenities

Nestled within the Municipality of Clarington, the 1525 1585 Bowmanville Avenue development is poised to enrich the local community with a bounty of benefits and amenities. Volunteering emerges as a vibrant thread in the social fabric here, offering avenues for residents to forge new connections and actively participate in shaping the community.

Whether it’s through job experience, skill development, or networking, the Municipality’s online portal is a gateway for residents to discover and engage with a myriad of local volunteer opportunities.

The ripple effects of the nearby Darlington Nuclear Generating Station’s expansion are palpable, with the promise of new jobs and opportunities bolstering the Bowmanville region. For nature enthusiasts, the Courtice Waterfront Trail unfurls 1.3 kilometers of paved pathways, offering stunning vistas of Lake Ontario, while the Samuel Wilmot Nature Area beckons with its trails and educational opportunities.

These amenities serve as pillars of the community, enhancing the quality of life and fostering a sense of belonging among residents.

Easy Access to Port Darlington’s Beaches and Lakeshore East

The allure of the 1525 1585 Bowmanville Avenue development is magnified by its enviable access to the natural splendors of Port Darlington’s beaches and the anticipated convenience of the Lakeshore East GO line expansion. Port Darlington West Beach Park, with its sandy shores and summer accessibility features, offers a tranquil retreat for sunseekers and families alike.

Meanwhile, Port Darlington East Beach Park delights with its water play area, nautical-themed playground, and picturesque beach, creating a perfect setting for leisure and play.

Darlington Provincial Park extends an invitation to adventurers with its camping facilities and boat launch, adding to the tapestry of outdoor experiences within reach. The development’s strategic location also ensures seamless connectivity to major highways, while the expansion of public transportation services promises to enhance mobility for residents, linking them to the broader region and beyond.

The blend of recreational opportunities and improved transportation underscores the project’s commitment to providing a lifestyle that is both enriching and convenient.


In summary, the 1525 1585 Bowmanville Avenue Condos emerge as a beacon of modern suburban living, where the meticulous planning by Your Home Developments and the architectural prowess of Kirkor Architects converge to create a haven of convenience, community, and comfort. From its prime location to the thoughtful amenities and the promise of enhanced connectivity, this evolution is poised to redefine the residential landscape of Bowmanville.

As we draw the curtains on this exploration, let these insights serve as a beacon, guiding you toward a future that is as promising as it is welcoming.

Frequently Asked Questions

What amenities can I expect near the 1525 1585 Bowmanville Avenue Condos?

Near the 1525 1585 Bowmanville Avenue Condos, you can expect a neighbourhood plaza with various services, proximity to schools and parks, and easy access to nature trails and beaches. These amenities provide a diverse range of activities for residents.

Who is the developer behind the 1525 1585 Bowmanville Avenue project?

The developer behind the 1525 1585 Bowmanville Avenue project is Your Home Developments, known for their expertise in creating exceptional new dwellings within established areas with a focus on suburban convenience.

What types of residential units are included in the proposed development?

This includes a total of 446 residential units, comprising a 10-storey apartment building, a 12-storey apartment building, and two four-storey townhouse buildings.

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