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1515 Pickering Parkway, Pickering, ON
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Address 1515 Pickering Parkway, Pickering, ON
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About 1515 Pickering Parkway Condos Development

1515 Pickering Parkway Condos is a new condo development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Sevoy Developments, located at 1515 Pickering Parkway, Pickering, ON. 1515 Pickering Parkway Condos are condos that boast proximity to essential services, a commitment to accessibility, and thoughtful community spaces designed to enhance residents’ quality of life. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • 1515 Pickering Parkway Condos a new condo development community by Sevoy Developments combines urban conveniences with suburban tranquility, offering a rich array of amenities and accessibility features, and is positioned near downtown Pickering which is undergoing significant urban renewal.
  • Residents enjoy a broad suite of community-centric amenities geared towards inclusivity and a healthy lifestyle, such as fitness centers, outdoor recreational areas, and the world’s first fully accessible condominium experience for mobility and cognitive disabilities.
  • The location provides excellent connectivity with easy access to Highway 401, public transit options, and proximity to educational institutions, making it a strategic choice for families and professionals alike.

Spotlight on 1515 Pickering Parkway Condos

The development is nestled in a location that offers the best of both worlds, 1515 Pickering Parkway Condos beautifully blends the hustle and bustle of city life with the tranquility of suburban living. Located just a stone’s throw away from the vibrant downtown Pickering area and Pickering Town Centre, these condos are pre-construction condos strategically positioned to offer a rich city experience in a serene environment.

Moreover, the convenience of being near the city center and the appeal of a new condo development provide residents with a plethora of amenities at their disposal. Some of the amenities include:

  • Fitness center
  • Swimming pool
  • Community clubhouse
  • Outdoor recreational areas
  • On-site parking

With downtown Toronto just a short commute away, residents can enjoy the conveniences of central Toronto and the city centre while relishing the peace of a suburban neighborhood.

The Appeal of Downtown Pickering

Downtown Pickering is currently undergoing a significant transformation, reinventing its identity with new developments and evolving into a vibrant urban core. The 240-acre Durham Live district stands as a testament to this transformation, enhancing the leisure, shopping, and dining experiences in the area.

The rise of areas like Durham Live is rapidly making downtown Pickering an attractive investment location. The area’s ongoing transformation is shaping it into a sought-after hub that not only offers a rich lifestyle experience but also presents a promising future for real estate investment.

Proximity to Key Amenities

Living at 1515 Pickering Parkway Condos brings a world of conveniences to your doorstep. Just a 6-minute walk away, the Pickering Town Centre, also known as Pickering City Centre, offers over 200 stores, restaurants, and shops making shopping a breeze for residents.

But the conveniences aren’t confined to retail therapy. Residents also have easy connections to the suburban serenity and natural beauty of Pickering and notable parks like Rouge National Urban Park. The proximity to Lake Ontario opens up a plethora of outdoor activities, from boating and sailing to cycling and hiking.

Furthermore, the family-friendly neighbourhood of Amberlea, with its spacious homes and mature tree-lined streets, is within easy reach, offering a quintessential suburban feel.

Exclusive Features of 1515 Pickering Parkway

One of the most striking project features of 1515 Pickering Parkway Condos is its ‘piano keys’ exterior design. This innovative design enhances the Pickering skyline with a modern flair, while the spacious, luxurious suites offer a comfortable living experience.

Beyond aesthetics, the condos demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility, as seen in the initiatives to eliminate single-use plastics and measures to save energy and water.

In addition to its unique design and environmental initiatives, 1515 Pickering Parkway offers a host of community-oriented amenities. These include:

  • Fitness center
  • Sauna
  • Party room
  • Rooftop terrace with a pool
  • Sky Lounge

Residents have a range of options for relaxation and social engagement. What sets these condos apart, however, is their commitment to accessibility.

Offering the world’s first fully accessible condominium experience, the condos are specifically designed to cater to individuals with mobility and cognitive disabilities.

Innovative Design and Architecture

The architecture of 1515 Pickering Parkway Condos is a testament to the collaborative design process with Arcadis. The resulting structure harmoniously blends form, function, and environmental aesthetics.

Common areas such as the lobby and lounge feature an overhead sculptural element that embodies the seamless blend of design and utility, a motif that extends into the fitness center. Sevoy Developments, the developer behind these pre-construction condos, has a track record of innovation in design and construction.

Their project at 910-920 West Madison Street in Chicago introduced the concept of early ‘green residences’, showcasing their commitment to sustainable living.

Community-Centric Amenities

One of the standout features of 1515 Pickering Parkway Condos is its focus on accessibility. The condos offer:

  • Wider hallways
  • Parking spaces designed for accessibility
  • Levered door handles
  • Simple slide doors

These features cater to facilities with varying needs, making the condos an inclusive living space.

The interior design by Truong Ly Design Inc. highlights adaptable spaces within the units, which can evolve to meet the changing needs and lifestyles of facilities. The ground floor outdoor areas, including an exclusive off-leash dog park and an interior rooftop courtyard, are designed for community engagement, fostering a sense of belonging among facilities.

Private balconies, terraces, or Juliet balconies extend the living space into the outdoors, contributing to the community atmosphere.

Additionally, the development includes a multimedia room and a family room with entertainment and game zones, designed to bring people together and enhance community interactions.

Connectivity and Transit Options

Commuting to and from 1515 Pickering Parkway Condos is a breeze, making transportation convenient for facilities. The direct access to Highway 401 ensures hassle-free commutes for facilities, whether to central Toronto or other parts of the region.

In addition to road connectivity, facilities have convenient access to Durham Region Transit bus routes, providing connections to local destinations within the region. Pickering’s transportation scene is developing rapidly, with expansions in public transit and improvements in cycling infrastructure increasing mobility for facilities.

Adding to Pickering’s appeal is its proximity to Toronto. Facilities of 1515 Pickering Parkway can enjoy a shorter commute to downtown Toronto compared to other suburban neighborhoods, making it an ideal location for those who work in the city but prefer to live in a quieter, suburban setting.

Pickering Parkway Terminal and GO Station

The Pickering Parkway Terminal is a key public transit hub for facilities of 1515 Pickering Parkway Condos. It plays a vital role in facilitating ease of commute within the region.

The terminal offers access to five different Durham Region bus routes, providing facilities with varied public transit options for commuting.

Road Network Access

The strategic location of 1515 Pickering Parkway Condos offers facilities with direct access to Highway 401, one of the primary thoroughfares for reaching central Toronto efficiently. Beyond central Toronto, Highway 401 connects to northern highways such as Highway 12, 404, and 400, facilitating travel across Ontario, Canada.

Additionally, the location of the condos is conveniently close to Valley Farm Road and Pickering Parkway. These local roads give facilities more options for their local and regional road travels, making commutes within the region quick and easy.

Education and Family Living

1515 Pickering Parkway Condos is located near key educational institutions, making it an ideal location for families. With the University of Toronto Scarborough and Oxford College of Arts, Business, and Technology just a short commute away, families have a range of quality educational options to choose from.

Beyond education, the condos are located near the Dunbarton neighbourhood, known for its excellent schools and recreational facilities. This upscale living experience, combined with the family-friendly features of the condos, makes 1515 Pickering Parkway a conducive environment for family living.

Schools and Universities Nearby

Facilities of 1515 Pickering Parkway have access to a range of schools, catering to diverse educational needs. The community is served by:

  • 15 elementary schools within the public school board
  • 2 secondary schools within the public school board
  • 5 elementary schools under the Catholic school board
  • 1 secondary school under the Catholic school board.

In addition to systemic schools, Pickering also offers specialized education options. Ecole Ronald-Marion, a French educational institution serving both elementary and secondary students, and the Blaisdale Montessori Private School with two locations in the area, are among these options.

Ideal for Family Life

Pickering is home to several family-friendly neighbourhoods that are easily accessible to the facilities of 1515 Pickering Parkway Condos. Liverpool, known for its homes, parks, and schools, offers a supportive environment for family life.

Bay Ridges, a highly desired community, offers scenic views and close proximity to parks, schools, and the GO train station. Amberlea, another neighbourhood catered towards families, provides essential amenities like a secondary school, public schools, parks, and a commercial plaza.

Duffin Heights enriches the family living experience with access to various recreational options such as golf courses, trails, and a cultural center. With easy access to nature and the conveniences of city life, Pickering offers facilities the best of both worlds.

Families can enjoy the proximity to natural attractions like Rouge National Park and Petticoat Creek conservation area, along with access to highways for urban connectivity.

Developer Profile: Sevoy Developments

Sevoy Developments, the developer behind 1515 Pickering Parkway Condos, is dedicated to building inclusive, community-centric environments. The company’s commitment to redefining urban living is evident in its focus on thoughtful planning and investment in transit-oriented developments.

The Sevoy Developments executive team possesses comprehensive expertise in the real estate development cycle, from market research to customer care. Leading the team is Dov Seidenfeld, the President of Sevoy Developments, who values every phase of the development process and promotes a collaborative team approach.

Innovation in Urban Living

Sevoy Developments is committed to creating innovative residential spaces that enhance urban living. Their projects are characterized by the planning and investment in live-work-play environments.

Each residential unit is equipped with smart home technology for enhanced convenience and efficiency. With a commitment to a greener city environment, Sevoy Developments implements energy-efficient features in its buildings.

The company’s investments in durable and sustainable materials lead to long-term community benefits. Some of the key features of their projects include:

  • Energy-efficient lighting systems
  • Solar panels for renewable energy
  • Water-saving fixtures and appliances
  • Insulation for better temperature control
  • Use of recycled and eco-friendly materials

These features of the property not only make their buildings aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally responsible.

Community Focus

Led by Director of Development Lilly Wu, Sevoy Developments prioritizes creating thoughtful residential and green spaces that not only enhance homeowners’ experiences but also contribute to the overall improvement of the group.

The developer’s mission is to design environments that inspire and empower people to prosper, balancing living, working, and playing spaces to foster vibrant communities. In line with their community focus, Sevoy Developments has allocated one of the condominium’s units to be offered at no cost to Habitat for Humanity, demonstrating their commitment to social causes and affordable housing.

Through projects like SAVOY on the park in Chicago, which features amenities that encourage social interaction, Sevoy Developments has showcased its focus on fostering a strong sense of community.


In conclusion, 1515 Pickering Parkway Condos a new development offers a unique blend of city living and suburban tranquility close proximity to academic institution. With a strategic location near downtown Pickering, a host of community-centric amenities, convenient transportation options, and proximity to educational institutions and family-friendly neighbourhoods, these condos present an ideal living experience.

Developed by Sevoy Developments, a company dedicated to creating inclusive and environmentally responsible communities, 1515 Pickering Parkway Condos truly embodies the future of city living.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes 1515 Pickering Parkway Condos unique?

1515 Pickering Parkway Condos offer a unique blend of city living and suburban tranquility, with strategic location and community-centric facilities, including the world’s first fully accessible condominium experience.

What transportation options are available to residents of 1515 Pickering Parkway Condos?

Occupants of 1515 Pickering Parkway Condos have access to Highway 401, Durham Region Transit bus routes, and five different bus routes through the Pickering Parkway Terminal. These transportation options provide convenient commuting opportunities for the occupants.

What educational institutions are near 1515 Pickering Parkway Condos?

The University of Toronto Scarborough and Oxford College of Arts, Business, and Technology are the nearest educational institutions to 1515 Pickering Parkway Condos, along with several nearby elementary and secondary schools. The date is not available.

What is Sevoy Developments’ approach to urban living?

Sevoy Developments’ approach to city living is focused on creating innovative residential spaces that enhance live-work-play environments with a focus on energy efficiency.

How do Sevoy Developments contribute to the community?

Sevoy Developments contributes to the community by designing environments that inspire and empower people to prosper. In addition, they allocate a unit in their condominiums to be offered at no cost to Habitat for Humanity, demonstrating their commitment to social causes and affordable housing.

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