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310 Callaway Road, London, ON
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Address 310 Callaway Road, London, ON
City London
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About Willow townhomes Development

Willow Townhomes is a new town development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Wastell Homes, located at 310 Callaway Road, London, ON. Willow townhomes focused on providing spacious and functional living with a touch of modern design. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • Willow Townhomes, adjacent to the Medway Valley and Sunningdale Golf Course in London, ON, offers a luxurious living experience with spacious townhomes featuring double-car garages and designer finishes.
  • The community provides a variety of amenities, including nature trails and parks, as well as urban conveniences like shopping, dining, and entertainment, creating a perfect balance of tranquility and city life.
  • Buyers can choose from townhome units ranging from 1785 to 1800 sq.ft with 3-bedroom configurations, and have the opportunity to customize their homes with a range of premium features, finishes, and upgrade options.

Discover Willow Townhomes

Willow Townhomes, a new community that is a masterpiece by Wastell Homes, is currently in preconstruction and promises to redefine luxury living. Nestled beside the sprawling nature trails of The Medway Valley and Sunningdale Golf Course, Willow Townhomes is a community that offers the best of both worlds – peaceful serenity and urban conveniences such as shopping and schools. Embrace the life Willow has to offer, where inspired townhomes meet nature’s charm.

This vibrant community is not just about location; it’s about creating a lifestyle where the tranquility of nature meets big city conveniences. Willow Towns, with their double-car garage townhomes, are designed to seamlessly blend with the serene surroundings, presenting a harmonious living environment like no other. The Willow marketing summary promises a lifestyle that is as unique as you are.

Project Highlights

Positioned by the sprawling nature trails of The Medway Valley and bordered by the gorgeous Sunningdale Golf Course, Willow Townhomes is a haven of peace and tranquility. Imagine waking up to the serene landscapes and enjoying the privilege of being near the well-known Sunningdale Golf Course, home to some of the most beautiful and challenging 18-hole courses.

Beyond this, the community offers spacious townhomes with double-car garages, catering generously to both vehicle housing and additional storage requirements. These townhomes are more than just a home; they are a lifestyle statement, a place where captivating designer finishes meet functionality.

Location and Accessibility

Strategically situated at the crossroads of Sunningdale Road West & Meadowlands Way in the city of London, ON, Willow Townhomes offers easy access for residents and visitors alike. The official address for Willow Townhomes is 310 Callaway Road, London, ON, making it a landmark on the city’s map.

The neighbourhood around Willow Townhomes boasts a favorable Walk Score, signaling that residents will have a variety of amenities reachable on foot. Positioned in the desirable Sunningdale area, Willow Townhomes residents will be able to enjoy:

  • An array of parks
  • Trails
  • Convenient shopping
  • Dining
  • Entertainment options nearby

Residing in Willow Townhomes situates you amidst an abundance of amenities, the quintessence of urban conveniences.

Experience Stylish Living Spaces

Step into Willow Townhomes and experience a stylish living space that exudes a modern farmhouse aesthetic. The developer’s dedication to embracing contemporary trends and thoughtful floorplans is evident in every corner of the home.

The interiors present a sophisticated style, with special attention given to kitchens, ensuites, and gathering spaces, creating a cohesive and elegant ambiance. Each home is designed to ensure that different living spaces blend seamlessly together, promoting a sense of harmony throughout.

These living environments strike a balance between functionality and comfort, employing warm, inviting materials to amplify the townhomes’ appeal. In Willow Townhomes, open spaces create a natural ambiance, and gathering spaces fuse harmoniously, making it an inspired choice for those seeking a vibrant community.

Premium Interior Features

Willow Townhomes come with premium interior features that set them apart. The kitchen, the heart of the home, features:

  • Top-quality kitchen cabinetry is available in a choice of colors, adding bespoke elegance to the interiors
  • Attractive and resilient quartz counter surfaces, ensuring durability and aesthetics
  • An under-mount stainless steel sink

These features enhance the functionality and beauty of the kitchen space.

The townhomes boast:

  • Rich vinyl plank flooring for a natural ambiance on the main levels
  • Plush carpet main stairs, bedrooms, and second-floor halls for added warmth and comfort
  • Expansive windows that enable natural light to amplify the premium interior living spaces.

Truly, every detail in Willow Townhomes’ idyllic collection consists of elements designed to create a sophisticated style and a captivating living environment.

Timeless Fixtures and Finishes

Willow Townhomes are distinguished by their timeless fixtures and finishes. The homes incorporate contemporary yet lasting fixtures, including lighting, plumbing, and cabinet hardware willow offers, which enrich and delineate the interior spaces.

To add to the allure, residents can select from a variety of sleek and stylish designer tiles selection for their bathrooms, with options in diverse finishes to cater to individual preferences. The sophisticated style of Willow Townhomes is underscored by designer finishes, offering a luxurious atmosphere to every resident.

These timeless fixtures and premium cabinetry reflect the quality and craftsmanship that goes into every home, making them a true testament to luxury living.

Open Spaces and Gathering Areas

Within Willow Townhomes, open spaces and gathering areas transcend their mere physical dimensions to become experiences. Designed with open spaces that create a harmonious living environment, these homes enhance the overall lifestyle for socializing and relaxation.

The design ensures that gathering spaces are fluidly integrated with other areas of the home, offering a seamless environment for residents. Personalization is made possible with the option for residents to choose any single paint color throughout the home, optimizing the open spaces for a unique atmosphere.

An extensive selection of upgrades and enhancements are available to cater to the varying preferences of residents, making each space ideal for socializing or relaxation. These open spaces create a perfect blend of style and functionality, truly representing the life Willow offers.

Unit Types and Sizes

Catering to diverse requirements, Willow Townhomes offers stylish living spaces ranging from 1785 to 1800 sq.ft. Each unit features 3-bedroom configurations, perfect for families of all sizes. Adding to the allure, these 3-bedroom townhomes come with the luxury of double car garages, ensuring ample space for vehicles and storage needs.

Willow Townhomes indeed presents homes that align seamlessly with your lifestyle.

Surrounding Community and Amenities

The Willow Townhomes are nestled in a lively community, boasting an array of amenities, including:

  • Parks
  • Shopping venues
  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment options

These enrich the lives of its residents, as London’s Sunningdale neighbourhood enhances the overall living experience. The added luxury of living adjacent to the picturesque Sunningdale Golf Course and the tranquil Medway Valley nature trails offers serene landscapes and outdoor activities right on the doorstep.

With Willow Townhomes, your purchase isn’t just a home; it’s a vibrant community membership.

Nature Trails and Outdoor Activities

Willow Townhomes is located in the Sunningdale area of London, ON, renowned for its extensive network of hiking and biking trails easily accessible to residents. Adjacent to Willow Townhomes, Medway Valley Heritage Forest offers a rich ecosystem with paths for hiking, bird watching, and embracing nature, complete with trails designed for walking, running, and wildlife observation.

Residing here affords you the privilege of unrestricted exploration of the sprawling nature trails, cultivating a lifestyle marked by a perfect equilibrium of activity and tranquility. From leisurely walks to invigorating runs, the outdoor amenities surrounding Willow Townhomes cater to everyone’s desire for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Nearby Conveniences and Attractions

Convenience is a cornerstone of the Willow Townhomes experience. Residents have convenient shopping options nearby, ensuring easy access to daily necessities as well as a variety of retail experiences. Masonville Place, a nearby shopping center, offers a plethora of retail stores, services, and dining choices for a complete shopping experience.

Dining out is a delight with a range of cuisines and dining experiences from the numerous restaurants located in close proximity. Furthermore, the proximity of parks to Willow Townhomes offers residents leisure and recreational opportunities, fostering a community connected to nature and outdoor activities.

Brimming with urban conveniences, each day at Willow Townhomes unfolds a plethora of amenities and possibilities.

Peaceful Serenity Meets Urban Living

Willow Townhomes is set in a location that epitomizes the harmonious blend of serene natural landscapes with the desired urban lifestyle. The community’s proximity to a variety of amenities underscores the balance Willow Townhomes offers between convenient urban living and verdant surroundings.

Residents of Willow Townhomes experience a fulfilling lifestyle that captures the essence of living fully in a community where urban conveniences meet natural beauty. Willow Townhomes masterfully merges peaceful serenity with urban living, cultivating a lifestyle that’s equally refreshing and convenient.


In summary, Willow Townhomes stands as a beacon of luxury living where style, comfort, and tranquility converge. Defined by its modern farmhouse aesthetics, sophisticated interiors, and harmonious living spaces, this community offers a unique blend of urban conveniences and nature’s charm.

Whether you’re an active individual seeking a lifestyle enriched by outdoor activities, or a family seeking spacious and stylish living spaces, Willow Townhomes offers a home that fits your aspirations. With its strategic location, timeless fixtures and finishes, and vibrant community, Willow Townhomes is where your dream lifestyle becomes a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the developer of Willow Townhomes?

The developer of Willow Townhomes is Wastell Homes.

What is the size range of the units at Willow Townhomes?

The units at Willow Townhomes range from 1785 to 1800 sq.ft., providing a diverse size range to choose from.

What amenities are near Willow Townhomes?

Willow Townhomes are conveniently located near hiking and biking trails, a golf course, shopping venues, restaurants, and entertainment options, offering a range of amenities for residents to enjoy.

What are some of the interior features of Willow Townhomes?

Willow Townhomes offers premium interior features such as top-quality kitchen cabinetry, quartz countertops, vinyl plank flooring, and expansive windows. These elements contribute to a modern and elegant living space for residents.

What is the location of Willow Townhomes?

Willow Townhomes is located at 310 Callaway Road, London, Ontario, in the highly sought-after Sunningdale area.

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