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About Tretti Condos Development

Tretti Condos is developed by Collecdev, a development company dedicated to building better communities. The main design aspect of the condos consists of straight lines which are aligned towards simplicity. The living design style is inspired by a Scandinavian style which is slowly getting popular throughout the world.

The construction philosophy conveyed through these designs is life and living. Tretti Condominiums facilitates open-concept suites, connections to the outdoors and marvelous location steps to the subway and various other amenities.

Features and Amenities at Tretti Condos

The development houses many features that help people in a great way. Be it modern lobby which opens up the fascinating aspects of art and design or outdoor community park, creating a universal communion, it offers spectacular features and amenities to the residents and takes great care of them. The project makes the residents always motivated, inspired, connected, and occupied all the time. Let us have a look at the exceptional amenities which it offers.

Co-working Space – Digital Powerhouse

If you are the sprout of the freelance generation or a distant remote worker, then you would want to have social space to mingle. Tretti Condo offers a co-working space for the remote workers to chill around and work. It can solve the psychological stress of freelance workers. Space contains aesthetically significant lightings that enhances the mood of the social thinkers and can enable them to interact with their like minds.

The co-working space includes lots of facilities like a private meeting room, cozy semi-private alcoves, community tables, play areas, lightning speed WiFi, caffeine bar and a brainstorming lounge. With this state of art facilities, one can make their business run smooth.

Play Space

Kids have a beautiful play area to enjoy the spirit of outdoor gaming. The play area contains floor- to- ceiling windows, elegant reading books, an indoor tree sculpture and a stage where imaginations bloom into reality.

There is a perception that condo living can’t be family-friendly. At Tretti Condominium, Indoor children’s play area featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, an indoor tree sculpture, cozy reading nooks,  and a stage where imaginations can run wild, make kids take advantage of it. Speaking of running, the outdoor kids’ park is a landscape of miniature rolling hills, creating a safe and playful path under the sun.

The Community at Tretti Condos

Various research surveys show that people who spend time in the outdoor space. Tretti Condominiums have considered this as part of their works. If you step outside your house, you would be astonished to see yourself surrounded by a vast region of space filled with greenery with trees like oaks, pines and tulip trees. The area of green space is 16,000 square feet of beautiful landscape. This space helps to enhance the mood of the people and connect them with nature.

Party, Moods, and Recreation

If you are natural entertainers, then Tretti Condos is a great place to offer you a wholesome experience. The eighth-floor party hall features indoor fireplaces that can set up a mood, space for an enchanting dinner party or cooking classes, and a spectacular lounge seating which enables everyone to have fun and kick in their recreation to a whole new level.

People from Canada love to grill their foods. A bright summer can serve best for the residents with the presence of the grill patio in the rooftop which makes people enjoy the grill and a warm environment.

Fitness & Pets

A gym is a place where men and women are made healthy and look great. Tretti Condos have a fitness studio equipped with state of the art treadmills, bikes, yoga space, elliptical machines and strength stations. Using this gym gives you an orgasmic physical experience.

The development has a pet-friendly indoor playground helps people to enjoy their time with their pets. It is equipped with relief places, washing station, beautiful tree sculptures, and a turf. These would turn on the pet and make them have maximum fun.

Tretti Condo: Location and Neighborhood

Tretti Condos is located at 30 Tippett Road with simple access to Allen Road, Highway 401, and the Wilson TTC Subway station. It is in a developed vibrant urban zone and is close to the TTC, near Yorkdale Shopping Centre, in the heart of Wilson Heights. You have an established and urbanized neighborhood with the development.

All the aspects of the neighborhood have experienced growth. A total of $3 billion has been spent for the regeneration of this neighborhood which benefited other condo listings in Toronto as well. The aspects of having significant improvements are:

1. Enhanced Development

Development of master-planned communities. Apart from the communities, regeneration of National Urban Park and Downsview Park and the expansion of pedestrian and cycle trails have been enhanced too.

2. A City in Itself

It is a new city in itself! There is land worth 375 acres in the neighborhood of Tretti Condominiums, that is, in the Downsview Airport Lands. The place is expected to have a mixed-use development in the area with better retail, housing, leisure and business opportunities for all.

3. Increased Business Opportunities

The area is already popular for having a high average household income. The region already has more than 100,000 job opportunities for all with giants like RBS Royal Bank, Nestle, TTC, Humber River Hospital, etc. present close by. Also, there are local business hubs which include Keele, Dufferin and Hub 400 which are also doubling their job opportunities making the neighborhood rich in business.

4. High Education Standards

With York University and Seneca York University satellite campus located in the neighborhood, there couldn’t be better education places in the region. More than 50,000 students travel to and fro from the two campuses. As a result, the area is in high demand amongst students who are willing to pay a good price for the residential spaces available there.

More on Accessibility

Due to the urban locality of the Tretti Condos, you can access all the transportation, communication and emergency assistance in less time.

  • 2 minutes to Wilson Subway Station: Utilize it for an easier, better way of travel.
  • 3 minutes to the 401 highway: Enjoy a smooth car ride at a negligible distance!
  • 4 minutes to Yorkdale Shopping Centre: The best of retail brands are offered here!
  • 4 minutes to GO Transit at Yorkdale Bus Terminal: A perfect spot to catch your GO transit bus.
  • 5 minutes to Humber River Hospital: Get premium medicinal facilities here.
  • 11 minutes to York University: Students can get to their classes in time. No more procrastination for anyone as the University is a mere distance away!
  • 13 minutes to Downsview Park: The place offers entertainment and business at its best. Grab the best of fun and exciting deals at just a 13 minutes distance away.
  • 21 minutes to Pearson International Airport: Before you know it, you’ll be there at the airport! A convenient and quick ride to the airport makes it easier to travel.
  • 27 minutes to Union Station: Reach the station without any hassle of parking, traffic or time delay.

Tretti Condos: The Developer

Tretti Condo is developed by Collecdev, a development company dedicated to building better communities. Collecdev incorporates sustainability as the main aspect of their construction strategies. Collecdev uses new technologies like geothermal energy systems which reduces the carbon footprint of the building and also enables creating predictable monthly costs for the residents.

It paves the way for easily affordable housing which ensures the city’s longtime growth and accessibility. Buildings built using this fashion would thrive for decades in the future, balancing the basic requirements for today. So if you are into buying Condominium, Tretti Condos is the best option.

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