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16 Kirk Drive, Markham, ON
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Address 16 Kirk Drive, Markham, ON
City Markham
Neighbourhood Markham
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About Thornheights Homes Development

Seeking a home in Thornheights of Toronto’s Thornhill? Discover why Thornheights homes are synonymous with luxury and comfort. Residents enjoy spacious homes, diverse architecture, and lush settings, all within easy reach of amenities and the city. This guide gives you an insider’s look at property details, market trends, and the lifestyle you can expect in this prestigious neighbourhood.

Key Takeaways

  • Thornheights Homes is a luxury residential community in Thornhill, Toronto, offering spacious half-acre lots with high-end design elements, located at the prime junction of Yonge Street and Kirk Drive with various architectural styles complementing its opulence.
  • This prestigious area offers convenient access to amenities such as ‘Shops on Yonge’, green spaces, and is poised to benefit from improved connectivity with the planned Yonge North Subway Extension, enhancing the quality of life for residents.
  • Thornheights represents a strong and resilient real estate market with rising property values, presenting lucrative investment opportunities, and requires experienced realtors for buying or selling properties due to its competitive nature.

Thornheights Homes: A Half Acre Lot Paradise

Nestled in the vibrant Thornhill neighborhood of Toronto, Thornheights Homes is a half-acre lot paradise – a luxury retreat in the midst of the city. This affluent Thornhill neighborhood is known for its grandeur and exclusivity, with each half-acre lot located in Thornhill offering a lifestyle defined by serenity and elegance.

Residing in Thornheights transcends the concept of mere housing, it signifies adopting a lifestyle of high standards. The spacious and luxurious half-acre lots, along with the community’s tranquil environment, make Thornheights a desirable location for those seeking a blend of urban luxury and suburban tranquility.

Home Features

Thornheights is a half-acre lot paradise that is home to properties distinguished by their large square footage and use of premium building materials. Each home in Thornheights is a testament to bespoke design elements that cater to a high-end lifestyle, making every property an epitome of luxury.

Stepping into a Thornheights home, the meticulous attention to design detail is immediately palpable. The spacious layouts, premium fixtures, and custom design elements create homes that are not just spaces to live in, but spaces where one can truly experience luxury living.

Architectural Styles

The Thornheights community is a residential low-rise paradise, boasting an array of diverse architectural styles that add to the neighborhood’s charm. Georgian Mansard-style homes, characterized by their two-story layouts with mansard roofs, red brick walls, and white-brick semi-circular accents around main floor windows, are a common sight in Thornheights.

The Porch & Dormer style, with its three-story structures, prominent bay windows, and prevalence in semi-detached housing formats, adds a unique architectural flair to the community. Large dormer two-story homes, featuring distinct semi-detached or detached designs with converted porches and wide dormers constructed of siding material, further contribute to the architectural diversity of Thornheights.

The Perfect Location: Northeast Corner of Yonge Street and Kirk Drive

Thornheights sits at the northeast corner of Yonge Street and Kirk Drive, a prime location offering a blend of residential and commercial spaces. This location provides Thornheights residents with a lifestyle that caters to both comfort and convenience, with the ‘Shops on Yonge’ and other amenities providing a comprehensive retail and lifestyle experience.

Beyond serving as the geographical location of Thornheights, the northeast corner of Yonge Street and Kirk Drive pulses as the vibrant heart of the community. The area is known for its blend of residential and commercial spaces, offering residents a neighbourhood that caters to both comfort and convenience.

TTC Subway System Access

The TTC Subway System along Yonge Street is undergoing a substantial enhancement with the planned Yonge North Subway Extension. This expansion will introduce an additional 8 kilometers to TTC’s Line 1 service from Finch Station to Richmond Hill, enabling enhanced regional connectivity.

This significant infrastructure project, expanding transit access northwards from Toronto, is poised to yield substantial benefits for Thornheights residents. With the ongoing procurement process for construction, residents can anticipate the benefits of reduced travel times and economic growth from the new TTC subway line.

Nearby Amenities and Attractions

Located at the northeast corner of Yonge Street and Kirk Drive is the ‘Shops on Yonge’ shopping center, a contemporary shopping destination featuring over 100 stores and services. This center offers a diverse range of shopping and dining experiences, catering to the various needs of Thornhill residents and promoting a satisfying retail environment.

Thornheights residents enjoy the convenience of urban amenities, with local restaurants, boutiques, and essential services all within close proximity. Parks such as the Royal Orchard Park offer green spaces for outdoor activities and leisure, contributing to the appeal of the Thornheights location.

Zoning and Development Status

Thornheights is currently zoned as residential low-rise, typically allowing for the development of single-family homes or low-rise apartments. The zoning restrictions limit the diversity of housing options within Thornheights, enforcing rules that favor single-family detached homes and restrict commercial use to already established commercial properties.

While the current zoning limits development to low-density residential projects, there is potential for future development opportunities if zoning laws are revised or exceptions are granted. The approval process for new developments in Thornheights is limited by ‘stable neighbourhoods’ zoning, which inhibits multi-family developments and often confines infill projects to brownfield sites or commercial streets.

Site Plan Approval Process

The site plan approval process is a critical step for residential low-rise developments like those found in the Thornheights community. This process involves the submission of detailed plans that must cover various aspects including landscaping, drainage, building design, and access points for a low rise a site. To rise a site plan successfully, it is essential to pay attention to these details and ensure compliance with local regulations.

The primary goal of the site plan approval process is to ascertain adherence to municipal standards. This process gives the green light for the development of these luxurious homes, ensuring that they fit perfectly within the Thornheights landscape and meet the community’s high standards.

Proposed Extension Projects

Proposed extension projects aimed at creating more affordable housing units form part of Thornheights’ future development plans. To lessen the impact on existing properties from extension projects, proposals may include implementing buffer zones to alleviate problems such as traffic congestion.

The Thornheights community stands to benefit from the Yonge North Subway Extension, which is part of larger transit developments by the Province like the Ontario Line and the Scarborough Subway Extension in Canada. The funding for residential extension projects involves a multi-tiered financial approach, including municipal investments, regional development grants, and federal contributions.

Market Trends and Property Values

The Thornheights real estate market has seen significant growth, with the number of transactions for all property types in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) increasing notably. Property values in the GTA have shown divergent trends, with detached homes rising, while average prices for freehold townhouses and condo apartments dipped slightly.

Infill development has led to the upscale transformation of previously affordable areas, increasing both property values and property taxes within the GTA. Despite a slight decrease in the overall average sold price for homes in the Greater Toronto Area, homes in Thornheights have maintained a strong market presence, with property values consistently on the rise.

Average Sale Prices

The average listed price of properties in the Thornheights section of Royal Orchard stands at a robust $1,452,423. Within York Region, which encompasses the Thornhill area, the average home selling price is currently at $1,210,705, reflecting a 6% decrease from the previous year.

Comparatively, the City of Toronto has seen a 3% year-over-year decrease in its average home price, bringing it to $959,915. However, the average sales price to listing price ratio stands at 98%, indicating that homes are generally selling for just below their asking prices.

Buying or Selling a Thornheights Home

Whether you’re interested in buying or selling a Thornheights home, you’re stepping into a market that has consistently demonstrated strength and resilience, with steadily rising property values. The luxury market segment that Thornheights represents has been known for its resilience, even in economic downturns, making it a prime choice for discerning buyers and sellers.

Working with a realtor who has local expertise is crucial in navigating the competitive Thornheights market to find the right property or buyer. Realtors can provide valuable insights into pricing strategies, whether you’re listing your home for sale or making an offer on a Thornheights property. They can also assist in effectively marketing your home, highlighting its luxury features and community amenities.

Community Life and Neighbourhood Events

Thornhill fosters a vibrant community life, hosting various neighbourhood events that strengthen the social fabric and provide entertainment and socialization opportunities for residents. These events foster a strong sense of belonging among the residents and make Thornheights more than just a neighbourhood – it’s a community.

Local Clubs and Organizations

Thornhill is home to a number of local clubs and organizations that foster a strong sense of community. These organizations provide residents with opportunities to connect over shared interests, further enhancing the community spirit within Thornhill.

Annual Events and Festivals

Thornhill is a melting pot of cultures, hosting events and festivals that celebrate its rich diversity. One such event is the Korean Harvest Festival, a celebration of Korean culture featuring performances, authentic food, and drinks that draw in numerous attendees.

These festivals are designed to be inclusive with no admission fee, promoting broad community engagement and participation.


From the luxury and elegance of Thornheights Homes to the vibrant community life that Thornhill offers, this affluent neighbourhood provides an unparalleled living experience. With its prime location, diverse architectural styles, and robust market trends, Thornheights stands as an epitome of luxury and comfort.

Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate, Thornheights offers a unique blend of urban luxury and suburban tranquillity that is hard to find elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the unique features of Thornheights homes?

Thornheights homes stand out for their spacious layout, high-quality construction materials, and customized design features tailored to luxurious living. These unique features elevate the standard of upscale housing with unparalleled attention to detail.

What is the location of Thornheights?

Thornheights is located at the northeast corner of Yonge Street and Kirk Drive in the Thornhill neighbourhood of Toronto.

What is the current zoning and development status of Thornheights?

Thornheights is currently zoned as residential low-rise, which permits the development of single-family homes or low-rise apartments.

What are the average sale prices in Thornheights?

The average sale price of properties in Thornheights is $1,452,423.

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