The Duplexes at Cornerstone

140 Corner Meadows Gate Northeast, Calgary, AB
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Address 140 Corner Meadows Gate Northeast, Calgary, AB
City Calgary Alberta
Neighbourhood Calgary Alberta
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About The Duplexes at Cornerstone Development

The Duplexes at Cornerstone is a new development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Truman. Located at 140 Corner Meadows Gate Northeast, Calgary Alberta. This development offers versatile living spaces and a well-connected community, these duplex homes in Calgary are meticulously crafted to suit your lifestyle needs. The estimated completion date is unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • Truman Duplex Homes offer architectural elegance and functionality, with models spanning 1,238 to 1,612 square feet, accommodating diverse preferences including options for legal basement suites.
  • Corner Meadows in Northeast Calgary, part of the Cornerstone community, delivers a balance of urban convenience and natural beauty across 1,100 acres, featuring wetlands, parks, and the envisioned Major Activity Complex (MAC).
  • Customization is central to the Truman Duplex experience, offering personalized design options from floor plans to TRUspace® cabinetry and designer kitchens, with energy-efficient features that underscore sustainable living.

Experience the Truman Duplex Homes

Truman Duplex Homes distinguish themselves through their unique charm and architectural elegance. These homes cater to a diverse demographic, promising a comfortable abode for young families and a secure haven for multi-generational households. Each duplex is a testament to thoughtful design, equipped with legal basement suites that enhance their attractiveness and functionality.

Truman Duplex Homes offer a variety of models, sizes range from 1,238 to 1,612 square feet, to accommodate diverse needs and lifestyles.

Single Family Home Community

Truman Duplex Homes make up a diverse and inclusive single-family home community. Balancing private and shared spaces, each condo in this community features a private front entrance, offering a unique sanctuary within the wider community.

The sense of community extends beyond the walls of individual homes. The area buzzes with activity, thanks to the vibrant social atmosphere fostered by the townhomes. This community spirit, combined with the elegance of individual homes, makes the Truman Duplex Homes a unique living experience.

Building Amenities

Within the Truman Duplex Homes, luxury is not a mere add-on; it is a way of life. Each home is a testament to this, with beautifully appointed interiors and numerous floor plan options to cater to different tastes and preferences. But the luxury is not confined to the interiors alone.

The building amenities speak of a lifestyle that values convenience and comfort. The duplex homes feature saltwater pools, providing a smoother swimming experience with less chlorine use, perfect for a refreshing swim on a hot summer day. The amenities extend beyond your own condo, contributing to the overall appeal of this single-family home community.

Immerse Yourself in Luxury

Entering a Truman duplex home immerses you in a world of luxury. The homes boast an inviting Farmhouse Style architectural design that combines modernity with a rustic charm. The kitchens are a chef’s dream, featuring high-end appliances like Wolf or Sub-Zero, providing homeowners with a professional-grade cooking experience.

But the luxury does not stop there. You can personalize your living spaces to your taste with a vast selection of styles and materials for custom finishes. From the beautifully appointed interiors to the amazing amenities, every aspect of these homes speaks of a luscious, professionally designed, luxurious lifestyle.

Designer Kitchens

At the heart of each Truman duplex home lies a designer kitchen, a culinary haven where every meal turns into a gourmet experience. With Cornerstone’s exclusive TRUspace® cabinetry, you can customize your kitchen to meet your individual storage needs. The elegance is further amplified with the resilience and variety in color and pattern of quartz countertops, a standard feature in these kitchens.

The combination of custom TRUspace® cabinetry and quartz edge countertops lend a high-quality, tailored aesthetic to these kitchens, thanks to the polished hard surface quartz. Complementing this refined design are stainless steel appliances, adding a sleek, modern touch to the functional and stylish kitchens.

Luscious Living Spaces

With their spacious and elegant interiors, Truman Duplex Homes set a new standard for luxury living. The duplexes feature 9ft ceilings, enhancing the overall sense of space and luxury. This grandeur is further complimented by floor-to-ceiling windows that maximize natural lighting and create a spacious ambiance.

The choice of flooring further accents this opulence. Wide plank flooring, valued for its historic charm and fewer seams, contributes to a classic and visually clean aesthetic within the luscious living spaces. The superior cut of wood utilized not only infuses natural warmth but also ensures higher quality and durability, perfect for luxury living environments.

Energy Efficiency

Truman Duplex Homes offer more than just luxury; they promote smart living as well. The homes feature oversized high-performance energy systems, such as energy-efficient fireplaces, that provide warmth efficiently and align with modern energy-saving trends. Additionally, each home is equipped with a security monitoring system for added peace of mind.

The homes also incorporate renewable energy implementations like solar panels, and upgrading to high-efficiency appliances and lighting systems, minimizing reliance on fossil fuels and reducing energy consumption. Additionally, high-tech water purification systems contribute to the eco-friendliness of the homes, offering clean drinking water and reducing the need for plastic bottles, thus supporting environmental preservation.

These energy-efficient features not only contribute to a sustainable lifestyle but also offer financial benefits through lower utility bills.

Location: Corner Meadows

Corner Meadows, nestled in a vibrant part of Calgary’s largest community, Cornerstone, presents a unique fusion of urban and suburban living. The community offers:

  • Spanning over 1,100 acres
  • A diverse population of over 2,500 existing neighbors
  • An expansive 180 acres of natural wetlands
  • 14km of scenic pathways
  • 95 acres allotted specifically for parks.

The community currently boasts four park spaces, three playgrounds, and future facilities such as a cricket pitch, allowing families and individuals diverse options for outdoor recreation and leisure. Looking to the future, Corner Meadows is set to feature the pioneering Major Activity Complex (MAC) in Calgary, combining commercial, retail, and multifamily spaces with two LRT plazas to create a dynamic hub of activity.

Northeast Calgary

Natural beauty and urban convenience blend seamlessly in Northeast Calgary. The area is known for its unique mix of urban and suburban living environments, offering the best of both worlds.

Residents of Corner Meadows enjoy access to various natural spaces for recreation, including wetlands and parklands. With 180 acres of natural wetlands and 14km of pathways, outdoor activities and enjoyment are always within reach for the residents of Corner Meadows.

Legends of Cornerstone

Legends of Cornerstone showcase architectural ingenuity and careful design by an award winning design team. This development offers unique amenities not commonly found in other developments within the city, making it a standout choice for prospective homeowners.

Future amenities will include Calgary’s first approved Major Activity Complex with commercial, retail, and multifamily spaces, along with two LRT plazas, bringing additional conveniences to residents. Surrounded by beautifully crafted exteriors and lush surroundings, Legends of Cornerstone represents a new paradigm in residential development.

Customize Your Dream Home

Purchasing a Truman Duplex Home means more than just buying a house; it’s about creating your dream home. A variety of floor plan options are available to accommodate different lifestyles and preferences, ensuring that you can tailor your duplex to suit your individual needs.

With the option to install custom TRUspace® cabinetry, you can further personalize your home, including the option to add a bespoke revenue-generating basement suite with a full kitchen and private entry.

Personalized Finishes

Personal touches transform a house into a home. At Truman Duplex Homes, luxury duplex homes feature designer kitchens that serve as a central aspect of home personalization and elegance. Marble or granite countertops not only contribute to the durability but also elevate the elegance of the space.

Custom lighting fixtures can be strategically placed to improve both functionality and ambiance within the kitchen. Homeowners can personalize their living space with a variety of flooring textures and colors, such as hardwood or tile, and select unique hardware for cabinets and doors.

Patio Sliders

Truman Duplex Homes’ luxury doesn’t stop at the front door; it extends outdoors as well. With patio sliders, homeowners can enjoy seamless access to their outdoor space, creating an open, airy atmosphere. This feature not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the homes but also provides a practical solution for those who love to blend indoor and outdoor living.

Whether you are hosting a summer barbecue or enjoying a quiet morning coffee, patio sliders ensure that your outdoor space is always within reach. With soft close doors, these sliders are not only stylish but also practical, ensuring smooth operation and minimal noise.


Truman Duplex Homes offer an enticing blend of luxury, functionality, and community spirit. With a variety of models to choose from, numerous amenities, and a vibrant community to be a part of, these homes present an ideal opportunity for those seeking elegant living. Whether you are a young family or a multi-generational household, Truman Duplex Homes cater to your diverse needs with a promise of quality, convenience, and elegance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the unique features of Truman Duplex Homes at Cornerstone?

Truman Duplex Homes at Cornerstone offer legal basement suites, various sizes to suit different needs, and unique building amenities like saltwater pools and customizable floor plan options. These features cater to a diverse demographic, making them an attractive housing option.

What makes the kitchens in Truman Duplex Homes unique?

Truman Duplex Homes have unique kitchens with TRUspace® cabinetry, quartz countertops, and high-end appliances like Wolf or Sub-Zero for a professional-grade cooking experience. These features set them apart from standard kitchens.

What energy-efficient features do Truman Duplex Homes offer?

Truman Duplex Homes offer oversized high-performance energy systems, energy-efficient fireplaces, renewable energy implementations like solar panels, and high-tech water purification systems. These features make the homes energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

What are the recreational options available in Corner Meadows?

Corner Meadows offers a variety of recreational options, including natural wetlands, scenic pathways, park spaces, playgrounds, and future facilities like a cricket pitch. These options cater to diverse leisure interests and outdoor activities.

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