The Brantwood Residences

221 Allan Street, Oakville, ON
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Address 221 Allan Street, Oakville, ON
City Oakville
Neighbourhood Oakville
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About The Brantwood Residences Development

The Brantwood Residences is a new residence development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Red Pine Communities, located at 221 Allan Street, Oakville, ON. The Brantwood Residences offer modern amenities and personalization – key aspects for those considering making it their home in one of Canada’s most preferred cities. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • The Brantwood Residences, developed by Red Pine Communities in Oakville, is a conversion of a historic school building into executive-sized homes, combining original architectural features with modern design and technology.
  • Residents at The Brantwood can customize their living spaces with luxury finishes and enjoy contemporary amenities like smart home technology, while also reaping benefits from a mature neighbourhood with scenic trails, downtown proximity, and a tranquil atmosphere.
  • The Brantwood offers a limited collection of nine bespoke, eco-conscious residences, each presenting a unique opportunity to live in an exclusive, historic setting with the conveniences of contemporary, sustainable luxury living.

Discovering The Brantwood: A Legacy Reimagined

Ideally located in the heart of Oakville, Red Pine Communities has transformed a former school building into The Brantwood Residences, infusing it with new life. The architectural grandeur of the past now presents itself in a new avatar, where history and modernity shake hands.

The Brantwood symbolizes a commitment to preserving the historical integrity of the building while introducing comfortable contemporary interiors. This change is far from ordinary. It has been a journey of respect for the building’s historic west and south elevations dating back to 1920, which continue to stand tall, preserving their unique identity.

The result is a unique blend of executive-sized homes that honor their storied past while featuring modern design and bespoke living. Hence, The Brantwood stands proudly as a testament to the seamless fusion of past and future, providing an unrivaled living experience.

The Historical Tapestry of Brantwood

The building now known as The Brantwood Residences has an intriguing story to tell. It began its journey as the Allan Street School, serving the community as an educational institution, and shaping hundreds of young minds over the years.

As time passed, the Allan Street School became the Brantwood School, continuing its role in the community for nearly a century. For 90 years, Brantwood School was a beacon of knowledge, witnessing the education of multiple generations before its doors finally closed.

Today, the building stands as The Brantwood Residences, carrying forward its legacy of service, albeit in a different capacity. It continues to nurture, not young minds this time, but families who call it home, adding another chapter to its rich history.

Modern Luxuries Meet Heritage Charm

The Brantwood Residences is a shining example of how modern design details can add to the timeless allure of a heritage structure. It retains the local history and heritage charm of the original 1924 structure, ensuring that the past is not lost in the wave of modernization.

Yet, it does not shy away from introducing modern design features that add to its charm and make it perfectly suited for contemporary luxury living. Some of these modern design features include:

  • Open-concept floor plans
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows for ample natural light
  • High-end finishes and fixtures
  • Smart home technology
  • Energy-efficient appliances
  • Rooftop gardens and outdoor living spaces

These modern design elements seamlessly blend with the historic architecture, creating a unique and luxurious living experience, as they add modern design details. Picture residing in a place rich in history and teeming with modern comforts. At The Brantwood, this is not just possible, but a reality.

The Brantwood offers residents a distinct opportunity to work with the design team and customize interiors as per their tastes, making each home a reflection of its inhabitant’s unique personality. Experience the joy of bespoke living, where your home tells your story.

Exclusive Living in Canada’s Most Preferred City

There’s a reason Oakville has earned a reputation as Canada’s most preferred city for exclusive living. This coveted status is evident in the desirable location of The Brantwood Residences. Uniquely situated in the heart of Oakville, The Brantwood offers a living experience that combines the best of both worlds: the tranquility of a mature neighbourhood and the vibrancy of a thriving city.

Upon stepping out of The Brantwood, residents encounter scenic trails that offer tranquil settings for nature lovers. But the charm of The Brantwood’s location is not limited to its natural beauty alone. Residents also enjoy immediate access to Oakville’s vibrant downtown, featuring a variety of dining, shopping, and entertainment options.

The Brantwood is more than just a residence; it represents a lifestyle.

Architectural Marvels Under the Red Pine Canopy

The architectural brilliance of The Brantwood Residences owes much to the celebrated architect William Hicks, who has masterfully blended the historic character of the property with modern design elements. Under the aegis of the Red Pine Communities, Hicks has created a living space that pays homage to the past while embracing the future.

Design Philosophy: Blending Past and Future

The design philosophy behind The Brantwood is a harmonious blend of past and future. The architectural design maintains the historical character of the original 1924 structure while blending in modern features and amenities to cater to a contemporary lifestyle.

Brantwood’s interior design strikes a delicate balance, respecting the building’s historic allure while offering contemporary, livable styles that meet the needs of modern residents. This fine balance stems from the diligent efforts of William Hicks and Red Pine Communities to respect local heritage in their designs, while seamlessly incorporating modern design and technology to augment both the aesthetics and functionality of the residences.

The result is a living space that reflects the elegance of the past and the comfort of the present, all under the guidance of Red Pine Canopy Ltd.

A Glimpse of the South Elevations

The south elevations at The Brantwood residences display a mix of clay brick, veneer stone, and siding, showcasing the architectural diversity of the development and the relocation of all existing playground equipment. This combination of materials enhances the aesthetic appeal of the residences, adding a dash of uniqueness to each unit.

But the south elevations are not just about aesthetic appeal. They are also designed with sustainability in mind. The inclusion of low-emission, argon-filled casement windows contributes to the energy efficiency of the residences, making them not only beautiful but also eco-friendly.

It’s a perfect example of how beauty and functionality can coexist harmoniously.

The Green Canopy: Outdoor Spaces Reimagined

At The Brantwood, the allure of the residences transcends the indoors and extends to the outdoor spaces. These spaces are part of an architecturally controlled neighbourhood, blending harmoniously with living areas to create a unified natural environment.

The outdoor spaces at The Brantwood are equipped with weatherproof electrical outlets and brushed nickel finish exterior light fixtures, enhancing both their aesthetic and practical appeal. The design of these spaces exceeds Ontario Building Code requirements in structural elements to minimize noise and boost thermal insulation, adding comfort and tranquility to the outdoor living experience.

At The Brantwood, nature is more than just a backdrop; it forms an integral part of your living space.

The Essence of Brantwood: Location and Lifestyle

The Brantwood Residences represent more than just homes; they embody a lifestyle. Conveniently situated for both privacy and connectivity, The Brantwood offers an elite living experience in a desirable location, making it an unparalleled choice for discerning buyers. Residents of The Brantwood are part of a vibrant local community, with unrivaled access to high-end shopping, gourmet dining, and cultural venues.

The Brantwood offers a variety of experiences, including:

  • Cultural activities like local theaters and art galleries
  • Outdoor pursuits at premier golf courses and numerous parks
  • Short distance from prestigious country clubs, offering social and recreational amenities to the residents
  • Leisurely activities at nearby scenic trails and waterways, which allow for kayaking and sailing

There’s something for everyone at The Brantwood.

The prime location and comprehensive lifestyle features make The Brantwood Residences an unparalleled choice for those seeking an exclusive living experience.

Idyllic Settings on Douglas and Palmer Avenues

Nestled on the corner of Douglas and Palmer Avenues, The Brantwood Residences are a part of a charming setting that promises an idyllic living experience. As the Town of Oakville maintains and revitalizes the parkette situated in this area, the charm of the neighbourhood is further cultivated.

Residents can enjoy idyllic leisure time with lakeshore strolls just a stone’s throw away, complementing the tranquil atmosphere of Douglas Avenue and Palmer Avenue. Moreover, these picturesque streets lie within a leisurely walk from the vibrant downtown, allowing easy access to a variety of top-notch downtown restaurants.

A perfect blend of tranquility and vibrancy awaits you right at your doorstep.

Embracing the Mature Neighbourhood

The Brantwood is a pinnacle of serenity, nestled within a mature neighbourhood that promises a tranquil living experience. The outdoor spaces at The Brantwood reflect the area’s rich history and natural beauty, inviting residents to a unique ambiance.

Residents of The Brantwood are provided with immediate access to nature trails, and top-notch downtown restaurants, perfect for outdoor relaxation and reconnection with the environment. The neighbourhood embraces an array of trails, crafting beautiful outdoor spaces for the community to explore and enjoy.

This invites you to embrace nature and savor peaceful moments amidst the city’s hustle and bustle.

Proximity to Prosperity: Local Businesses and Entertainment

The Brantwood Residences are ideally located at 221 Allan Street, near Central Saanich, a vibrant community supported by approximately 700 local businesses. From shopping at the two village centers, Saanichton and Brentwood Bay, to engaging in commercial activities at Keating Business Park and exploring a variety of farms, residents are never far from the action.

Central Saanich is a founding partner of the South Island Prosperity Partnership and a member of the Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, indicating active engagement in regional economic development. This thriving commercial activity around The Brantwood Residences ensures that residents are not just buying a home, but investing in a prosperous community.

Tailored to Your Desires: Customization at The Brantwood

The Brantwood residences offer:

  • A custom architectural approach tailored to each unit
  • Executive-sized homes
  • Bespoke design
  • Preservation of local history
  • Modern amenities

Prospective homeowners at The Brantwood can enjoy these features that marry bespoke design with the opportunity to preserve local history, under the guidance of the Ontario Heritage Act, and modern amenities.

To ensure a personal touch, purchasers are given the privilege to meet directly with the design team, crafting interiors that align with their specific preferences. The Brantwood Residences cater to a market seeking substantial, ‘home-sized’ condominiums that don’t compromise on the demand for individualized, luxurious design choices.

Here, your desires take center stage, crafting a home that’s uniquely yours.

Crafting Your Space: Personalized Interiors

At The Brantwood, homeowners are doing more than just purchasing a home; they are shaping their dream abode. The Brantwood presented ‘home-sized’ condominiums to satisfy the demand for residences that combine the spaciousness of traditional homes with the benefits of condominium living.

Discerning purchasers can work directly with the design team at The Brantwood to customize their new home according to their specific preferences, effectively catering to the most discerning purchasers’ desires. To facilitate the customization process, potential buyers are encouraged to book a private session at the design center, where they can ask questions and collaborate closely with the sales and design teams.

This is an invitation to shape your own space, to create a home that mirrors your style and caters to your needs.

Sustainable Elegance: Eco-Conscious Choices

The Brantwood Residences are more than just aesthetically pleasing; they are designed with a conscious effort to incorporate sustainability into their design. The Brantwood maintains its historical integrity while infusing contemporary sustainable features, ensuring a responsible approach to modern luxury.

Traditional materials are utilized innovatively at The Brantwood to fulfill design and sustainability goals without compromising the budget. This is a testament to how design choices at The Brantwood extend beyond aesthetics to embrace an eco-conscious approach to living.

Limited Availability: The Coveted Company of Nine

The Brantwood presented a rare opportunity with only nine exclusive residences available. These limited units serve as a hallmark of uniqueness and desirability at The Brantwood, ensuring a unique and coveted living experience.

Each residence is executive-sized, showcasing meticulous detailing and luxury. Set in a desirable Oakville location wrapped in a natural tree canopy, these homes offer an exclusive and historic living setting.

Becoming a resident of The Brantwood goes beyond owning a home; it’s about becoming part of an exclusive group of discerning homeowners who appreciate history, luxury, and individuality, while still being able to retain ownership.


The Brantwood Residences represent a unique blend and preserve local history and modern luxury, effectually catering to the most discerning purchasers’ desires. Ideally located in the heart of Canada’s most preferred city for exclusive living, these residences offer an unparalleled lifestyle experience.

With its rich history, modern design elements, idyllic location, and personalized interiors, The Brantwood is more than just a residential complex; it’s a community that cherishes its past while embracing the future. To live at The Brantwood is to enjoy the best of all worlds with a variety of top-notch downtown restaurants. – a home that respects its history, offers modern luxuries and is tailored to your desires.

Welcome to the Brantwood Residences, where every detail is designed with you in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of The Brantwood Residences?

The Brantwood Residences, originally the Allan Street School, has a history of being an educational institution for almost a century before being repurposed into residential condominiums by Red Pine Communities.

How does The Brantwood Residences combine history and modern design?

The Brantwood Residences combine history and modern design by preserving the original 1924 structure’s historical character while integrating modern features and amenities for a contemporary lifestyle. Residents also have the option to personalize interiors according to their preferences.

Where are The Brantwood Residences located?

The Brantwood Residences are located in the heart of Oakville, Canada, surrounded by picturesque trails and offering immediate access to the vibrant downtown area.

What customization options are available at The Brantwood Residences?

At The Brantwood Residences, prospective homeowners can customize executive-sized homes with bespoke design, aligning interiors with their preferences by working directly with the design team. This allows for a personalized living space tailored to individual preferences.

How many units are available at The Brantwood Residences?

There are only nine exclusive residences available at The Brantwood, each showcasing meticulous detailing and luxury.

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