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4820 4e Avenue, Montréal, QC
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Address 4820 4e Avenue, Montréal, QC
City Montreal
Neighbourhood Montreal
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About Tak Village Condos Development

Tak Village Condos is a new condo development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by DevMcGill, located at 4820 4e Avenue, Montréal, QC. The community’s tranquil condos and townhouses, urban conveniences, and rich greenery frame a unique Montreal lifestyle. This project’s estimated completion date is in 2024.

Key Takeaways

  • Tak Village is a sustainable and nature-integrated residential community in Rosemont, featuring Scandinavian-inspired design and architecture, promoting well-being and fostering a community perfect for urban the family.
  • The village offers various housing options like back-to-back townhouses, stacked townhouses, and condos, all designed with Nordic features that ensure a tranquil atmosphere with private and communal amenities.
  • Conveniently located in Rosemont-Angus with abundant neighbourhood amenities, Tak Village provides easy access to shops, parks, and public transportation, along with immediate occupancy opportunities for the final phase of townhouses.

Embracing the Green Village Concept

Tak Village centers around the Green Village Concept, the new life condos- perfect for urban the family, a design strategy that marries urban living with nature for sustainability. The community is laid out to promote physical well-being, enhance mental health, and foster a sense of community among residents.

Green spaces are generously incorporated throughout the village, providing a peaceful and natural setting that serves as an accessible and unique refuge of Scandinavian inspiration that embodies human, social, and environmental core values amid the busy urban landscape.

Scandinavian inspirations heavily shape the architectural design of Tak Village. The design features include:

  • Minimalist, functional designs with clean lines
  • Strong bond with nature
  • Use of natural materials
  • Energy-efficient designs
  • Seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces

The result is a community that offers residents an accessible and unique refuge of Scandinavian inspiration that embodies human, social, and environmental core values, and a sustainable living experience, embodying environmental core values.

Nordic Inspired Features

Tak Village’s condos and townhouses exemplify the elegance and simplicity inherent in Nordic-inspired architecture. They are designed with functionality, light, comfort, and a connection with nature in mind.

The use of natural materials such as wood, stone, and brick adds to the village’s tranquil ambiance, creating a peaceful and natural setting that residents can call home. Aligning with the Scandinavian inspiration, every home is meticulously designed to offer a distinct living experience.

From the sleek shapes of the buildings to the carefully curated interiors, Nordic-inspired features provide a sense of well-being for the residents. The result is a living space that is not just a house, but a home – a place where residents can thrive and flourish at the forefront carefully developed environment.

Outdoor Children’s Play Area

A dynamic and stimulating outdoor children’s play area is one of Tak Village’s distinguishing features. Designed for children between the ages of 5 and 12, this play area provides a safe and engaging environment where children can freely play, explore, and develop their skills.

The play area design prioritizes safety, implementing specific measures to safeguard the children’s well-being. Separate areas are designed for different age groups, equipment regulations are strictly followed, and appropriate safety gear is mandatory.

This attention to safety transforms the play area into a safe haven where children can grow and learn, while parents can enjoy peace of mind.

Accessible Pedestrian Paths

Pedestrian-friendly paths are another feature of Tak Village, facilitating easy community navigation for residents. These paths are designed with compact and mixed-use development patterns, wide sidewalks, and plenty of trees to provide shade.

They are also separated from vehicular traffic, ensuring the safety and comfort of pedestrians.The construction of pedestrian paths with materials such as:

  • crushed stone
  • gravel
  • sand
  • paving stones

The village’s sustainability and eco-friendliness are enhanced by incorporating measures to minimize environmental impact, such as the preferred minimum width of 5 to 7 feet for walking paths. These paths provide comfortable and accessible walking spaces for residents, promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Tak Village Condos and Townhouses

A variety of housing options cater to different lifestyles and preferences in Tak Village, offering a sought-after lifestyle for urban families, a sanctuary in which to grow and create memories. These include back-to-back townhouses, stacked townhouses, and new-life condos. Each of these options is thoughtfully designed with Nordic-inspired features, providing residents with a unique and distinct living experience.

Irrespective of the chosen housing type, residents can anticipate a tranquil, serene living environment, courtesy of the village’s commitment to sustainable living. Each home is designed to effortlessly blend with its natural surroundings, creating a harmonious balance between urban living and nature.

Back-to-Back Townhouses

In Tak Village, back-to-back townhouses provide a distinctive living experience, merging modern design and townhouse living convenience. These life condos feature shared sidewalls and a back wall with another townhouse, creating open-concept layouts that are both spacious and cozy.

Each townhouse comes with its own private outdoor space, offering residents the chance to enjoy the outdoors right at their doorstep. Whether it’s a terrace with planters or a balcony, these outdoor spaces serve as a perfect setting for relaxation, social gatherings, or even a personal sanctuary.

Stacked Townhouses

Stacked townhouses in Tak Village offer an excellent choice for those craving more space. These multi-level dwellings offer:

  • Spacious living across multiple levels
  • A variety of floor plans to choose from
  • Each townhouse has its own private entrance, ensuring privacy and security for residents.

One of the key benefits of living in a stacked townhouse is the additional space it provides. With more spacious floor plans and generous living areas, these homes are perfect for families or those who simply require more room. They offer the advantages of townhouse living, such as a sense of community and security, while also providing the spaciousness of a detached home.

Condominium Living

For busy individuals or families, Tak Village an urban setting offers a low-maintenance lifestyle through condominium living, a sanctuary in which to grow and create memories. Since everything is nearby, the quality and design at the Forefront are carefully developed to minimize environmental impact.

An accessible and unique refuge, that embodies human, social, and environmental core values. With reduced maintenance and repair responsibilities and outdoor maintenance services provided, residents can enjoy more free time to do the things they love.

In addition to the convenience it provides, condominium living also offers access to shared amenities such as:

  • a terrace with panoramic views
  • a rooftop spa
  • a gym
  • a car share program These amenities contribute to the wellness benefits of condominium living.
  • indoor parking

These features, coupled with the village’s Nordic-inspired design and serene surroundings, make condominium living in Tak Village a truly unique and enjoyable experience.

Location and Neighbourhood Amenities

Situated in the convenient Rosemont-Angus neighbourhood, Tak Village offers residents easy access to:

  • an array of shops
  • services
  • parks
  • public transportation

With everything within close proximity, residents can enjoy the convenience of city living in an urban setting without sacrificing the tranquility and natural beauty of their living environment.

The Rosemont-Angus neighbourhood offers a vibrant community and diverse offerings, including:

  • Essential services such as daycares, schools, and clinics
  • Boutique stores
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Green area

Residents of Tak Village have everything they need right at their doorstep.

Proximity to Shops and Services

Positioned near Angus Shops and Promenade Masson, Tak Village grants residents access to a myriad of shopping and dining options. Some of the options include:

  • Boutique stores like Unicorn Boutique
  • A fruit shop
  • fishmonger
  • A multidisciplinary clinic offering services such as massotherapy and osteopathy

Residents have plenty of options to choose from.

When it comes to dining, residents are spoiled for choice. Cafes and restaurants such as Café Lézard and Magnolia are just a few of the dining establishments that residents can conveniently access. With a diverse range of shops and services at their disposal, residents of Tak Village can enjoy the convenience of urban living without leaving their neighbourhood.

Parks and Green Spaces

Residents can enjoy the peaceful, natural settings of the numerous parks and green areas surrounding Tak Village. With access to Pelican Park, a newly developed 16,150 square foot linear park, and over 40% of the total area designated as green space, residents can enjoy the beauty of nature just steps away from their homes.

These parking spaces and green areas offer a wide range of recreational activities, including paddle boarding, biking, and hiking. They also feature a wide variety of plants and wildlife, adding to the village’s charm and appeal.

With the parks and green accessible daily from 5 am to 11 pm, and accessible pedestrian paths residents have ample time to enjoy the outdoors and bask in the tranquility of nature.

Public Transportation and Accessibility

With excellent public transportation links, Tak Village has accessible pedestrian paths, also, offer residents easy commuting and city exploration. Nearby transportation options include:

  • Bus lines
  • Bixi stations
  • Cycling paths
  • Communauto stations

These options ensure that residents can travel conveniently within the Rosemont-Angus neighbourhood and to other areas.

The village’s proximity to the Préfontaine metro station further enhances its connectivity. With downtown Montreal just approximately 30 minutes away using public transportation, residents of Tak Village can easily access the heart of the city while enjoying the peacefulness of their community.

Amenities and Features

Tak Village provides a variety of amenities tailored to its residents’ needs and preferences. One of these is a wading pool strategically incorporated into the linear park. With a sandbox, a play structure like an outdoor children’s play area, and various games, the pool serves as a charming amenity for families.

In addition to this, residents can also enjoy two private terraces per unit, a gym facility on the ground floor, and a well-designed six-storey underground parking structure. These amenities are designed to enhance the living experience in Tak Village, providing residents with the convenience and comfort they need.


In conclusion, the New Life Condos, Tak Village an urban setting offers a unique approach to modern living, offers a sought-after lifestyle for urban families, combining urban convenience with natural serenity perfect for urban the family, a sanctuary in which to grow and create memories. Its commitment to the Green Village Concept, Nordic-inspired design, diverse housing options, and strategic location make it an ideal choice for those seeking a balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

Whether you’re a young professional, a growing family, or an individual seeking a peaceful and natural setting with an outdoor children’s play area safe for children. The quality and design at the forefront are carefully developed to minimize environmental impact. Tak Village promises a living experience unlike any other.

Frequently Asked Questions

What housing options are available in Tak Village?

Tak Village offers back-to-back townhouses, life condos with various floor plans, and penthouses with spacious private decks for housing options.

What amenities are available for residents at Tak Village?

Residents at Tak Village have access to a range of shared amenities including a terrace with panoramic views, a rooftop spa, a gym, and a car share program. These amenities provide a comfortable and convenient living experience for the residents.

What is the proximity of Tak Village to shopping and dining amenities?

Tak Village is situated close to Angus Shops and Promenade Masson in Montreal, Quebec, providing residents with convenient access to diverse shopping and dining amenities.

What public transportation options are accessible to the residents of Tak Village?

Residents of Tak Village have access to buses, trains, and paratransit services tailored for seniors or individuals with disabilities, providing a wide range of public transportation options.

What are the immediate occupancy opportunities at Tak Village?

You can take advantage of quick occupancy opportunities in the final phase of back-to-back townhouses at Tak Village, ensuring a quick move-in process.

Stay tuned for the most up to date projects on pre-construction condos in Montreal.

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