Shining Hill Townhomes

Shining Hill Community | Yonge Street & Saint John's Side Road, Aurora, ON
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Address Shining Hill Community | Yonge Street & Saint John's Side Road, Aurora, ON
City Aurora
Neighbourhood Aurora
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About Shining Hill Townhomes Development

Shining Hill Townhomes is a new town development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Townwood Homes, located at Yonge St & Saint John’s Side Rd, Aurora, ON. Shining Hill Townhomes is a master-planned community that offers a luxury living in harmony with nature. This project’s estimated completion date is unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • Shining Hill Townhomes in Aurora, ON, Canada, is a master-planned community that offers luxury living in harmony with nature, featuring exclusive access to 400 acres of green spaces, parks, and trails.
  • The community is strategically located for convenience and connectivity, boasting close proximity to acclaimed schools, recreational amenities, and direct routes to essential services and Yonge Street.
  • Discover the beautiful scenery, extensive parks, and trail systems of Shining Hill. Developed by Regal Crest Homes, Countrywide Homes, and Townwood Homes, Shining Hill created lifelong memories and built a bright future that ensures high-quality craftsmanship and comprehensive community features including clubhouses, sports courts, and organized social events.

Embracing the Beauty of Shining Hill Townhomes

Ever dreamt of living in a luxurious neighbourhood that harmoniously blends with nature? Shining Hill offers just that – a variety of gorgeous semi-detached homes featuring detached homes located in a lush 400-acre community. The beauty of Shining Hill lies not just in its architectural elegance but also in its surroundings.

Here, the green space is not an afterthought but a vital component of the community, rich with woodlands, parks, and trails. The upcoming Gates Of St. Anne’s, a luxury neighbourhood within Shining Hill, takes elegance a notch higher.

This master-planned neighbourhood offers a tranquil living space, making it an ideal place for those seeking serenity amidst luxury.

Master Planned Community

Shining Hill represents more than just an assortment of homes; it is a carefully orchestrated, master-planned community. Each townhouse and detached home is thoughtfully designed to create a serene environment, making it an ideal place for families and professionals alike.

The upcoming Gates of St. Anne’s neighbourhood is a prime example of the luxurious living that Shining Hill offers. Positioned amidst natural surroundings, it offers an exclusive lifestyle that is hard to find elsewhere.

Scheduled for release in 2024, Gates of St. Anne’s will introduce new townhomes and detached homes, further expanding the offering of Shining Hill. The community has been deliberately designed to blend residential spaces seamlessly with nature, fostering a sense of calm and community connectivity.

Access to Nature and Open Spaces

Shining Hill is particularly distinguished by its dedication to encouraging an active lifestyle intertwined with nature. The community offers:

  • 400 acres of land
  • Master-planned design that incorporates natural elements seamlessly into everyday living
  • Priority access to green spaces, right at your doorstep

It’s not just about living close to green spaces; it’s about having priority access to them, right at your doorstep.

Residents enjoy easy access to a myriad of outdoor amenities, encouraging an active lifestyle within an elegant community setting. Some of the outdoor amenities include:

  • Extensive green spaces
  • Woodlands
  • Parks

Trails designed to enhance family growth and memory-making

These features make Shining Hill an ideal place to create lifelong memories with your loved ones.

A Bright Future at St. John’s Sideroad Aurora

St. John’s Sideroad Aurora, ON, Canada, transcends beyond being just a physical location; it exemplifies a prosperous community that houses a robust economy and a populace of well-educated professionals. The Shining Hill community is known for its upcoming release of luxurious neighbourhoods along Saint John’s Sideroad, offering a bright future for those seeking a high-quality lifestyle.

Accessibility is a key consideration for anyone looking for a new home. In Aurora, it’s bolstered by excellent transportation options, making it easy to travel to and from St. John’s Sideroad. This ease of access, combined with the proposed development of recreational amenities, makes St. John’s Sideroad Aurora a location to watch out for.

Anne’s School and Other Education Facilities

Considering the emphasis families place on education, Shining Hill ensures that top-notch educational facilities are conveniently nearby. The prestigious St. Anne’s School for Girls is located in close proximity to the townhomes, making it convenient for families with children.

The new Gates Of St. Anne’s neighbourhood includes 108 townhouses and detached homes adjacent to St. Anne’s School, offering a setting intertwined with both nature and educational facilities. In addition to St. Anne’s, Shining Hill Townhomes are also close to a variety of private schools offering tailored education options from pre-kindergarten to grade twelve, catering to the educational needs of all ages.

Convenient Access to Yonge Street and Beyond

Recognizing the importance of location, Shining Hill Townhomes provides an ideal blend of convenience and serenity. Strategically located on St. John’s Sideroad Aurora, residents have direct routes that connect them swiftly to Yonge Street, making commuting a breeze.

The proximity to Yonge Street allows residents of Shining Hill to easily access neighbouring communities, as well as a variety of shopping centers and other attractions. Whether it’s a quick trip to the grocery store or a day out at a local attraction, everything is within reach.

Community Facilities and Lifestyle

Residing in Shining Hill transcends beyond the beauty of its semi-detached homes; it is a testament to a dynamic community lifestyle. The townhomes offer state-of-the-art recreational facilities, including sports courts and playgrounds for family-friendly activities.

For those interested in personal health and exercise, the community’s fitness center makes it convenient to stay active. The community also features:

  • beautifully designed clubhouses available for events and private functions
  • outdoor spaces that enhance curb appeal and serve as gathering spots for neighbours
  • community-hosted activities for both adults and children, which reinforce a strong sense of belonging and community involvement.

Recreational Amenities

Shining Hill places significant importance on providing comprehensive recreational amenities. The community will include expansive manicured parks, fostering outdoor activities and nature experiences.

A newly planned adjacent park will enhance society with an array of modern recreational facilities. The new park will offer the following facilities:

  • Multi-use artificial turf field
  • Children’s playground
  • Splash pad
  • Full basketball court
  • Lit tennis/pickleball court

These facilities cater to diverse athletic interests and promote an active lifestyle, ensuring that there’s something for everyone in the family.

Social Spaces and Events

Shining Hill recognizes and values the essence of a close-knit society. That’s why it has designed gathering spaces to foster a sense of society and provide common areas where residents can meet and socialize.

The townhomes feature clubhouses that serve as central hubs for resident interaction and society-building activities. Outdoor areas such as parks and shared gardens offer additional communal spaces for families and neighbours to come together, covering vast swathes of land.

Organized events, including seasonal festivals and block parties, bring residents together for celebration and fun. These gatherings and activities are not only a way to have fun but also play a significant role in creating lifelong memories for the residents.

The Developers Behind Shining Hill Townhomes

The triumph of Shining Hill Townhomes is a result of the joint efforts of three renowned builders: Regal Crest Homes, Countrywide Homes, and Townwood Homes. These builders bring a legacy of quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction to the project, ensuring that every single-family home meets the highest standards of luxury and elegance.

Regal Crest Homes

Regal Crest Homes is renowned for its longstanding reputation in the home-building industry. With a history of crafting luxurious residential neighbourhoods, they are committed to creating neighbourhoods that deliver luxury and quality in their homes.

Countrywide Homes

Countrywide Homes prioritizes the development of communities that foster a profound sense of belonging while ensuring resident contentment. The company takes pride in delivering homes with high-standard craftsmanship, integral to the pride and connections formed between the company and homebuyers.

They are known for providing an exceptional service experience that inspires homeowners, enhancing feelings of pride and belonging within society.

Townwood Homes

Townwood Homes boasts a rich history spanning over four decades in the realm of society construction. Their extensive experience has made their communities highly sought after by homebuyers. This extensive expertise underlines their capability to design master-planned communities tailored to the needs of modern families.


To conclude, Shining Hill Townhomes is more than just a luxurious neighbourhood; it’s a lifestyle. From its master-planned society, robust economy, excellent transportation options, proximity to prestigious schools, state-of-the-art recreational facilities, to reputable developers, Shining Hill offers an unparalleled living experience.

If you’re looking for a luxurious semi-detached home in a society that prides itself on its strong sense of belonging, Shining Hill Townhomes is the place to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of homes does Shining Hill offer?

Shining Hill offers luxurious semi-detached homes with a variety of living features.

What recreational amenities does Shining Hill provide?

Shining Hill provides state-of-the-art recreational facilities such as sports courts, playgrounds, and a fitness center for its residents.

What educational facilities are near Shining Hill?

Near Shining Hill, you can find the prestigious St. Anne’s School for girls and several private schools offering education from pre-kindergarten to grade twelve. These educational facilities provide tailored options for students of all ages.

Who are the developers behind Shining Hill Townhomes?

Shining Hill Townhomes is a collaborative development by three notable builders: Regal Crest Homes, Countrywide Homes, and Townwood Homes. These developers are behind the project, bringing their expertise to create a unique living space.

Where is Shining Hill located?

Shining Hill is located on St. John’s Sideroad Aurora, ON, Canada with direct routes connecting to Yonge St, offering convenient access to surrounding areas.

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