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83 Hickory Street West, Waterloo, ON
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Address 83 Hickory Street West, Waterloo, ON
City Waterloo
Neighbourhood Waterloo
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About Prima Condos Development

Prima Condos is a new condo development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by DCB Development Canada Inc, located at 83 Hickory St W, Waterloo, ON. Prima Condos presents a blend of accessibility, modern amenities, and living convenience. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • Prima Condos offers a diverse range of living spaces, from studios to two-bedroom apartments, featuring innovative design and mezzanines in at-grade units, targeting different demographics including students and professionals due to its proximity to educational institutes in Waterloo.
  • Developed by DCB Development Canada, known for its quality real estate projects and personalized construction solutions, Prima Condos emphasizes homeowner satisfaction overseen by a skilled team and incorporates leading architect and engineering expertise.
  • Prima Condos not only sits amidst Waterloo’s key educational and business districts but also addresses the serious housing crisis by providing 168 new units of various sizes catering to different needs while promoting sustainable living through eco-friendly design and technology.

Prima Condos Overview

As a pre-construction condo development, Prima Condos is poised to transform Waterloo’s residential landscape. Offering a diverse range of unit types, including:

  • Studio apartments
  • 1-bedroom apartments
  • 1-bedroom + den apartments
  • 2-bedroom apartments

Prima Condos caters to a wide range of residents. The development further stands out with its at-grade units with mezzanines, taking advantage of the higher ceiling heights of convertible frontage buildings, thus offering an elevated living experience.

Strategically positioned at 83 Hickory Street West & Albert St, Prima Condos benefits from a prime location. It’s in proximity to major educational institutions, making it an ideal home for students and professionals alike.

Whether you’re taking the first steps in your career or looking for a refreshing change, Prima Condos is designed with you in mind. Prima Condos, with its innovative design and strategic location, embodies the future of urban living.

This development signifies a new era in Waterloo’s residential scene, one marked by luxury, convenience, and inclusivity.

DCB Development Canada: The Developer Behind Prima Condos

DCB Development Canada, a developer boasting an impressive track record, is the visionary mind and skilled hand behind Prima Condos. The founders of DCB Development Canada have developed and built over 2000 condominium homes internationally, evidencing their extensive experience and commitment to high-quality real estate projects.

DCB Development Canada’s commitment to quality and personalized construction solutions is evident in its successful completion of over 512 projects. The company’s development, construction, and investment activities in Ontario focus on creating value and ensuring homeowner satisfaction, making them the ideal developer for Prima Condos.

The company also boasts a talented team, including lead architect Reza Adibi, and experienced head engineers Jenny Smith, George Doe, and Maria Jay, who play critical roles in the company’s success and project delivery.

Overseeing construction processes from start to finish, the company coordinates with subcontractors and upholds safety standards. Dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, DCB Development Canada maintains open communication, keeping clients informed and involved throughout the development lifecycle.

With such a dedicated and experienced team at the helm, new residents can look forward to a home that not only meets but exceeds their expectations.

Prime Location for Students and Professionals

Located strategically near three major educational institutions – the University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University, and Conestoga College, Prima Condos occupies a prime location. With a combined student population of approximately 103,000, Prima Condos offers convenient and luxurious housing options for a significant portion of the city’s population.

The development’s location near Ontario’s Innovation Corridor offers professionals easy access to a vast network of businesses and the thriving tech industry. This strategic location offers a wealth of job opportunities and networking potential, making Prima Condos an attractive investment and residential choice for professionals.

For students, young professionals, or those seeking a vibrant community, Prima Condos’ prime location guarantees a life filled with convenience and opportunities.

Convenient Access to Transportation

A strategic location isn’t just about being close to educational institutions or job opportunities. It also entails easy access to key transportation hubs, offering strategic proximity for residents.

Prima Condos shines in this aspect, being strategically located near Laurier Waterloo, and Park Station. These connections ensure seamless commuting across the region for residents, making the daily journey to work or school a breeze.

Proximity, a gateway to the Ion Light Rail Line, Waterloo Station, adds to the convenience for residents of Prima Condos. This eco-friendly commuting option connects residents to major destinations such as universities and hospitals, enhancing community mobility.

Additionally, Kitchener GO Station is at the disposal of professionals residing in Prima Condos. This hub facilitates extended commuting options to diverse locales, including the Greater Toronto Area.

With such convenient access to transportation, life at Prima Condos promises to be smooth and hassle-free.

Walking Distance to Key Destinations

Prima Condos a Single-family home that offers not only a convenient location and easy transport access but also a lifestyle of convenience. The development is situated within a comfortable short walk of Uptown Waterloo, making a wide array of shops, eclectic restaurants, and entertainment options easily accessible.

In addition to Uptown Waterloo, downtown Cambridge, and downtown North, residents also enjoy close proximity to Conestoga Mall and Hickory Street West Waterloo, Grand River Hospital, Laurier University, and Earth Sciences Museum.

This comprehensive shopping and entertainment hub offers a variety of retail stores, eateries, and a movie theater, ensuring an enjoyable leisure experience just a few steps from home. Fitness enthusiasts can rejoice, as a variety of athletic facilities, including the Albert McCormick Community Centre, are nearby.

This allows residents to partake in fitness and recreational activities conveniently, promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle. With such a wealth of high-quality amenities within walking distance, Prima Condos truly offers a lifestyle of convenience and entertainment.

Addressing the Housing Crisis with New Development

A serious housing shortage is unfolding in Waterloo, marked by skyrocketing prices and rents, rapid population growth, and new homes crammed with more people occupying less square footage. Prima Condos enters the scene as an innovative solution in the Waterloo Region, aiming to accommodate rapid demographic changes and the pressing need for more housing options.

Catering to diverse needs, Prima Condos provides a variety of unit sizes and types suitable for:

  • professionals
  • privately owned student rentals
  • families
  • seniors
  • those looking to downsize

This commitment to inclusivity in housing makes Prima Condos a beacon of hope in the strained Waterloo housing market.

The addition of 168 new units by Prima Condos significantly boosts both the availability and affordability of housing in Waterloo. This new development promises to ease the current housing shortage, making luxury living accessible to a broader range of residents.

Sustainable Living and Energy Standards

Prima Condos’ design champions sustainability and energy efficiency. Incorporating advanced design methodologies and sustainable building practices, the development ensures every condo unit surpasses current safety, accessibility, and energy standards, not merely meets them.

The condos are equipped with:

  • High-efficiency windows that are energy-efficient and hurricane-rated
  • High-efficiency HVAC systems that are individually controlled
  • Enhanced insulation and soundproofing
  • Energy-efficient water heating solutions
  • Energy-saving LED lighting throughout the condos

This ensures optimal energy use and comfort for each resident and contributes to the building’s focus on sustainability.

Smart home technologies like programmable thermostats for energy management and outlets with USB connections for energy-efficient device charging are also beneficial to residents. These features not only make life convenient but also align with the global push towards sustainable living, making Prima Condos an eco-friendly choice for modern living.


In summary, Prima Condos stands as a testament to the future of urban living in Waterloo. With its ideal location, a diverse range of unit types, commitment to sustainability, and response to the city’s housing shortage, Prima Condos proves to be a compelling choice for luxury living.

DCB Development Canada’s extensive experience and commitment to quality, combined with the tactical location of Prima Condos, make this development a promising investment. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or someone seeking a vibrant community, Prima Condos has something to offer you.

Discover luxury living with Prima Condos and experience the best of Waterloo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the developer behind Prima Condos?

The developer behind Prima Condos is DCB Development Canada, known for their extensive experience and commitment to quality.

What types of units do Prima Condos offer?

Prima Condos offers a diverse range of unit types, including studio, 1-bedroom, 1-bedroom + den, and 2-bedroom apartments. So, there’s a variety of options to suit different needs.

How does Prima Condos address the housing shortage in Waterloo?

Prima Condos addresses this by offering inclusive housing options and adding 168 new units to the market. This expansion helps to alleviate the housing shortage in the area.

What are the sustainability features of Prima Condos?

Prima Condos have sustainability features such as high-efficiency windows, HVAC systems, enhanced insulation, energy-efficient water heating, and smart home technologies, ensuring eco-friendly living.

What amenities and facilities are accessible from Prima Condos?

Prima Condos are conveniently located a short walk from Uptown Waterloo, Conestoga Mall, athletic facilities, and key transportation hubs like Laurier Waterloo Park Station and Kitchener GO Station, Sciences Museum offering residents easy access to various amenities and facilities.

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