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Imagine living in the heart of a vibrant city with stunning views, luxurious amenities, and convenient access to iconic landmarks. Welcome to Optima Condos, where all of this and more await you. In this blog post, we will take you on a journey to discover the best Optima Condos for sale and rent, providing insights into the benefits of living in this prestigious condominium complex.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover Optima Condos and experience luxurious urban living with spectacular views, convenient entry to public transit & highways, and family-friendly amenities.
  • Enjoy the beautiful CN Tower & Rogers Centre view from floor-to-ceiling windows or take a leisurely stroll in Canoe Landing Park nearby.
  • Feel secure knowing that you are part of an inviting community offering excellent management services for ultimate peace of mind.

Exploring Optima Condo Living

Optima Condos offers a truly exceptional living experience that few other properties can match. With spectacular views of the Rogers Centre and impressive floor-to-ceiling windows, you’ll be captivated by the breathtaking scenes of the town skyline every day.

The well-designed floor plans provide plenty of space to accommodate your needs, making it the perfect choice for those seeking luxury living in a luxurious urban lifestyle. Be sure to explore our new listings to find your dream home.

CN Tower and Rogers Centre Proximity

Living at Optima Condos means being surrounded by Toronto’s most iconic landmarks. A mere 10-15 minute walk will take you to the awe-inspiring CN Tower, while the world-renowned Rogers Centre, also known as Rogers Center, is just a few minutes away.

Floor-to-ceiling windows in your condo not only allow for an abundance of natural light but also offer impressive views of these architectural marvels. Just imagine waking up every day to a breathtaking panorama as your backdrop.

Green Spaces and Canoe Landing Park

For those who appreciate the outdoors, Optima Condos has you covered. Located just a few blocks away from 81 Navy Wharf Crt, Toronto, Canoe Landing Park offers a serene oasis amidst the bustling city. With an array of delightful services and facilities, such as:

  • Arts and fitness activities
  • Walking and biking trails
  • Picnic areas
  • Playground
  • Dog park

This green place is perfect for relaxation and enjoyment.

Plus, the close park frequently hosts exciting group events, bringing all the excitement and joy to the neighbourhood, including visits to Ripley’s Aquarium.

Optima Condo Features and Amenities

Beyond its prime location, Optima Condos also offers a myriad of features and amenities that cater to your every need. With suites ranging from 530 sq. ft to 1170 sq. ft, you’ll have plenty of living capacity options to choose from.

From the state-of-the-art gym to the luxurious guest suite and stunning pool, every detail has been thoughtfully designed to elevate your living experience.

Visitor Parking and Guest Suites

Optima Condos simplifies the process of hosting friends and family. With designated visitor parking and overnight guest rooms, there’s no need to worry about finding space for your loved ones. The guest rooms themselves are a testament to luxury, featuring:

  • Designer kitchen cabinetry
  • Granite countertops
  • Floor-to-ceiling wrap-around windows
  • Way into fantastic amenities like an indoor lap pool and jacuzzi.

Transportation and Accessibility

Optima Condos benefit from a prime location, offering easy passage to:

  • Public transit
  • Main highways
  • Union Station (within walking distance)
  • Gardiner Expressway (less than 400 meters south)

This prime location allows for seamless exploration and maximizes the value of your living space by providing door-to-current listings.

Union Station

Just a short walk from Optima Condos, Union Station is a major transportation hub, providing entry to TTC and GO Transit services, as well as Via Rail, Amtrak, and Ontario Northland. With direct connections to iconic landmarks such as the Royal York Hotel, Scotiabank Arena, and Rogers Centre, you’ll never be far from the action.

Moreover, the UP Express train, stationed at Union, provides a convenient route to Toronto Pearson International Airport, simplifying travel.

Gardiner Expressway

For those who prefer to drive, the Gardiner Expressway is easily accessible from Optima Condos. This major highway not only provides a convenient route for commuting within the city but also connects to other major highways for travel outside of Toronto. Though traffic during rush hours can be busy, it remains manageable, ensuring that you’ll reach your destination in a timely manner.

Family-Friendly Living at Optima Condos

Optima Condos, with their secure environment, diligent administration, and robust sense of community, is a stellar choice for families. The generously sized suites with clever use of space make it an appealing option for couples and young families alike.

The comprehensive security measures, which include a 24-hour concierge and security staff, guarantee a secure and well-kept living environment.

Security and Management

Regarding safety, Optima Condos exceeded expectations. Security guards, security systems, and secure parking garages work together to create a safe environment for all residents. The administration and board of directors are highly praised for their diligence in maintaining the property and fostering a secure atmosphere.

With over 10 years of no police interaction, Optima Condos is a reliable choice for families seeking peace of mind.

Community and Lifestyle

The people at Optima Condos are exceptionally inclusive and diverse, housing a vibrant mix of families, young professionals, and established locals. A range of amenities and services tailored to the needs of young professionals and larger suites with practical use of space make the condominium an inviting option for residents from all walks of life.

Group clubs and committees also collaborate with regulations to enhance residents’ lifestyles and protect property values.


In conclusion, Optima Condos offers an exceptional living experience in a prime location, with luxurious amenities, excellent transportation options, and a family-friendly environment. Whether you’re a young professional seeking a vibrant lifestyle or a family looking for a safe and welcoming society, Optima Condos is the perfect choice for your next home. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience all that Optima Condos has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the key features of Optima Condos?

Optima Condos offers incredible views of the Rogers Centre, luxurious amenities, floor-to-ceiling windows, and modern floor plans for an enjoyable living experience.

How close are Optima Condos to major Toronto landmarks?

Optima Condos are conveniently located in close proximity to the CN Tower, Rogers Centre, and Union Station, allowing easy access to Toronto’s major attractions.

What amenities are available for guests and visitors at Optima Condos?

Optima Condos offers designated visitor parking and luxurious guest suites, providing a comfortable experience for visitors and families alike.

How is the security and management at Optima Condos?

Optima Condos provides a secure and well-maintained living environment for residents through comprehensive security measures and attentive management.

What kind of community can be found at Optima Condos?

Optima Condos offers a diverse, warm, and inclusive community of families, young professionals, and long-term residents.