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Minto Yorkville Park Condos is a developed condo development by Minto, located at 61 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON. Minto Yorkville Park Condos Offers a combination of ornate private residences, eco-friendly features, and exceptional amenities, this luxury condo sets the standard for upscale urban living. This project was completed in 2020.

Short Summary

  • Minto Yorkville Park Condos offer luxurious living with art deco-inspired designs, eco-friendly features & amenities.
  • Located in Toronto’s most sought-after neighbourhood of Yorkville, residents have access to upscale boutiques & dining options.
  • The building is pursuing LEED® Certification and has been awarded numerous accolades for excellence in design, construction & sustainability.

Minto Yorkville Park Condos: A Luxurious Living Experience

At 88 Cumberland St Toronto, residents are treated to an opulent living experience that is truly unparalleled. Located at 88 Cumberland Avenue, Cumberland. St in Toronto, this striking 25-storey glass tower offers a range of elegantly designed private residences, adorned with high-end finishes and modern appliances to create a truly luxurious atmosphere.

Each residence is thoughtfully crafted to provide the utmost comfort and style, ensuring that residents can enjoy an exceptional quality of life. The commitment to luxury extends beyond the individual residences, with a host of eco-friendly features incorporated throughout the building.

Minto Yorkville Park boasts energy-efficient lighting and water-saving fixtures, all in compliance with the Ontario Building Code. This dedication to sustainability not only benefits the environment but also enhances the comfort and well-being of residents, making 88 Cumberland St a truly remarkable place to call home.

Ornate Private Residence

Minto Yorkville Park condos exude sophistication, with art deco-inspired designs and high-quality materials evident throughout the residences. Each suite is carefully crafted to provide a luxurious living experience, featuring top-of-the-line appliances and finishes to create a truly opulent environment.

Sustainability is also a key consideration, with eco-friendly features and green building materials incorporated into the design to help reduce the urban heat island effect in the surrounding area. With Minto Yorkville condos, you can enjoy a perfect blend of luxury and sustainability.

The attention to detail and commitment to luxury do not end at the individual residences. This condo also offers an array of exceptional amenities, including a stylish Yorkville Lounge on the 7th floor, perfect for socializing with fellow residents or simply relaxing in an elegant setting.

With its stunning architecture and exquisite living spaces, this condo truly sets the standard for upscale urban living.

Eco-Friendly Features

Minto Yorkville Park’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its incorporation of numerous eco-friendly elements, designed to promote cost efficiency, comfort, and healthy living. The building employs a high-performance thermal envelope, high-efficiency mechanical equipment, and smart building systems to ensure energy efficiency.

Additionally, programmable thermostats, motion sensor-controlled lighting, ENERGY STAR® appliances, LED lighting, and heat recovery ventilation are utilized to effectively reduce energy and water consumption.

Furthermore, this dedication to sustainability is evident in the pursuit of LEED® Canada NC Silver certification, showcasing Minto Yorkville Park’s commitment to creating better places to live, work, and play. With its eco-friendly features and energy-efficient systems, Minto Yorkville Park sets a new standard for luxury living that is both sustainable and environmentally responsible.

Outdoor Living Spaces

This striking glass tower offers residents the opportunity to enjoy stunning outdoor amenity areas, with private balconies and terraces providing breathtaking views of the surrounding area. These expansive outdoor spaces allow residents to fully appreciate the beauty of neighbouring Yorkville Park and the lush green canopy to the north.

Upper-level residences, in particular, boast picturesque city skylines that truly capture the essence of luxury urban living.

In addition to the private outdoor spaces, this condo also features a beautifully landscaped rooftop lounge and expansive terraces on the 7th floor, offering a serene retreat for residents to relax and unwind on the outdoor rooftop terrace. With its diverse array of outdoor living options, 88 Cumberland St provides an idyllic sanctuary for residents to enjoy amidst the bustling city.

Yorkville: Toronto’s Most Sought-After Neighbourhood

Nestled in the heart of Toronto, Yorkville is a prestigious neighbourhood renowned for its upscale shopping, dining, and art galleries. As one of the city’s most affluent areas, Yorkville offers a vibrant and lively atmosphere, with a variety of events and activities for residents to partake in.

This iconic corner and a prime location within this sought-after neighbourhood allow residents to fully immerse themselves in the best that Yorkville has to offer. With its beautiful park, luxury boutiques, and a wide array of dining options, Yorkville presents the perfect blend of urban sophistication and serene tranquility.

The proximity to these incredible amenities ensures that residents can enjoy an unrivaled living experience right in the heart of Toronto’s most coveted neighbourhood.

Neighbouring Yorkville Park

Minto Yorkville. Park’s enviable location opposite Yorkville Park provides residents with a serene green space to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. This tranquil park offers a lush oasis amidst the vibrant urban landscape, making it the perfect place for residents to unwind and connect with nature.

With its beautifully landscaped gardens, a crabapple orchard, and a billion-year-old rock, Yorkville Park offers a unique and peaceful retreat for residents to explore fine galleries and enjoy city living. In addition to the park, residents also benefit from easy access to a wide range of upscale boutiques, fine dining options, and art galleries that Yorkville is famous for.

This combination of serene green spaces and vibrant urban amenities truly sets Minto Yorkville Park apart, offering residents the best of both worlds. The fact that Minto Yorkville Park exists in such a prime location makes it even more appealing to potential residents.

Upscale Boutiques & Dining

Yorkville is known for its celebrated luxury shopping experience, attracting fashion enthusiasts from around the world. Minto Yorkville Park residents can enjoy easy access to renowned designer boutiques, such as Versace, Hermès, and Christian Louboutin, all within walking distance of their doorstep.

This unparalleled proximity to some of the world’s most coveted fashion brands ensures that residents can indulge in the latest designer collections without ever leaving their neighbourhood. In addition to its upscale shopping scene, Yorkville is also home to a variety of exquisite dining options catering to a diverse range of culinary tastes.

From Michelin-starred restaurants to intimate bistros and trendy cafés, residents can satisfy their cravings and experience the best of Toronto’s vibrant gastronomic scene.

Vibrant Community

The vibrant community of Yorkville offers an array of events and activities that cater to a diverse range of interests. With its numerous art galleries, music festivals, and outdoor markets, there is always something happening in this bustling neighbourhood. Residents can fully immerse themselves in the lively atmosphere, enjoying the best of what Yorkville has to offer.

Beyond its rich cultural offerings, Yorkville is also known for its strong sense of community, with residents actively participating in local events and initiatives. Living at Minto Yorkville Park provides the perfect opportunity to engage with other like-minded individuals, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie within this prestigious neighbourhood.

Amenities & Facilities

Minto Yorkville Park offers a wide range of amenities and facilities to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of its residents. From fitness and wellness amenities to entertaining spaces and convenience features.

This condo has something for everyone, ensuring that residents can enjoy a truly exceptional living experience.

Some of the standout amenities include a well-equipped fitness center, a beautifully landscaped outdoor rooftop terrace, and a stylish Yorkville Lounge on the 7th floor. These incredible spaces provide residents with numerous opportunities to socialize, relax, and stay active in the comfort of their own homes.

Fitness & Wellness Amenities

Health and wellness are a top priority at Minto Yorkville Park, with a range of fitness amenities designed to cater to residents’ varied needs. The state-of-the-art exercise room boasts 2,000 square feet of space, featuring a dedicated area for personal trainers and a spin and stretch room.

In addition, the comprehensive fully equipped fitness facility includes cardio gym equipment, weights, a stretch room, and a personal training area, ensuring that residents can maintain an active and healthy lifestyle without leaving the building.

For those seeking additional wellness amenities, Minto Yorkville Park also offers a furnished guest suite and 24/7 concierge services, providing residents with unparalleled convenience and peace of mind. With its extensive array of fitness and wellness offerings, Minto Yorkville Park truly caters to the needs of today’s health-conscious urban dwellers.

Entertaining Spaces

Minto Yorkville Park provides a host of exceptional entertaining spaces for residents to enjoy, ensuring that hosting events and gatherings is both effortless and enjoyable. The elegant dining area, complete with a fully equipped catering kitchen, is the perfect setting for dinner parties and special occasions.

The terrace, with its cozy fireplace and lounge seating, offers an inviting outdoor entertaining space for residents to host elegant summer soirées.

In addition to these versatile entertaining spaces, the stylish Yorkville Lounge on the 7th floor provides a warm and sophisticated atmosphere for residents to socialize and relax. With its elegant design and comfortable seating, the lounge is an ideal space for intimate gatherings or simply enjoying a quiet moment amidst the bustling city, while also serving as a perfect extension to your dining room.

Convenience Features

Minto Yorkville Park offers an impressive array of convenience features to ensure that residents enjoy a seamless and stress-free living experience. With a walk score of 100, all essential amenities are within walking distance, making daily errands a breeze in this posh neighbourhood.

The building also offers an underground parking garage for both residents and visitors, providing added convenience and security. In addition to its prime location and easy access to public transportation,

Minto Yorkville Park also boasts 5,700 square feet of retail space located on the mezzanine level, offering residents an unparalleled shopping experience right at their doorstep. With its numerous convenience features and prime location, living here is truly an experience in effortless luxury.

Transportation & Accessibility

Minto Yorkville Park provides residents with exceptional transportation and accessibility options, making it easy to navigate the city and beyond. With a TTC bus stop nearby and Bay Station just a few steps away, residents can easily access public transportation and explore the best of Toronto and Yorkville Avenue.

The building’s prime location also ensures easy access to major streets and highways, including the Don Valley Parkway, providing residents with a variety of transportation options to suit their needs. This unparalleled accessibility, combined with the building’s luxurious amenities and prime location in the heart of Yorkville, ensures that residents can truly experience the best that Toronto has to offer.

So, from its exceptional transportation options to its prestigious neighbourhood, Minto Yorkville Park provides residents with an unparalleled living experience in one of the city’s most coveted locations.

Minto Yorkville Park’s Pursuit of LEED® Certification

Demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and creating better places to live, work, and play, Minto Yorkville Park is actively pursuing LEED® Certification. This prestigious certification, awarded by the Canada Green Building Council, recognizes buildings that achieve high levels of environmental performance in areas such as energy efficiency, water conservation, and waste reduction.

By striving for LEED® Certification, Minto Yorkville Park showcases its dedication to providing residents with a truly exceptional living experience that is both environmentally responsible and sustainable. This commitment to sustainability, combined with the building’s luxurious amenities and prime location in the heart of Yorkville, sets Minto Yorkville Park apart as a leader in eco-friendly luxury living.


Minto Yorkville Park offers a luxurious living experience in the heart of Toronto’s neighbourhood, combining elegant private residences, eco-friendly features, and exceptional amenities to create a truly unparalleled lifestyle. So, with its prime location in the ultra-chic Yorkville, residents can enjoy easy access to upscale shopping, dining, and cultural experiences, as well as the serenity of neighboring Yorkville Park.

Furthermore, with its commitment to sustainability, exceptional transportation and accessibility options, and a host of prestigious awards, Minto Yorkville Park truly sets the standard for upscale urban living.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of residences are available at Minto Yorkville Park?

Minto Yorkville Park offers luxurious residences with high-end finishes and modern appliances, creating a truly elegant atmosphere.

Also, residences feature top-of-the-line amenities, such as a 24-hour concierge, a fitness centre, and a rooftop terrace. Residents can also enjoy the convenience of being in the city.

What eco-friendly features does Minto Yorkville Park incorporate?

Minto Yorkville Park has incorporated eco-friendly features such as energy-efficient lighting, water-saving fixtures, and green building materials, helping reduce environmental impact. These features not only reduce the park’s environmental footprint but also provide a more enjoyable experience for visitors.

The park has become a model for sustainable development in the city and is a great example of how green initiatives can be incorporated into urban spaces.

Are there any outdoor living spaces for residents?

Yes, residents can enjoy outdoor living spaces such as private balconies and terraces with stunning views, as well as a landscaped rooftop lounge and terrace.

The rooftop lounge and terrace offer a great place to relax and take in the views of the city. So, residents can also take advantage of the many amenities available, such as a fitness centre, swimming pool, and outdoor kitchen.

What amenities are available for residents?

Residents have access to a variety of amenities including fitness and wellness facilities, entertaining spaces, and convenient features.

Is public transportation easily accessible from Minto Yorkville Park?

Public transportation is conveniently accessible from 88 Cumberland St, with a TTC bus stop nearby and Bay Station only a few steps away.

In addition, the proximity of public transportation makes it easy to get to and from the park quickly and conveniently.