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83 Louth Street, St. Catharines, ON
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Address 83 Louth Street, St. Catharines, ON
City St Catharines
Neighbourhood St Catharines
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About Louth Street Towns Development

Louth Street Towns is a new town development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Goldbricks Group, located at 83 Louth St, St. Catharines, ON. Louth Street Towns offer premium amenities and community vibes without the premium price tag. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • Louth Street Towns in St. Catharines in Toronto, Canada new townhome development offers modern, luxurious townhomes with meticulously planned development, a central yet serene location, and easy access to a vibrant community with various facilities.
  • Each townhome boasts exquisite features such as 9-foot ceilings, plush broadloom in bedrooms, premium laminate floors, high-end kitchen cabinets, and stainless steel appliances, along with environmentally friendly and sophisticated bathroom fixtures.
  • Residents of Louth Street Towns benefit from a unique mix of urban convenience and rural tranquillity with parklands, local eateries, and easy entry to public transportation and highways connecting to the Greater Toronto Area.

Unveiling Louth Street Towns

Nestled in the heart of the thriving St. Catharines area, Louth Street Towns represents the pinnacle of the new townhome development by Goldbricks Group. This new townhome development is a testament to the builder’s commitment to providing contemporary homes that resonate with today’s discerning homeowners.

Imagine a place where modern living is defined not just by the walls that enclose it, but by the life you can lead within them. These new homes on Louth St. and Rykert St. are not just addresses, but gateways to a lifestyle coveted by many and experienced by a select few.

At 83 Louth Street, residents will find themselves at the epicenter of convenience and class, with each townhome echoing the essence of a new era in residential design. Your future home awaits in the Louth Street towns, nestled within a vibrant and potentially rich community.

Embracing life in this new townhome development offers residents the following benefits:

  • Everyday opportunities to experience luxury without any compromises
  • Meticulously planned aspects of the development to ensure a modern lifestyle
  • A location that is both central and serene

With the unveiling of Louth Street Towns, a new chapter in urban living is being written. The streets of Catharines, and by extension, Toronto, are witnessing the rise of a residential project that is set to become a beacon of affordable luxury and tasteful living.

This is where your journey towards an elevated lifestyle begins.

Exclusive Features of Your Future Home

Step into a world of refined elegance the moment you cross the threshold of your future home. With approximately 9-foot smooth ceilings coated with white flat latex paint, each townhome exudes a sense of grandeur and openness that is both luxurious and inviting, and drop ceilings as per plan.

These latest features are not just for show; they are a canvas for your life’s best moments. The sensation underfoot is equally luxurious, with plush broadloom in the bedrooms and premium plank laminate with acoustic underlay in living areas to ensure comfort and tranquility at every step.

The kitchen often called the heart of the home, doesn’t fall short of expectations with its premium cabinets, arborite countertops, and stainless steel facilities, creating a space where cooking is not a chore but a delightful experience.

Luxury extends to the bathrooms, where you’ll find:

  • Chrome faucets
  • Quartz vanity countertops with backsplash
  • Sleek acrylic tubs
  • Efficient one-piece toilets

These features add a touch of sophistication and are designed for both comfort and sustainability, ensuring that your personal oasis is both beautiful and practical.

Every detail, from the future dishwasher to the singular exterior water tap, has been attentively considered by Goldbricks in their townhome development. Far from being mere additions, these facilities serve as essential components, promising an uncompromised lifestyle within your home.

The Comforts of Community Living

The community surrounding Louth Street Towns is as vibrant and diverse as the interiors of the homes themselves. With local favorites such as The Pizza Company and Red Chopstix just around the corner, residents can indulge in a variety of culinary delights without venturing far from home.

St. Catharines’ West End, known to locals as Louth, is more than just a place to live; it is a community teeming with facilities ranging from shopping centers to educational institutions. Across from your doorstep lies West Park, offering a green escape where you can enjoy the fresh air and engage in recreational activities.

The enclave of Louth Street Towns is a sanctuary of tranquility, with parkland enveloping the area to ensure a peaceful lifestyle harmonized with nature. Additionally, the proximity to the city’s largest hospital and specialized clinics means that healthcare needs are readily met, providing peace of mind to all residents.

This unique blend of city conveniences with the serenity of rural living creates a balanced lifestyle that is hard to find elsewhere. At Louth Street Towns, you enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life without sacrificing the quiet that every soul craves.

Tailored Living Spaces

Imagine a place where every room is a reflection of thoughtful design, where the light pours in to fill the space with warmth and vitality. The LOT 16 townhome community in St. Catharines is such a place, where homeowners can bask in the spaciousness and light that define each tailored living area.

With a variety of 2-storey townhomes to choose from, each of the 6 suites available within Louth Street Towns offers a unique opportunity to select a living space that is as individual as you are. While the details of the floor plans and pricing remain a tantalizing mystery during the early design and approval phase, the promise of customized comfort is a certainty.

More than just rooms, these living areas offer expansive spaces that serve as canvases for your life’s story, providing ample room for memory-making. The sliding glass bathroom doors, the stove area vented to the outside, and the bathroom vanities are all components thoughtfully chosen to ensure that each moment at home is a moment cherished.

Enjoy the fresh air and view from your exterior balcony, accessible through the sliding glass door, adding an extra touch of luxury to your living space. With sizes varying to meet every need, from intimate to grand, there’s a space at Louth Street Towns specifically crafted to match the scope of your dreams.

The mold-resistant underpad beneath your feet and the acoustic underlay are just a few examples of the unseen details that make these homes truly tailored to your highest standards of living.

Architectural Details & Craftsmanship

The architectural details of Louth Street Towns are a testament to the craftsmanship and attention to quality that Goldbricks Group is renowned for. From the sodded yards that greet you upon arrival to the asphalt driveways that lead you home, each exterior element is carefully chosen to ensure lasting beauty and function.

Inside, the flooring transitions from plush to practical with upgraded porcelain bathroom tiles gracing the foyer, kitchen, and bathroom areas. This choice of materials not only withstands the test of time but also adds a touch of elegance to the high-traffic areas of your home, including the porcelain floor.

The hollow core doors, complete with matching hinges, are a subtle nod to the detail-oriented approach that characterizes this development. Electrical specifications are no less impressive, with modern conveniences such as pre-wired cable, internet, and telephone outlet, and a robust 100 AMP service featuring an automatic circuit breaker panel to handle today’s technological demands.

The goldbricks’ group located in these walls and ceilings has infused each home with a spirit of innovation and ease that is palpable. The architectural details transcend mere aesthetics, reflecting a commitment to build homes that are not only safe and functional but also prepared for the future.

Goldbricks Group’s development process includes:

  • Starting with a vision
  • Ensuring every intricate detail enhances the overall quality of the environment
  • Incorporating features such as rough plumbing and a flat latex paint finish

This process results in a living space that is thoughtfully designed and built to the highest standards.

Connectivity & Accessibility

The convenience of connectivity is an integral part of the Louth Street Towns experience. With bus stops strategically placed along Louth St, access to local public transportation is both easy and efficient.

The Niagara Region Transit system further enhances this accessibility with comprehensive fare options and well-planned routes and schedules. The St. Catharines Downtown Terminal, a critical transportation hub in the region, offers numerous platforms that seamlessly connect residents to the rest of the community.

The Niagara Region Transit’s trip planning tool is a bonus, making the use of public transportation systems a breeze for all residents. For those who prefer the independence of driving, Louth St Towns offers direct access to Highway 406, making it just a short drive to the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

This strategic location ensures that whether you’re headed to work, school, or leisure destinations, you’re always just a step away from where you need to be. Feeling connected transcends the physical—it means being part of a community that prizes ease of movement and accessibility.

At Louth St Towns, you are never too far away from the things that matter most, whether it’s shopping, schools, or the scenic trails that define the natural beauty.


In conclusion, Louth St Towns is more than just a new home development; it’s a lifestyle choice that embodies luxury, convenience, and community. With its latest features, tailored living spaces, and easy entry to local facilities and transportation, these townhomes offer a unique opportunity to live in a space that is both elegant and practical.

Goldbricks Group has crafted a development that truly understands the desires of contemporary homeowners, making Louth St Towns the perfect place to begin your next chapter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of floor plans are available at Louth St Towns?

Louth St Towns offers a selection of 2-storey townhomes with 6 available suites, featuring spacious and light-filled layouts. Detailed floor plans and pricing are currently in the design and approval phase and will be available soon.

Are there any parks or green spaces near Louth St Towns?

Yes, West Park is conveniently located opposite Louth St Towns, providing expansive green spaces for various recreational activities. You can easily enjoy the serene parkland that surrounds the development.

What are some of the architectural details of the townhomes?

The townhomes feature elegant architectural exteriors with sodded yards, asphalt driveways, upgraded porcelain tiles, hollow core doors, and modern electrical specifications. These premium materials and features contribute to the overall sophisticated appeal of the townhomes.

How is the connectivity to public transportation from Louth St Towns?

You can easily access public transportation from Louth St Towns, with bus stops along Louth St and comprehensive fare options and schedules provided by Niagara Region Transit. The St. Catharines Downtown Terminal serves as a major hub for various bus routes.

What modern features are included in the townhomes at Louth St Towns?

At Louth St Towns, the latest features such as a 9-foot classic smooth ceiling, premium kitchen cabinets, arborite countertops, and luxurious bathroom facilities are included, along with efficient one-piece toilets. These features provide a contemporary and comfortable living experience.

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