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857 Belmont Drive Southwest, Calgary, AB
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Address 857 Belmont Drive Southwest, Calgary, AB
City Calgary Alberta
Neighbourhood Calgary Alberta
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About Goodwin Townhomes Development

Goodwin Townhomes is a new home development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Anthem, located at 857 Belmont Drive Southwest, Calgary, AB. Goodwin Townhomes is drawing attention with its modern prairie design and array of living options. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • Goodwin by Anthem is a contemporary townhome development in Calgary, offering modern prairie architecture with 178 units that combine urban convenience with natural serenity, and a range of amenities fostering community spirit.
  • The townhomes feature spacious interiors, luxurious design elements, airy indoor spaces, and energy-efficient solutions, promoting a modern and sustainable lifestyle with various floor plans to accommodate diverse resident needs.
  • Goodwin, a three-storey townhome facilitates easy transport connectivity and a mix of residential and commercial spaces, establishing a master-planned community that provides residents with an all-encompassing living experience close to parks, recreational facilities, and shopping centers.

Discover Goodwin: Modern Prairie Design Meets Urban Convenience

Set in the heart of Calgary, Goodwin by Anthem is a beacon of contemporary prairie architecture, offering the delight of three-story townhomes that effortlessly blend modern simplicity and traditional craftsmanship. With 178 units thoughtfully situated at 871 Belmont Drive Southwest, this development strikes a perfect harmony between the conveniences of urban living and the serenity of nature.

Architectural Elegance

The townhomes at Goodwin reflect a distinct architectural statement. The contemporary prairie architecture, marked by dramatic windows and deep overhangs, creates a captivating West Coast aesthetic.

The generous and spacious balconies so you can invite friends and extended family over and the relaxing retreat designed by the modern simplicity of these homes serve as a testament to Anthem’s commitment to architectural elegance and airy indoor spaces and friends gather to barbecue outdoors.

Location Perks

Living at Goodwin means embracing the vibrant arts and culture scene of southwest Calgary. The location offers the added advantage of being just an hour’s drive from the Rocky Mountains, providing residents with quick access to a variety of mountainous adventures such as:

  • Hiking
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Mountain biking
  • Camping
  • Fishing

Home Varieties

Goodwin presents a diverse range of townhome configurations to cater to different lifestyle needs, including three-storey townhomes. From two-bedroom units to three-bedroom plus den options, each home is a testament to craftsmanship and design, providing residents with a variety of choices to suit their unique requirements.

The Essence of Modern Lifestyle

At Goodwin, the essence of modern lifestyle shines through each corner of the townhomes. The homes offer spacious interiors bathed in natural light, luxurious touches in every detail, and a commitment to green living, setting the stage for a lifestyle that values comfort, style, and sustainability.

Spacious Interiors

Step into any Goodwin townhome, and you’ll be welcomed by:

  • Airy, open-concept living spaces
  • Nine-foot ceilings on the main level amplify the livable space
  • Abundance of natural light streaming through the dramatic windows to enhance the airy feel of the homes
  • Functional design elements, such as a kitchen with a breakfast bar and island and walk-in closets keep stuff of life organized, offering both luxury and practicality in the home’s layout that provides personal space.

Luxurious Touches

Goodwin’s homes boast luxurious interior designs that include Quartz countertops, adding a touch of elegance to the spaces. The spa-inspired bathrooms with luxury soaker tubs create a relaxing retreat for the residents, designed for ultimate comfort.

Kitchen islands provide bright, functional kitchens that harmonize with luxurious elements, featuring spacious pantries and breakfast bars that combine functionality with elegance for you to enjoy and for your friends and neighbours to drop in.

Green Living

Goodwin is a single-family community that offers townhomes with a design focus on energy efficiency, catering to the demands of a modern low-maintenance lifestyle. Residents benefit from reduced utility bills thanks to the inclusion of high-efficiency hot water tanks, gas furnaces, and LED lighting.

Further, full-sized, front-loading washers and dryers known for their lower energy and water use emphasize the energy-efficient ethos at Goodwin.

Amenities for a Vibrant Community

Goodwin has been thoughtfully designed from master-planned mixed-use residential and multifamily to offer a range of amenities that foster a vibrant community. From a stylish clubhouse for hosting events to a playground for family-friendly play, every corner of Goodwin is designed to encourage interaction and enhance the quality of life for its residents.

Social Hotspots

The shared community space within Goodwin features a stylish clubhouse equipped with a kitchen, designed for socializing and leisure activities. This exclusive amenity offers a space where residents can connect and engage in community events, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

Outdoor Enjoyment

Residents of Goodwin can enjoy exclusive outdoor spaces for entertainment and leisure, perfect for a barbecue outdoors. Equipped with eco-friendly amenities, including picnic tables and a communal fire pit, these outdoor living spaces serve as an extension of your home, where friends gather, cook, and relax in the heart of nature.

Practical Conveniences

Goodwin’s townhomes are thoughtfully planned to provide practical conveniences that simplify daily living. Each townhome features an attached double car garage that is insulated while strategic underground drainage prevents, adding convenience for vehicle storage and acting as a multi-functional space for managing various household items.

The commitment to practical design is further seen through durable materials and energy-efficient enhancements that keep utility costs manageable and contribute to sustainable living.

Connectivity and Accessibility

Goodwin’s prime location offers outstanding connectivity and accessibility options for residents. With nearby public transit options and an extensive road network, residents can easily navigate Calgary’s many attractions and businesses.

Public Transit

Residing at Goodwin gives you the advantage of accessing Calgary’s public transportation network easily. With the SB Somerset-Bridlewood and Shawnessy light railway stations being the nearest CTrain stations, residents can reach these stations in less than a 13-minute drive from Goodwin.

Road Network

Goodwin provides easy access to key highways like:

  • Stoney Trail
  • Deerfoot Trail
  • Glenmore Trail
  • Crowchild Trail

The availability of such an extensive road network is crucial for efficient travel throughout the city, making daily commutes or weekend getaways a breeze.

Nearby Attractions

Living at Goodwin provides residents with a variety of nearby attractions. Residents can enjoy the serenity of:

  • Eau Claire Park
  • Barb Scott Park
  • Riley Park
  • Prince’s Island Park

For golf enthusiasts, Goodwin’s location offers easy access to nearby golf courses, with Sirocco Golf Club being a local favorite, and Rocky Mountain Show.

Shopping opportunities range from boutique stores to essential services at nearby shopping centers, fulfilling all retail needs.

Master Planned Mixed-use Development

Goodwin is part of a comprehensive master-planned community and family living designed to offer a complete living experience with all amenities within reach. The community includes:

  • Residential homes
  • Parks
  • Recreational facilities
  • Commercial entities

It is structured to support a balanced way of modern life, ideal for family living, requiring only minimal care.

Residential Portfolio

Goodwin by Anthem represents a key addition to Anthem’s extensive and growing residential portfolio, which comprises 20,500 homes at varying stages of development, alongside 9 million square feet of commercial property and over 8,500 acres of land.

The diverse mix of residential properties, including the Belmont Townhomes, Currie developments, and single-family communities, offers potential homeowners a wide range of choices within a growing residential portfolio. With the help of real estate professionals, finding the perfect property becomes an easier task.

Commercial Spaces

The commercial spaces at Goodwin offer a curated selection of shopping and dining options, designed to cater to the residents’ needs. From cafes to fine dining restaurants and boutique stores to essential services, all commercial spaces are strategically placed to be within walking distance from the residents’ homes, ensuring easy access to shopping and dining.

Community Integration

Goodwin’s strategic integration within a larger community plan reflects Anthem’s commitment to master-planned communities, combining various residential types and essential amenities. The mixed-use areas, exemplified by the Gateway Village shared by adjacent developments, offer a range of amenities including educational institutions and public parks, catering to the daily needs and well-being of residents.

Meet the Maker: Anthem’s Legacy of Craftsmanship

The founder of Anthem, Eric Carlson, instills a philosophy of creating homes that are not just structures but spaces where communities can thrive. Anthem is widely recognized for its West Coast aesthetic that encapsulates a commitment to masterful craftsmanship in homebuilding. With meticulous attention to the selection of sustainable materials and a determined focus on durability and fine detail, every Anthem project, including Goodwin, is a testament to its commitment to excellence.


To sum up, Goodwin by Anthem presents a unique blend of architectural elegance, modern lifestyle amenities, and a vibrant community setting, reflecting a distinct architectural statement. Its strategic location, extensive amenities, and commitment to green living make it a desirable choice for those seeking a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle in Calgary.

Truly, Goodwin is a new relaxing home designed for spending quality time with the people who matter most, is more than just a place to live – it’s a place to thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the architectural style of Goodwin townhomes?

The architectural style of Goodwin townhomes is contemporary prairie, combining a West Coast aesthetic with modern living environments.

What amenities does Goodwin offer to its residents?

Goodwin offers a clubhouse, playground, central garden, gym, swimming pool, barbecue areas, and co-working space for its residents to enjoy. These amenities provide a variety of options for leisure, fitness, and socializing.

What public transit options are available near Goodwin?

Goodwin is conveniently located near the SB Somerset-Bridlewood and Shawnessy light railway stations, which are accessible within a 13-minute drive. These stations provide public transit options for residents in the area.

What kind of commercial spaces are available at Goodwin?

Goodwin offers a curated selection of commercial spaces, including cafes, fine dining restaurants, boutique stores, and essential services. Take your pick.

Who is the developer of Goodwin?

Goodwin is developed by Anthem, a team known for their masterful craftsmanship in homebuilding.

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