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367 Porte Road, Ajax, ON
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Address 367 Porte Road, Ajax, ON
City Ajax
Neighbourhood Ajax
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About Galaxy Townhomes Development

Galaxy Townhomes is a new town development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by OSMI Homes, located at 367 Porte Road, Ajax, ON. Galaxy Townhomes offers a premium living experience with high-end craftsmanship, modern design, and spacious living areas. This project’s estimated completion date is still unknown.

Key Takeaways

  • Galaxy Townhomes in Ajax is a luxurious new townhouse development by OSMI Homes, offering a premium living experience with high-end craftsmanship, modern design, and spacious living areas.
  • Exclusive community features include customizable living spaces with options for marble or quartz countertops and professional-grade appliances, elegant wood inlay flooring interiors, and serene outdoor living spaces with low-maintenance patios and optional fire pits or kitchens.
  • Strategically located at the intersection of 401 HWY and Salem Road, residents of Galaxy Townhomes benefit from easy access to transport, nearby amenities like Ajax Downs Casino and Pickering College, and are close to recreational areas like Rotary Park and Greenwood Conservation Area.

Galaxy Townhomes Overview

Galaxy Townhomes is the epitome of luxury townhouse development, carefully crafted by the renowned OSMI Homes. Located at the prestigious 367 Porte Road, this new townhouse development is poised to become a shining jewel in Ajax’s vibrant community.

Residents of Galaxy Townhomes can expect:

  • A unique blend of comfort and grandeur
  • High-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail
  • Modern and stylish design
  • Spacious living areas and bedrooms
  • State-of-the-art amenities
  • Convenient location with easy access to amenities and transportation

Experience the pinnacle of luxury living at Galaxy Townhomes.

Welcome to Ajax the Galaxy Town, where the galaxy townhomes located in Ajax are designed to provide an upscale living space that caters to the desires of those seeking a modern luxury townhome. Every detail, from the architecture to the landscaping, has been meticulously planned to ensure that Galaxy Townhomes stands out as a summary luxury townhomes community.

Exclusive Community

The Galaxy Townhomes enclave is a community of 5 modern units, where exclusivity is not just a buzzword but a promise. This exclusive community of 5 reflects the essence of a private and intimate living environment for those who value peace and quiet without compromising on luxury. Here, neighbours become friends, and the sense of community thrives in a setting that is both refined and welcoming.

The townhouse development, located at 367 Porte Road Ajax, is designed to foster an atmosphere of exclusivity and charm, making it one of the most sought-after addresses in Ajax.

Customizable Living Spaces

Living space is redefined at Galaxy Townhomes, where residents have the freedom to tailor their homes to their tastes. From the selection of high-end flooring options like polished concrete to the luxury of having 4.5 bathrooms with upscale finishes, the possibilities are limitless.

Whether it’s the timeless elegance of hardwood or the modern appeal of rosewood, each detail is a reflection of the homeowner’s personality and flair. The new townhouse development paves the way for a bespoke living experience that is truly one of a kind.

Countertops in these modern luxury townhomes are nothing short of a statement piece. Choose from the following options:

  • Opulence of marble
  • Resilience of quartzite and quartz
  • Floating surfaces and integrated elements for a cutting-edge aesthetic
  • Budget-friendly luxury with porcelain tiles

Each option offers a perfect balance of beauty and functionality, elevating the home’s luxury quotient.

Luxury Features of Galaxy Townhomes

Luxury at Galaxy Townhomes is more than just a concept; it’s a reality woven into the very fabric of the living space. The 5 modern luxury townhomes are designed with 5 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, each adorned with upscale finishes that redefine opulence.

Homeowners are treated to a world of premium appliances from brands that are synonymous with professional-grade quality and design, ensuring every culinary creation is a masterpiece. The Galaxy townhomes are a testament to luxury living, where every detail, from the floor to the ceiling, is an expression of elegance and sophistication.

Elegant Interiors

The interiors of Galaxy Townhomes are a masterclass in elegance, featuring wood inlay flooring that exudes sophistication with every step. Custom-designed options are available to homeowners, allowing them to infuse their personal style into the wood inlays and create a living space that’s uniquely theirs.

The use of subway tile installations adds a layer of refined aesthetics, with unique sizes selected to craft an ambiance that’s both classic and contemporary.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Step outside the luxury townhomes and into a tranquil oasis. Galaxy Townhomes’ outdoor living spaces are serene retreats, featuring private patios and beautifully landscaped yards that invite relaxation and entertainment. For those who seek the extra touch, options like fire pits or outdoor kitchens elevate the outdoor experience to a new level of sophistication.

These spaces are designed for ease of use and low maintenance, ensuring homeowners can enjoy their time outdoors without the burden of extensive upkeep.

Prime Location: 401 HWY and Salem Road Intersection

Nestled at the intersection of 401 HWY and Salem Road, the exclusive community offers a prime location that is the envy of many in Salem Road in Ajax. Convenience is at the forefront, with easy access to one of Canada’s busiest highways and a variety of public transportation options at Salem Road.

This strategic positioning not only connects residents to the urban pulse of the Greater Toronto Area but also places them just a stone’s throw away from a myriad of shopping and dining experiences, all Ajax located. Moreover, an active lifestyle is well within reach, thanks to the proximity to parks, trails, and community centers that encourage engagement and recreation.

Proximity to Amenities

The luxury Galaxy Town Homes at Salem Road offer more than just a stunning living space; they provide a gateway to a world of amenities. The thrill of the Ajax Downs Casino is just a short drive away, offering entertainment that’s sure to enliven any evening.

Educational pursuits are also catered for, with prestigious institutions like Pickering College and Lincoln Avenue Public School within easy reach. For those who cherish the outdoors, Rotary Park and Greenwood Conservation Area offer idyllic settings for relaxation and exploration, mere moments from your doorstep.

Commuting Convenience

The intersection of the luxury Galaxy Town Homes with commuting convenience is seamless, thanks to the nearby 401 Highway and multiple public transit options. Galaxy Townhomes residents enjoy the benefit of reduced travel times to essential destinations, including the bustling city center.

Public transit is easily accessible, with bus routes and direct connections to Toronto’s subway system, making the community an ideal choice for those coming soon to Ajax without a personal vehicle.

Preconstruction Details & Timeline

The anticipation for Galaxy Town Homes an exclusive community is palpable as it currently stands in the preconstruction stage, with the preconstruction construction start date and the determined estimated completion yet to be announced. The latest update, as of January 17, 2024, promises that more details, including the starting price, will be forthcoming, ensuring potential residents can plan their futures with clarity and confidence.


Galaxy Town Homes an exclusive community in Ajax is a beacon of luxury living, where exclusivity and customization meet in a symphony of elegance and convenience. The community’s strategic location, coupled with its lavish amenities, creates a living experience that is both desirable and attainable.

As we await further details on the preconstruction status and timeline, the vision of Galaxy Townhomes remains clear: to provide a lifestyle that is as grand as it is intimate, as connected as it is serene. Let the allure of Galaxy Townhomes inspire your next chapter in living.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of customization options are available for flooring and countertops in Galaxy Townhomes?

Residents at Galaxy Townhomes can customize their flooring with high-end options like hardwoods and polished concrete, and select premium countertop materials such as marble, granite, and quartz with luxury features like thick profiles and floating surfaces.

Are there any outdoor amenities included with the Galaxy Townhomes?

Yes, the Galaxy Townhomes include private patios, landscaped yards, and optional amenities such as fire pits or outdoor kitchens for outdoor living.

How convenient is the location of Galaxy Townhomes for commuting and accessing amenities?

The location of Galaxy Townhomes is very convenient for commuting and accessing amenities, thanks to its proximity to the 401 HWY and Salem Road intersection.

What are the luxury features of Galaxy Townhomes?

The luxury features of Galaxy Townhomes include 5 bedrooms, and 4.5 bathrooms with upscale finishes, premium appliances, elegant interiors, and customizable features. These elements create a high-end living experience for residents.

When is the expected completion date for Galaxy Townhomes?

The expected completion date for the Galaxy Townhomes has not been determined yet, but updates will be provided as the preconstruction process progresses. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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