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Address Cobourg, ON
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About EV SIX Townhomes Development

EV SIX Townhomes is a new town development that is currently in the pre-construction phase by Tribute Communities, located at Cobourg, ON. EV SIX Townhomes merge modern living with the allure of East Village’s close-knit community. This project’s estimated completion date is in 2025.

Key Takeaways

  • EV Six Town offers a contemporary living experience in Cobourg’s East Village with 1575 sq.ft. homes that blend modern design with the area’s traditional charm, presenting an open concept and bright interior spaces.
  • The community’s location provides unparalleled conveniences and accessibility, with amenities like Elwood Park, shopping, dining, and Cobourg Beach within a 10-minute range, promoting a walkable lifestyle and community connectivity.
  • The development features a variety of dwelling styles, from studios to two-bedroom plus den town, with prices starting at $349,900, and includes amenities such as private outdoor living spaces, enhancing the residential experience.

Embrace the East Village Community at EV Six Town

Experience the charm of Cobourg’s East Village with the dynamic, modern living solutions offered by EV Six Town. These newly released freehold two-story properties are designed with bright interiors and an open-concept living space of 1575 sq.ft., making them highly attractive in the community.

The town’s modern design seamlessly merges with the traditional charm of the East Village neighbourhood, making EV Six a perfect abode for those seeking a harmonious blend of old and new. Their aesthetic appeal, coupled with the myriad of amenities and attractions within reach, makes EV Six a highly sought-after living destination.

East Side Living

EV Six is ideally positioned on the east side of Cobourg, known for its easy access to various amenities and attractions. Residents benefit from close proximity to:

  • Elwood Park
  • Diverse shopping and dining options
  • Quick access to Cobourg Beach and Cobourg Harbour
  • Convenient transportation via the VIA Rail train station and Highway 401

All within a 10-minute range.

Cobourg is designed for a walkable lifestyle, with downtown and beach amenities located within an easily accessible ten-block radius, promoting community connectivity. These features enhance the quality of life for its residents, making east-side living a highly desirable choice.

The blend of convenience, accessibility, and variety that East Side living offers is unmatched. From enjoying a sunny afternoon at Elwood Park to indulging in a gourmet meal at a local restaurant or basking in the sun at Cobourg Beach, everything is within a stone’s throw. This is the charm of E side living at EV Six.

Community Unlike Any Other

The East Village community in Cobourg is a gem in its own right, uniquely connected to Elwood Park and essential amenities, including Cobourg Harbour, parks, and educational institutions. Cobourg’s identity as ‘Ontario’s Feel Good Town’ is rooted in its small-town atmosphere combined with the scenic beauty of its beachfront on Lake Ontario.

Residents of the suites experience a blend of community and romance, with local features like the close-by Cobourg Beach, a bustling Farmer’s Market, and a Love Locks wall for creating lasting memories. This unique blend of community interaction and memorable experiences adds a touch of romance to everyday living, only at East Village.

Living in East Village offers:

  • Residing in a house
  • Being part of a vibrant community
  • Creating lasting memories
  • Making everyday life an enjoyable experience

This is the charm of the East Village community – a community unlike any other in the neighbourhoods.

Turnkey Properties: The Perfect Blend of Style and Convenience

EV Six Towns is a perfect blend of style and convenience, offering attractive open-concept living. Known for their open and airy townhouse design, these properties create a spacious and inviting atmosphere. The abundant natural light that filters through the interiors further enhances the appeal of these turnkey properties.

Situated in the highly convenient East Village of Cobourg, EV Six Town offers the following features:

  • Developed by Northumberland’s leading residential land developer
  • Turnkey properties
  • Spacious open-concept living areas, catering to modern tastes and preferences.

Home Styles and Suite Ranges

EV Six Town offers a diverse selection of home styles tailored to various lifestyles and preferences. From studios designed for simplicity to one-bedroom units with garages for one-level living, and two-story layouts for one-bedroom plus den or two-bedroom options, there’s something for everyone.

Each style is designed with open-concept living areas, making the interiors feel spacious and welcoming. Every townhome comes with the convenience of parking, adding an extra layer of comfort for the residents.

These options offer choices to suit different budget ranges, ensuring you find the perfect main level with its main level features for your needs within our suites range.

Whether you’re a single professional looking for a simple and modern studio or a family seeking a spacious two-bedroom townhome, EV Six has a home style for you. With a range of options tailored to various lifestyle needs and preferences, EV Six is ready to welcome you to your new home.

Outdoor Living Spaces

The design of EV Six Town places significant emphasis on the inclusion of outdoor living space to enhance residents’ lifestyles. These outdoor spaces offer residents the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors right at their doorstep, enhancing their living experience.

Residents at EV Six will enjoy a variety of outdoor living spaces, including private terraces, covered balconies, or expansive rooftop decks. These spaces provide the perfect setting to enjoy a morning cup of coffee, host a weekend barbecue, or simply relax under the stars.

Enjoy Life Within Walking Distance

Experience the walkable lifestyle of Cobourg at EV Six Town. With a Walk Score of 42, the town offers easy access to various destinations within a reasonable walking distance, making everyday errands a breeze.

Whether it’s a quick grocery run, a visit to the local park, or a dinner date at a nearby restaurant, everything is conveniently situated in this ultra-convenient location. The strategic location of EV Six Town not only offers convenience but also promotes a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Cobourg Beach Access

One of the key highlights of living at EV Six Town is the close proximity to the beautiful Cobourg Beach. Just a short stroll separates your home from the sandy shores, offering you a daily dose of tranquility and nature’s beauty.

Along with beach access, these towns also offer easy walkability to the downtown area, enriching your lifestyle with a blend of recreation and urban living. Imagine starting your day with a refreshing walk along the beach, followed by a visit to a local café for breakfast, all within a short walk from home.

Life at EV Six Town is not just about the comfort and convenience inside your home, but also the world of opportunities that await outside. The close proximity to Cobourg Beach and downtown Cobourg is just one of the many ways EV Six enhances your living experience.

Minutes to Downtown

EV Six Town, inspired by the concept of six towns, is conveniently located, allowing residents to easily walk to various dining, shopping, and entertainment venues in downtown Cobourg. From local dining spots such as the El Cobourg and George & Orange to a range of shopping venues, everything is within walking distance.

Residents have the luxury of visiting local markets and shops, creating a homely and convenient environment for shopping endeavors without the need for transportation. The convenience of having everything within reach not only enhances the living experience but also saves valuable time and resources.

The strategic ultra-convenient location of EV Six Town, combined with the walkable lifestyle of Cobourg, makes everyday life a joy. Whether it’s a quick dinner at a local restaurant, a shopping spree at the market, or a fun night out, downtown Cobourg has something for everyone, just minutes away from home.


EV Six Town offers a unique blend of modern living, convenience, and a community feel in the heart of Cobourg’s East Village. With a variety of home styles to choose from, open and airy designs, and the inclusion of outdoor living space, these towns cater to modern tastes and preferences.

From enjoying the benefits of E-side living and being part of a vibrant community to experiencing the convenience of downtown amenities, beach access, and a walkable lifestyle, EV Six Town are truly a dream lifestyle destination. Experience the charm of modern living at EV Six Town.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of towns are available at EV Six?

At EV Six, you can choose from a variety of townhome options, including studios, one-bedroom units with garages, and two-story layouts for one-bedroom plus den or two-bedroom options. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

What amenities are within walking distance from EV Six Town?

You can find Elwood Park, Cobourg Beach, shopping and dining venues, and transportation options like the VIA Rail train station and Highway 401 within walking distance from EV Six Town. Enjoy easy access to these amenities.

What outdoor living spaces are included in EV Six Town?

EV Six Town includes private terraces, covered balconies, and expansive rooftop decks, providing a range of outdoor living spaces for residents.

How close is EV Six to Cobourg Beach?

EV Six Town is positioned on the E side of Cobourg, ensuring close proximity to the beautiful Cobourg Beach.

What is the starting price for a townhome at EV Six?

The starting price for a townhome at EV Six ranges from $349,900 for studios to $759,900 for two-bedroom plus den units. This provides a variety of options for potential buyers.

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