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Toronto is a city that has flourished. Over the past decade, the city has witnessed various projects, commercial as well as housing, tower up and give birth to a brand-new metropolitan giant. The credit goes to the various developers who have managed to manifest their visionary plans and designs into marvellous architectural creations.  

The Rise of Reverse Properties

One of the most vaunted developers is, of course, the known Reserve Properties. Reserve Properties, over the years, have managed to create marvellous modern design buildings. These continue to provide world class living standards laced with comfort and coziness.

The progress of Reverse Properties

Reserve Properties are renowned developers who have been constructing architectural brilliance across the lands of Canada and North America. The firm is known to have created some of the most noteworthy projects that hold a certain class and ambiance to them. Owing to their commanding experience and knowledge, their work reflects accuracy and efficiency that can be labelled unparalleled in the contemporary constructing business.  Therefore, it does not come off as a surprise that almost all of their projects in Toronto, as well as the ones in the state, have been subjected to applaudable response. Their over 30 years old work list includes various real estate projects that vary from residential outlets, commercial complexes, and commendable mixed developments.

Projects by Reverse Properties

During the duration of over three decades, the real estate giants have managed to put up over 90 tempting projects and even more homes. The list also includes almost 2 million square feet of commercial constructions that continue to impress. However, one common element reflected in almost all of their work is the sheer sense of reliability and efficiency that is a product of pure experience and knowledge.

Talented and Efficient Team

The driving factor that has managed to keep the company on top for three decades is the efficient and diligent team that functions tirelessly for hours to achieve perfection. The team that runs the real estate giants consists of executives that are not only talented in plural domains of real estate but are also related. The family-run business consists of executives of two whole generations working together and functioning efficiently in various sectors of real estate such as construction, finance, marketing, etc.


The work culminated over the duration of more than thirty years has earned Reserve Properties an established reputation. They’ve garnered the respect and trust of countless clients, peers and competitors. In addition to this, Reserve Properties have also earned prestigious accolades for their marvellous work. The company was awarded the vaunted Best Suite Design at the famed 2011 BILD Awards. They went on to re-win the award at the 2012 BILD Awards in addition to winning the designs for 750 and 1500 sq. feet suites. The following year, the company won yet another accolade of the Most Outstanding High or Mid-Rise Condo Suite at the 2013 OHBA Awards. However, even after possessing a decorated award cabinet, the company realizes that consistency in work is imperative and continues to serve the real state community with utmost efficiency.


Over the duration of 3 decades, Reserve Properties has managed to develop some mind-blowing projects that reek of comfort and luxury lifestyle. Some of the noteworthy projects that the company has developed are as follows:

  •    LINE 5 South Condos

Situated in the Broadway Ave region of Downtown Toronto, Line 5 South Condos is one of the most prestigious projects of Reserve Properties. The project exemplifies modern architecture with its aesthetic design and lush surroundings.

The project offers 33 storeys that consist of the condo living units marked by excellent interior design and services. The project’s location is another great factor that makes it even more tempting. The tower is located in the most social and commercial areas of Toronto. Within convenient distance are numerous cafes, restaurants, fashion stores, malls, commercial complexes, etc. The project also offers various amenities like an indoor swimming pool, spa, fitness centers, etc.

  •    1090Z

Another marvellous condo project by Reserve Properties is the 1090Z condo project. Located in Downtown Toronto, this project starkly exemplifies what aesthetic architecture is. The gorgeous exterior design is filled with organic profiles and colors spreading across the 6 storey structure made of glass, brick, and steel. The project includes comfortable and spacious condo units that promise a cozy home. In addition to the location surrounded by numerous bars, restaurants, stores, etc., the project also offers numerous amenities.

An indoor swimming pool, dining hall with staff, fitness center, patio with sitting arrangements and BBQ equipment, etc. are just to name a few. The project is also in the convenient distance of various transit options like bus and can stations, subway, trains, etc.

In essence, it is evident that Reserve Properties is a company that has managed to dominate real estate for over 3 decades by working hard and showing consistent efficiency and caring for their clients. They have revolutionized the real estate industry with their premium architecture and profound services. Needless to mention, they are one of the most trusted real estate developers in Toronto.

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