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Mizrahi Developers founded by Sam Mizrahi is a truly amazing and unique construction firm based in Ottawa. The firm was founded in the year 2008 as a successor to the Mizrahi Design Build Company founded in 2006. This builder has an awe-inspiring way of approaching the building of elegant and efficient structures across different communities in the city. Being a fairly new entrant to the industry, this firm has brought with it a fresh and spectacular way of going about with the projects it undertakes starting from the roots. The firm Mizrahi was designed with a vision of several goals to change the expectations in the industry.


The company is constructed on the five basic philosophies of responsibility, integrity, inspiration, standards, and vision. Before the commencement of every project, Mizrahi developers acknowledge their responsibility for understanding the life and needs of the community residents, leaders and city counsellors. It enables them to enhance the quality and comfort of life for people who work and live in the building raised by them and also offer a visual enhancement for those in the community who live with the streetscape. This care and attention to detail just reaffirm that the firm has taken on the responsibility to exceed expectations. To top it all, Mizrahi developers are the only builder in Canada with the ISO 9001 standards.

Mizrahi Developers are keen on understanding the heritage and roots on which the community is founded upon on which they are about to create their architectural marvel. They believe in the necessity of designing structures that blend in with the community, the landscape, the views, the streetscape, the pedestrian traffic, etc., which would make that piece of architecture add value to the community as a whole. An inspiring parameter of success for Mizrahi Developers is the measure of value their constructions add to the neighborhood and its people.


It is not just their ideas that are inspiring but so is their architecture. Their inspiration for design begins with small things like feelings, nuances, and details. And from that, they build structures that contain and celebrate the energy and beauty of life. They define home as a beautiful and precisely designed cocoon that enhances health, lifts spirits and restores energy and peace of mind. With such beliefs at the core of the firm, the Mizrahi developers were one of the first builders to be GreenHouse certified. They also offer the Tarion guarantee and are members of BLID.


With expertise in knowledge and commitment to values, the Mizrahi developers have created structures of excellence. Every project of theirs’ is unique and has been inspired by a marvellous old world architecture style. The project 128 Hazelton is the greatest expression of this passion of theirs’. It has its inspiration drawn from European architecture. The design brings a sense of security, a feeling of permanence. Their pre-construction condos which are currently open for sale are The One and 1451 Wellington. The One is an incredible retail and residential property incorporating unique structural engineering known as the Hybrid Exoskeleton. The 1451 Wellington is a signature of Mizrahi luxury architecture. This 12-story building encompasses a beautiful park space and luxury amenities designed for a lifestyle of a class apart. All this and more, only to offer their residents the best of luxury living.


The distinctive infrastructure designing by this firm enhances the changing streetscapes of Canada with carefully articulated, mid-to-high-rise buildings that give those who work and live in them as much pleasure as those who pass by their exteriors. They place equal importance to what they build and how they build. As a young and energetic construction firm aspiring to create a difference to the architectural appeal of the city, they have understood the need to build strong and cordial relationships with their customers and suppliers. They believe that such relationships are the foundation of trust and loyalty leading to respect and working towards mutual interests.


The intelligence of design is one of Mizrahi’s core competencies at which they strive to keep breaking their own record. They have worked with some of the leading interior designers and architectural firms in Canada to create homes and buildings that are not just structures of bricks and cement, but are landmarks articulating the graceful, discrete exteriors and a sensitive understanding of how a city develops its voice through the nature of the buildings that fill its spaces. The exquisite craftsmanship promises to make the home feel like a mansion in the sky!


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