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Edilcan Development Corp. is an integral part of Toronto’s real estate history. Since its inception in the early 1950s, it has shown tremendous activity and regard for the development of the landscapes of Toronto. Throughout their years of hard work, they have developed over 10,000 condo suites and hundreds of buildings over the Greater Toronto Area neighborhoods. Edilcan has taken up both luxury residential towers and industrial projects in all its history.

The company is led by President Aurelio Di Rocco, and his son G.P. This father and son duo proved to be very effective for the growth of the company because of their individual expertise and years of experience coming together. G.P has over 30 years of experience in the real estate business, and he started his journey as a young child where he used to spend his time working in the fields. G.P’s experience in the field and his natural understanding of technology helped the company take rewarding decisions during the days of the digital revolution. G.P understands the power of instant communication offered by modern technology and intends to make full use of it to make better conditions for the workers and better projects for the citizens.

Edilcan is focused on making better neighborhoods in the GTA, and they especially care about the residents of their buildings. There was a forecast of an increase in development charges across the city back in 2014, and it was expected to go up by at least 80% by 2016. This proved to be troublesome for homebuyers as it was agreed upon that they would be responsible for the payment of price hikes. This would’ve cost them about $8000 per unit, but Edilcan Developments understood the unfair situation and stepped in to shield their clients from the price increase. The necessary permits were secured as well. Even the payments were done before the deadline. They understood the kind of situation their residents would be if this came to pass as most of them could not afford thousands of dollars on unnecessary fees.

Edilcan is one of the boutique builders. Rather than taking up several projects at once, they turn their attention to a very few hand-picked projects and plan its development so they can efficiently use their resources and time to maximize the quality of the projects they finish. This type of work ethic has helped them create many wonderful condos in GTA that are unique in design, offers a lot of amenities and are all amazing in equal measurement.

Their amenities are not just luxurious but also considerate of their residents. They took into the picture every member of a family when they thought of the amenities they intended to offer, and this included the children of the family too. They have set up a children’s splash pool, outdoor and indoor playing areas with swings and slides so kids can have fun and socialize. Their intention was to invest in residents who are families with long-term interests of stay and also for homeowners looking to start a family. G.P’s love for communication has made him a great listener. He said that when you’re building for over 14,000 people, it’s worth listening to them. Paying attention to the interests of the residents and keeping good relationships with them helps grow a great neighborhood and Edilcan proved that.

Their current projects include reshaping the skyline of the evolving Etobicoke region. There are a total of 22 stories and 213 units in the buildings in Valhalla project. The amenities offered like a pool, sauna, whirlpool, and a games room and lush green walking spaces. These high-rise buildings are well-situated for residents who are worried about the commute.

Edilcan has decades of experience and passion for redefining skylines, and their burning passion gave rise to monumental developments in Toronto. They have not stopped in their venture for development throughout GTA, and they make sure to carry their residents to greater heights as well. Their stubborn progress towards the gentrification of many parts of Toronto and the improvement of the urban lifestyle has garnered much support from local citizens. This is one of their key factors to their strength, the vision, and the support for it. They will likely contribute to the further development of the city in the years to come.

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