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Diamante Development Corp. is Toronto’s leading real estate development group that has built revolutionary architecture one after another. Their motto “Elegance Redefined” reflects in their work ethic, designs and successful construction of state-of-the-art buildings. Besides the notable inspired design and benchmark architecture, the group is well respected for their consistent showcase of transforming neighborhoods located in prime city locations. Their buildings have brought more attention and development to neighborhoods that were not under anyone’s radar, essentially reshaping the neighborhood entirely and turning it into an attraction of its own. This vision for excellent condo development locations coupled with their superior building quality and comfortable living space is what has them standing at the top of the business in Toronto.

Diamante is a full-service company, and so it leaves no aspect to be handled by other groups. Planning, development, advertising, marketing, sales, construction, and management are all handled by the group with full dedication. Their achievements go beyond just their marvelous architecture. The Diamante Development Corp. is a three-time consecutive winner of the much acclaimed Grand Sam Award for the Project of the Year awarded to them by the Building Industry and Land Development Association. They are also held in high regard and were given outstanding ratings from the Tarion Warranty Corporation. Their philosophy when it comes to their projects was stated by the company to be a combination of “European sensibility with North American efficiency”. The effects of this can be seen throughout the development of all their popular projects.

Diamante’s projects have been a staple to the development of the city and for the gentrification of many locales.

The 1991 project, One Balmoral Avenue was developed way before the Toronto economic boom and can even be attributed a level of credit for it as well. The building runs the length of a city block, and its architectural design is Parisian-inspired. At the time, one would picture the building with its two-story glass lobby to have come from central Europe rather than Canada. The building is surrounded by townhouses and has a courtyard garden.

In 2001, shortly after the development of the well-received One Balmoral, came an even greater classic design situated at the heart of Rosedale. The mid-rise building is Rosedale neighborhood’s proudest piece of architecture. The building offers 35 boutique suits as well as mixed-use facilities. The building is close to the Rosedale subway stop, and so it won’t stop you from exploring Toronto’s finest offerings.

The Royalton was constructed with impeccable design, attention to detail and fabulous rooftop amenities. The Royalton was nicknamed as the “Swiss Watch” by its architect. This 18-story tower offers 137 luxury suites and retail spaces. The Royalton was built from scratch out from a previously unutilized office building and reformed the location. The practice of replacing office buildings that are no longer used with beautiful boutique condos was a result of the development of The Royalton. The building offers a rooftop garden, a party lounge, and guest suites.

One City Hall is the building that escalated the value of Diamante Development Corps. and made them out to be Canada’s most enlightened developer. Situated in the heart of Toronto at Bay and Dundas Sts, the building spans an entire city block and offers 521 residential units and mixed retail use. At the time of its development, One City Hall was the largest building in Toronto, and it still is considered to be a highly influential site in the city. The building’s amenities include a swimming pool, a party room, guest suites, open-air rooftop gardens, exercise rooms, private dining rooms, and 24-hour concierge.

Diamante Development Corp. played an integral role in the development of Toronto by equipping the city with architectures and living spaces that the citizens of the country and beyond were thrilled to occupy. While they are reputed for delivering projects with innovation and efficiency, the group has great interests in the development of their neighborhoods and appeasing the living conditions of its inhabitants. Diamante has donated tons of their profits to local charities and tries to give back to its community the same appreciation given to them. They are also very pragmatic in their business ventures and so they place priority in the development of winning projects can generate wonderful returns. Living in these buildings is not only luxurious but also comforting and peaceful. Diamante will continue to set new standards for architectural developments in Canada as they have taken up interesting new projects unlike ever before.

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