Rights and Responsibilities of a Condo Owner in Ontario
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Condo Ownership Rights & Responsibilities in Ontario

Being a condo owner, you automatically become a part of a bigger community. When you associate with some community, you also have certain responsibilities, rules, and rights that come as a part of it. There are certain rules set for the common areas of the community, such as the parking spaces, hallways, lobbies, common rooftops, and many more. Thus, you must be aware of and abide by the condo owner rights Ontario to have a good, peaceful living for many years to come.

Also, the residents or owners of the condo suites must agree with and follow the Condominium Act as well as the declaration, rules, and by-laws of your specific condominium communities.

Owning a condominium is different from owning a house because you are part of the larger condominium community. – Condominium Authority of Ontario

The Rights You Are Entitled to as a Condo Owner

Here are the few basic condo ownership rights Ontario listed out for you:

  • Enjoy your condo space quietly; that is, without creating a nuisance for the others living in the same condominium community.
  • Right to get notified in case any individual from the condo’s committee needs to gain acccondo owner rightsess to your suite for repairs and inspection purposes.
  • As a condo owner, you have a right to vote at the owners’ meets.
  • One of the very basic condo owner rights Ontario is to become a part of the election to the Board of the condo community.
  • You also have the right to review any of the condo corporation’s records, which include the financial statements, or the minutes of the meetings held, etc. [1]
  • The owners can also request/call for an owner’s meet to discuss various important matters.
  • The owners can also exercise the right of adding an issue or raising a concern in any of the owners’ meets held.
  • The condo owner rights Ontario also allows the owners to seek accommodation pertaining to a disability.
  • As an owner, you have full rights to sell your condo unit or rent it out legally to the individual you find fit for it.

Take note, these entitled rights are the bare minimum since some condo locations could offer more. You can watch this video to learn more about what condo owners can expect in these rules.

The Responsibilities You Must Have as a Condo Owner

Along with accessing the condo owner rights Ontario, there comes responsibility too, with the condominium units. Few of the responsibilities that all of you, as condo owners, must keep in mind are:

  • Strictly abide by the condo community’s by-laws, declarations as well as rules.
  • Keep your condo suite in good condition. That is, get it repaired and maintained whenever necessary.
  • You must pay the common expenses and service fee as levied by the condominium corporation. This also includes the liens or chargebacks and other special assessments.[2]
  • Never interfere into the matters or space of your neighbor’s unit.

It is advised to all individuals to follow all the necessary condominium owner rights in Ontario to have a happy, healthy, and peaceful living in your condominiums. At the same time, keep in mind the responsibilities that you must have as the owner of a condo suite. It is important to understand that there is a set of duties from your end too for the common spaces as well as facilities of the condo community that you are a part of.

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